Contest - "Object of the Week" #35 - а сat

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Hello, friends!

In the next few days, I will post the results of the last competition. And now I want to continue with a new subject for the competition. Join now!


I want to decorate the news feed with various design elements that we have ever seen or met so far, and we cannot pass by such a masterpiece, or we buy ourselves as a gift. Be sure to click either a mobile phone or a memory camera. We bring it home and say - that's what I saw!

The point of the competition is that I offer an object, and you photo-engrave or take photos from the archive and show them to us.

So, today the object is a cat

An interesting object? Let's tell you where you got it, saw it, wanted it. Share this photo. Why do you like this object so much? Or it is someone's gift that is dear to you. Or they gave you a gift in honor of some holiday. Or we already have it.

Contest rules:

  1. The post must be written in the Steemit Contest community (one post per week).

  2. At least 150 words.

  3. Share this (my) post on your blog, link to this post in your post, and indicate the initiator of the @strecoza contest.

  4. Be sure to place a link to your message under this post.

  5. And use #objectsteem tag and your country tag.

  6. Dates from 05/18/2022 to 05/24/2022 inclusive.

Prize money:

1 place - 7 STEEM

2 place - 5 STEEM

3 place - 3 STEEM

Author's sympathy for 1 STEEM.

I look forward to your participation!

 3 months ago 

Хола, как говорится, эс ми энтрада.

 3 months ago 

хігі, какие то незнакомые словаааа))

Прошу принять мой пост: Contest - "Object of the Week" #35 - а сat МИЛЫЕ ПУШИСТИКИ И И "ЛЫСЫЙ" ВЕНЬКА

Where is previous result?

Спасибо за чудесный конкурс!

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 3 months ago 


I am joining. Great object this week!

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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 3 months ago 


@strecoza , спасибо за конкурс, я выставила пост, но не получается ссылку скопировать... Попробую ещё позже, но боюсь, что не получится... Может быть, можно по тегу? Спасибо!

 3 months ago 



Hola a todos, adjunto mi participación en el concurso:

Concurso || "Objeto de la semana" #35 || Un Gato🐾 || By @minikay

 3 months ago 


 3 months ago 


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