I am now a Steem Witness - Let's Celebrate.... ice-cream is on me!

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Today I am really happy to tell all of my friends here in Project Hope about something that makes me really happy! I wrote about my intention to become a Steem Witness a few weeks ago, and I have been trying to fix it and solve problems along the way since then. And now, I have finally succeeded. I am a Steem Witness, and you can read my introduction as a Steem Witness right here.

May 26 update:
I would love to get your vote in the future as well, but I have almost run out of liquid Steem, so I cannot promise any more ice cream to people who vote for me as their witness! However, I do hope those who have voted for me already would have done so even without the ice cream invitation, and I do hope that you will consider voting for me as your witness on Steemit, even though I am officially saying that the initial celebration is over!

ice cream time.png

But, today I would like to celebrate with all of my friends on Steemit and especially in Project Hope! I wouldn't have been here at all if it wasn't for all your support, help, awesome articles, comments, and if it hadn't been for the platform itself.

One of my ways of saying thank you to the Project Hope community is also by giving 100% of the rewards from this article back to the community! But, let us move on!

Ice-cream is on me!!!

That is why I would like to invite anyone with Steem Power above 100 and a reputation above 50 who puts an effort to support me as a witness for ice cream.

You can, of course, come to Hungary and I will buy you the ice cream right here, but I guess an easier solution is for me to transfer 3 Steem tokens to you that you can use yourself. In Hungary, the price of ice cream is around 1 Steem, so hopefully, 3 Steem tokens will be enough to give you big ice cream, or a smaller one for you and someone else!

How can you support me as a witness?

Supporting or voting for a witness is entirely free. A witness is someone you believe is working for the good of the Steemit platform, and who is doing a job to make this a better place to be! Do you want to support me in that way?


  • You can go to www.steemworld.org/@yourusername . Click account details, and choose witness votes. Click the Vote for Witness text and add @unbiasedwriter to the box.

account details.jpg

Did you like the ice cream? A chance to get an extra upvote!

When you have placed your vote, feel free to write a comment (it isn't required), and I will transfer the ice-cream tokens as quickly as I can! If someone would later even post a photo of themselves celebrating me as they eat their ice cream, I will give them a 100% upvote on the picture in the comment field (my upvote isn't worth a lot, but still - that would be really cool)!

I will track all votes myself, so you don't need to post pictures proving that you have voted for me as a Steemit witness and so, but a comment would be nice! :)

Please share if you want even more people to eat ice cream!

I am really grateful for this chance to be a Steem witness and would like to celebrate with as many people as possible, and thus, reach a wider audience and get to know even more people on the platform!

So, if you can, please resteem and share this article with other people you believe will find it interesting, or at least, people who love ice cream! :)


Resteemed and pinned already @unbiasedwriter

Wow, thanks a lot! :)))

Congratulations my friend, I have voted for you at steemworld. Looking forward to your icecream. Will resteem this to reach more people.

What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Right now it is early in the morning, so I think a lemon ice cream would be great right now for me :) Thanks for your support and for your positivity!

positive ice cream.jpg

I think it's great that you have started a witness @unbiasedwriter, and I'm happy to have given you a vote... I really only vote for witnesses who are "visible" and actively part of the community. I hope you manage to make it into the top-20!

To be honest, when I started as a witness, I was greatly surprised to see that in top 100, there are more than 50 witnesses running no node at all or outdated nodes. Of the remaining 50, only a very few are actually active people who post themselves... There are a few awesome exceptions, including @xpilar, @justyy, @ety001, @steem-supporter, and a few others, but most of them are not active users on the platform.

So if I had to say something about my goal as a witness, then it would be to be a witness active on the platform who sees the needs and hears the people due to actively engaging on all levels! Thank you for the vote!! :)

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

Thank you for the ice cream! I shall buy some today when I go to the supermarket!

Your welcome!! :))

Wow! Congratulations @unbiasedwriter! It's really great to have you as a steem witness and I must tell you that I'm extremely happy for you. Nice one! I already casted my vote via steemworld. Congratulations once again!





Thanks a lot for your support and kind words!

ice party.jpg

Greetings dear friend, congratulations for the goal achieved, when there is discipline and dedication you achieve what you want, may the successes continue brother, I already cast my vote with great pleasure. blessings to you!

Thanks a lot for your vote and support and kind words! Blessings to you and yours as well!

ice cream time.jpg

Done, I've already voted it

I can't see you on the list... would you check it once again? :)

Congratulations, an impartial writer as a witness will be good for the platform, I have already activated my vote for @unbiasedwriter as a witness. May god clear your path at all times and lead you on the right path. My son Sebástian likes ice cream ☺☺☺

Again congratulations.

Thanks a lot my man! Feels great waking up to see that I have your support as well as a witness!

ice cream sent.jpg

Hello my friend.

