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Hello steemit!

STEEM PLANTS contest continues!


The rules of the contest are simple!

  1. Tell us about a plant that grows in your house, with friends, on the street. Or you just caught a glimpse of him anywhere.
  2. The message can be written in any language!
  3. THERE is NO plagiarism, all posts must be written by you personally. All photos must be your personal, copyrighted.
  4. Leave a link to your post in the comments to this post.
  5. Only 1 application is possible in the competition for 1 week.
  6. The post should be written in the community Steemit Contest (https://steemit.com/created/hive-176147)
  7. Make a repost of this contest.
  8. The first tag should be #steemplantscontest , #garden
  9. Vote for this post ❤️
  10. You must match clubs #club100, #club5050 or #club75. Be sure to write about this in your message.
  11. Invite three of your friends to let more participants know about the contest.

The deadline for writing the post is the beginning of 25.11.2022, the end of the contest 01.12.2022. And on 02.12.2022 we will determine the winners.

There will be 5 winners in total who will receive 0,2 steem

Время награждать победителей!

Давайте посмотрим на сногшибательные работы!








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Хорошо смотреть цветочки зимним снежным вечером.

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Buenas tardes, esta es mi participación.

Большое спасибо за приз!

Продолжу рассказ о растениях Кавказа. Как берёзка приспосабливается к условиям гор:



@strawberrry, is it only one winner for last week's steem plant contest? The publication received entries.

 2 months ago 

Yes, sorry, I didn't look at the clubbing correctly. The prize was sent to you earlier


Okay, as I didn't see other winners.

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