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RE: SEC-S17 /W2| "What if you were the president of your country?"

in Steem For Pakistan3 months ago

Ahsansharif, your focus on eradicating bribery, improving healthcare, and enhancing education in Pakistan is commendable. Implementing practical educational strategies and ensuring free healthcare access for all are crucial steps. Overcoming corruption and managing social media criticism are significant challenges, but your determination to bring positive change is inspiring.

I have one question though, how do you intend to do all this with your country's debt.

 3 months ago 

Managing this with your debt is very difficult. But I would like to adopt little by little every department in which I would like to do my work. Because the more I have a budget, the more I spend on it, the more I can't spend. And I will assure the people that all their affairs concerning them will be done well.

 3 months ago 

Thank you for your answer

 3 months ago 

You always welcome brother

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