I want to congratulate you for this great achievement, actually I give you the vote for witness because I have seen your work and perseverance in the community of project hope, although the ice cream would not fall bad hehehehe.

Greetings friend and a hug from Venezuela, success along the way.

Thanks a lot for your support and I hope you will enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Hello friend, I have seen your good contribution in the project hope community, I am sure you will be a great witness, greetings.


Wow, awesome and I have already sent the ice cream tokens!! :)

ice cream sent.jpg

Hi friend @unbiasedwrite, congratulations for the achievement, as a member of the @project.hope family I give you my support. Greetings and many successes.


So happy about your support, and thank you for your great work on the platform!

thanks for support 1.jpg

 5 months ago (edited)

Hi @unbiasedwriter.


I share your great joy, wrapped in happiness, it is very pleasant to know that someone you have followed for a long time because somehow we share the same principles and we like the same style of publication and the best of all is that you are part of our Project-Hope community, just knowing that you are one of us fills me with great satisfaction.

How good, again congratulations.
Friend, you already have my vote, I will do everything possible so that my friends also support you as a witness.


It feels like a privilege to receive support from you. As I also wrote as I sent the ice cream tokens, we definitely share many similar thoughts, ideas, values, and I am really glad to have your support! A totally different question - how is the status with lockdown for you nowadays? Here things are finally lightening up a bit (in Hungary), but I really wait for the day in which we do not have to wear masks all around anymore!

hurry up and eat ice cream.jpg

Hi @unbiasedwriter
Its great news for sure and I congratulate you. I have seen you doing great work in PH and with witness now you will make it even better. I am happy to vote for you.

Thanks a lot for your vote, your kind words, and for all the great content you produce on the platform!!

enjoy the party.jpg

ooooh, I have a friend witnesss....🥳 no doubt, this is something to celebrate, you have my support.

Thanks dear friend for your support! I really appreciate, and I also appreciate all the great work your ar doing on this platform! :)

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

We have a WhatsApp group in which we are most of the team, that's where I passed the information, you must have received some votes after mine.
All are gladly supporting.
How funny is that picture.
Thank you :-)

Hehe, I don't have control where everyone is coming from, but I really appreciate your support and that you spread the word!

Haha, I would love to have @tipu vote for me as a witness as well, but currently, they don't even want to upvote my posts so... hehe! Take it with a smile, I have no clue why they don't want to upvote my posts. But, I hope you @creativeblue will have the chance to support me as a witness whatsoever! :)

@unbiasedwriter First of all Heartly congratulations on your achievement. To become witness for steemit for the betterment of the community and steemit. here is my vote. 😀


Will definitely resteem and promote this post.

Thanks a lot for your help, your vote, and your kind words!! :)

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

Greetings @unbiasedwriter, congratulations for this achievement, reached with much sacrifice and dedication for what you do. Count on my support

I was so happy to see and feel your support! Thanks a lot, and look forward to seeing one another a lot in the future on the platform!

ice cream time.jpg

Hello @ unbiasedwriter, congratulations for this achievement I hope and follow many more, and my vote was made.


Hello! :) What a pleasure to have your support! I hope you have someone to support you in the ice cream eating. If not, enjoy it all by yourself!

thanks for support 1.jpg

Congratulations... I dont have up to 100sp

My friend, you are such a valuable member of the community, and I have looked through several of your posts, and I can see that you share your heart and content with quality, so I would happily buy you that ice cream, with or without 100 SP! :) By the way, if possible - I would absolutely recommend that you power up your Steem tokens, instead of sending them to Binance at once... that is, of course, if you have the chance of investing and not just withdrawing! :)

I will do as you have said

You're already in place 113, great

I want to use my proxy @xpilar to support you 👍


Unfortunately, there are many who have not deleted old witnesses or dead witnesses. Otherwise you will come further up the list

Wow... thanks a lot for your support! That means a lot and you have just given me a really sweet start on the day! I have noticed a lot of people voting for witnesses who are no longer active and running on old platforms :) But, I guess we have to build with patience and bring awareness about the subject, and then it might change over time!

Thanks a lot for your support, it really means a lot!!

ice cream ius on the way.jpg

Congratulations for your new witness position, you get my vote


Wow... according to that image I can already be found on the top 100 list? If that is so... wow :) Awesome! Thanks a lot. Enjoy the ice cream!

ready for ice cream.jpg

Congratulations. I love ice creams and I prepare them, in my publications are the recipes that I prepare. Happy day and may your successes and the PH community continue.

Wow :) Cool that you are making ice cream. I have thought about it a couple of times, but I have never tried it. Fear that it is so easy to make mistakes so that the sugar will crystalize unless you use an ice cream machine!

Congratulations, let's celebrate it..!

