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Greetings Everyone..

Welcome all Steemit users to the new community competition. Our community has grown into a much larger family in a very short time. The reason for launching the Delegation Contest in our community is to ensure the highest SP of the Official Account of the community. Your small delegation will become the biggest SP at a time. And for this, Delegation competition and POWER-UP competition will be organized every week in our community. And by participating in this competition Steem can win.

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Many thanks to those who have already made delegations. And this competition has been organized from the community to encourage others.@steemcurator01 sir is constantly supporting us. All Steemit Users should Power-up to 50% of your weekly redeemed posts. Which at one time will transform you into a much larger SP. That is why I invite all of you to participate in this competition. Our community needs a delegation to achieve the highest SP.

Delegate your Steem Power, Become a Partner of AROUND THE WORLD🌍

♨Badge Distribution According to Delegation Amount♨
✔ From 50 SP to 100 SP - Bronze Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ From 100 SP to 250 SP - Silver Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ From 500 SP to 1000 SP - Gold Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner
✔ 1000 SP + Diamond💎 Aroundtheworld🌍 Partner

Some rules for participating in the competition

  • Two screenshots are mandatory. The screenshot of before your delegations and the screenshot after your delegation.
  • You have to delegate to the @around-theworld community account.
  • You can participate in this competition from anywhere in the world.
  • Use the tag #delegation-world as one of your first two tags.
  • Any immoral activity will make you permanently banned from this community.


1st place 2 STEEM
2nd place 1.5 STEEM
3rd place 1 STEEM

Ongoing competition in our community



 last year 

Beautiful contest, it can help to grow our community fast

 last year 

Beautiful contest, I would be very happy if I could participate.But I hope I will participate

For growing community we should delegates to our community account, it's a one kind of responsibility

You’re right

 last year 

Indeed our Community is expanding tremendously and we want everyone to get involved and let us grow together.

The Delegation is working and we say a big thanks to all Delegatees.

Little by little we will be able to achieve the greatest power at once

Grate contest, This is how our community will improve.

 last year 

100 sp deligation.
my entry

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