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RE: SEC-S17 /W2| "What if you were the president of your country?"

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Hello @ahsansharif

Just as a president what you thought of your expression is very different and very different which is great to know as you said if I were the president I would eliminate bribery from the country.
You have rightly said that bribery is an act that is a hindrance to every work, as if any jobs come in the country, what do officers do, they take bribes and give jobs to people who are not even entitled to it. And those who are highly educated people with degrees are being pushed around looking for jobs. Despite being registered, they have no employment.

And I am very happy to know your opinion on the rest of the issues as you said that first the health department should be improved and the educational issues should be improved because both are the departments which are mandatory for any country. It should be worked out that all matters will be seen later.

 3 months ago 

I am very grateful to you for taking your valuable time to go over my post and giving good feedback. You are noticing the right point because in our country bribes and health department as well as education department which is a government department are very much bribed. So it is very important to control them.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to control all these things like health issues, education issues, security issues and other issues which are a threat to the country. If you want the development and welfare of your country.

 3 months ago 

Absolute, as a president it's difficult for me but I tried my best to achieve if I am. stay blessed

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