The party has already started! :) Ice cream funds have been sent to quite some people already!

thanks for support 1.jpg

Good luck on this journey

I sincerely give you my full support, it's great that you have joined the witnesses who maintain the platform. Many blessings and success in this new path.


Absolutely awesome to have you by my side and thank you for your support! And good luck to you as well with all your Steemit Crypto Academy lessons. It is so rewarding, and especially awesome to learn, to study, and be rewarded for it during COVID!

ice cream party time.jpg

Congratulations mate! So happy for you and hopefully more success for you 🥳

Thanks a lot for your support and nice comment! THe ice cream tokens were sent 12 hours ago! :) Enjoy!

ready for ice cream.jpg

Congratulations on becoming a witness. I am happy for you. More milestones I wish for you

Greetings, a pleasure to share in the community of
@project.hope, congratulations for this great achievement, I hope you continue to reap many successes, I had the pleasure to vote for you as a witness of steemit.

Thanks a lot for your help, your support, and your kind words!!

hurry up and eat ice cream.jpg

 5 months ago 

Hi @unbiasedwriter

I've already voted on you with few accounts:


Looking forward for some icecream :)

Cheers, Piotr

Dear friend,
your support means so much to me. I know that I am not the only one who is blessed to have you as a friend on the blockchain, and it really means a lot and it is one of the main sources of inspiration! Thanks a lot!!

ice cream ius on the way.jpg

 5 months ago 

We're all blessed to have each other here @unbiasedwriter :)

Hello dear friend @unbiasedwriter , I really wish you good luck with your new project of being a witness, you are a member of this family and you have my vote


God bless you

Thanks a lot my friend! I have already sent the ice cream tokens, so I hope you will be able to enjoy the funds and use them for something tasty and good!

ice party.jpg

You have my support my friend.

It means a lot to receive your support and upvote. You are a great author and you write great content on the platform!

positive ice cream.jpg

congratulations on your achievement @unbiasedwriter i hope you fulfill all your goals as a witness congratulations my vote is for you

Thanks a lot for your wishes and your support! :))

congratulations on your achievement @unbiasedwriter i hope you fulfill all your goals as a witness congratulations my vote is for you


Congratulations my friend, another achievement and more to come. It's good to review and know that you are moving up in the witness. Keep reaping good success and blessings.

So glad to have you onboard and to enjoy your support! Enjoy the ice cream :)

ice cream sent.jpg

Congratulations @unbiasedwriter for this achievement, success on the road to represent the good people within this platform, here I leave my support with the vote for your witness, vote the post and resteem. Greetings from Venezuela and let's go forward


Awesome, and thank you for your support and I am so happy that you are a part of Project Hope and that you are active here on the platform. God bless you and enjoy the ice cream! :)

ice cream time.jpg

Thanks for the ice cream, yes I've been working on the project for a while, I've been inactive for a while but I'm going little by little, greetings @unbiasedwriter

I congratulate you on your achievement, you have my support





Dear friend! I am privileged to have your support :) Thanks a lot, and I hope you will enjoy the ice cream!

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

Wow im so happy for you, you do really deserve the best. Cheers..

I've placed my upvote glad to see you in top 100 already more 🏆



Dear friend :) I am also happy to be in top 100... that is an honor! :) Have a wonderful day and I hope you will get the chance to eat your ice cream sometime soon!

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Thansks much for the ice 🍨

Congratulations, good luck


I have voted for you as witness buddy


I say a big congratulations for becoming a witness.

Resteemed for added visibility.

Dear Samminator :) I really appreciate your upvote, especially knowing that you are a busy man on the platform writing lots of great content, and such a vote really counts!! :) Have a wonderful day and enjoy the ice cream!

enjoy the party.jpg

Thanks a lot buddy. It's an honour

Congratulations my friend, enjoy it very much, you deserve it. Blessings


I have already sent the ice cream funds, and I hope you will enjoy the ice cream. Thank you for your support and for your vote!

ice cream melting.jpg

Hey @unbiasedwriter
Congrats. you are not a new person in the PH family and I am happy to support you. Congrats and you got my vote. Cheers.

I am really happy to have your support, and I hope you will enjoy the ice cream! I am a big fan of strawberry ice cream, lemon ice cream, and vanilla ice cream myself... the rest of my family prefers chocolate ice cream! Do you have a favorite? :)

ice cream sent.jpg

I like vanilla.. my all-time favorite. thanks

Vanilla always is a winner... and so good to combine with other flavors as well!

@unbiasedwriter please find my upvote and witness vote. You are doing very good job for the community.


Great to see that you added me as a witness, and also that you added xpilar ! He is a great guy, so I can recommend him to you and everyone else as well! Enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream melting.jpg

Hi friends congratulation and vote done from my side and i am really happy to see that ph member is now new witness. keep going brother

This is really awesome! You are one of my favorite authors here and you write so great, especially your SEO articles are favorites of mine!

