S4W1- "Winner Announcement - The Digital Connection: Showcasing the Influence of Devices in Our Lives"

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Greetings Dear Steemians✨

Hello Steemit Family! Welcome you all in official community Steem for Pakistan. I'm very excited to announce a new contest for all of you. This contest has reward of booming votes. Do participate in the contest and win this Reward.

We encourage non winners as well. So be ready to take part in the contest. Let's celebrate and win this big opportunity.

"S4W1- The Digital Connection: Showcasing the Influence of Devices in Our Lives"

Let's dive into the world of technology and explore the impact of digital devices in our daily lives. As we know that Digital Devices are become integral part of our daily routines. Let's share your knowledge with us.

Rewards of the Winners

There were total 08 enteries. But still we consider that. We have chosen 3 enteries at this time as a winners.

01@paholagsLinkAlready Booming
02@noraandyLink Booming
03@zekanemLink2 SP
04@ishayachrisLink2 SP

I'll transfer SP reward within some hours. If you don't get your reward mention me. Thank you ! Please keep patience.

Steem4pakistan Team
@ uzma4882, @ aaliarubab, @ enamul17, @ abdullahw2 , @ artist1111 , @ saintkelvin17, sahar78


@disconnect, @stephenkendal


50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP


Be sure to vote and support our witness @stmpak.wit via witness vote Link below.

You can find all Steem dApps and tools on the website below.



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 last month 

Thank you so much my dear friend 😊.

 last month 

Congratulations to all winners

 last month 

Next contest is waiting for you 🙈 don't forget to take part. You will really enjoy that. Thank you.

 last month 

I surely await

 last month 

Congrats to all winners . You all winners did much effort and finally you get good result. And It is all due to your hard work. I will participate in next contest IN SHA ALLAH

 last month (edited)

You have got your Booming ✅ . Please check and confirm .


 last month 

Congratulations 👏



 last month 

Thank you
I appreciate

 last month 

¡Muchísimas gracias por la mención amiga😊!

Como siempre, es un grato placer compartir con ustedes en este tema tecnológico. Muchas felicidades a los compañeros que también fueron seleccionados... Excelente trabajo chicos.

Lluvia de bendiciones para todos🙏🏻💚

 last month 

Contest was very good because now a days digital connection are impacting many ways on our lives, it is up to us that how do we use it .

So Congratulations 👏 to all winners . Hard work is always appreciated. Hip Hip Huray to all champions. Excellent Job-@aaliarubab Ma'am.

 last month 

Thank you so much ! I am sure in the next contest you will also be with us. Let's enjoy 🤠

 last month 

Yes Ma'am, actually I am in pain of kidney stone but still for my daughter, I took part in Engagement challenge and doing my best with my hard work and valid engagement comments. I am sure my hard work will be notice one day. You are truly inspiration for me because you are doing studies, handling this Steemit work and always active here. I wish My God will always give you strength like this.

I will soon take part in more contest running in this community.


 last month 

My sympathy with you. Sorry to hear about your kidney stone pain. Hard work always pay off. We are looking forward your quality content in our community. Thank you for your compliment ☺️.

Congratulations all winners. Best wishes

 last month 

Thank you so much.

 last month 

Hello to all the community members
I hope everyone is doing well so today is a result announcement day of this contest and I hope that admin choose every one very wisely and everyone is well deserved as here is mention that the one who had already get the bomming till not get another bomming vote

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