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Thank you brother for your kind words. I will always support you and i am looking forward to see your position in top 20 witness soon ♥
cheers !

Congrats @unbiasedwriter
You have got my vote. cheers !!!

Thank you mukund for your vote and support and kind words! I wish you a blessed day, and hope you will have some nice weather to enjoy the ice cream in!

ice party.jpg

Excellent news my friend, I hope the success continues.

Dear friend, thanks a lot for your witness vote! You didn't really meet the requirements, but I sent you enough for a tiny ice cream at least so that you can be a part of the celebration as well! :)

thanks for support 1.jpg

Congratulations! @ unbiasedwriter
I'm happy for you
Ready! supported as a witness


I am really grateful for your support and your kind words! I hope you will enjoy the ice cream, and that you will keep on publishing on the platform and make a living from what you are making here!

ice cream melting.jpg

Congratulation for being a witness, and I have voted you as a witness. Regards from Indonesia.


Wow :) Thank you for sharing the image.. I am ranked 77 - that is awesome! Your support means a lot! Enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream melting.jpg

I’m happy for you @unbiasedwriter. We need more people like you here. I just casted my vote for you. All the best and hey my Ice cream 😂

Thank you my friend for your positive words of encouragement and for your support as a witness! I wish you a fantastic day and enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream time.jpg

Congratulations. Just made you my witness.

I am really thankful for your support and your vote! You didn't exactly meet the requirements, but I sent you enough for a tiny ice cream at least! :)

its always nice to see newwitness here, congrats on your achievement.
Voted and resteemed.
Good luck buddy.

Dear friend :) I greatly appreciate your support! Thanks a lot for dropping by, and I hope you have nice weather in which you can enjoy the ice cream!

positive ic cream.jpg

Congratulations on your achievement. We love all icecream

Thank you for your support! The ice cream money has been sent!

positive ic cream.jpg

Congratulations. I hope to see you reach far more higher heights in your steemit journey

Congratulations sir, I just voted for you! wishing you the best of luck.

Thanks a lot for your support! You didn't exactly meet the requirements, but you are quite close, so I sent 1 Steem to buy a tiny ice cream (at least)! :)

Thank you very much, I’m grateful.God bless you sir!

Congrats. It is great to have you on this platform. I have casted my vote already. Congratulations once again @unbiasedwriter

Dear Tooka,
I am really glad to have your vote and I hope you will succeed on the platform. Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements, but if you ever do, just write a comment to one of my posts, and I will send you those delayed ice cream tokens! :)

Congratulations on your post Boss. I have fasted my vote for you. Don’t forget my ice cream

Dear Friend, you are not meeting the requirements as you don't have any Steem Power, neither is your steem reputation above the level! Sorry about it, but if you ever pass those requirements (there are so many spammers around), just send me a message, and I will send you those ice cream tokens at once! :)

Hi friend @unbiasedwriter, congratulations, it's good that a member of our community is a witness, keep going, ready my vote, success!

I am really happy to have your support as well! I have already sent the ice cream tokens! Enjoy!

ice cream time.jpg

Congratulations @unbiasedwriter, I am really happy for you and I wish you the very best.

Thank you so much for writing! I am really grateful to read about your support! :) I haven't seen that you actually voted for me as a witness yet, but if you do, I will send you the ice cream celebration tokens as soon as I can! :)

Congratulations @unbiasedwriter, I wish you success, you have my vote.

Thanks a lot for cheering for me and for your support! Enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream melting.jpg

Voted for you mate. Good luck.

Thanks a lot my friend! Your vote has been received... By the way, I just wrote an article about a Euro 2020 fantasy league, and I believe that might be the place for you! It is even possible to win some Steem awards, and with your expertise, that might be possible! Check it out: https://steemit.com/hive-174578/@unbiasedwriter/steemit-is-making-euro-2020-all-the-more-fun

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Congrats, my good friend. I have voted you, you deserve my vote, I will tell a friend with SP over 100 to vote you too. Congrats again.


great news for all my dear @unbiasedwriter, I hope and continue the successes... and of course the ice cream rounds hahaha :)

what great news for everyone is this achievement, I have little time in the community but I am aware of the support you provide ... thanks for your hard work brother @unbiasedwriter


Having a witness within ProjectHope is something great to the whole community. It's a pleasure to support you. I wish you success in your work and life.

Resteemed :))

@unbiased writer you are doing good.

Ride on @unbiased writer you will get to the peak of greatness

Congratulations @unbiasedwriter. I have just voted for you. Congrats for your new role

I loved ice cream and i loved getting upvote too

Voted and resteemed!

congratulations @unbiasedwriter for your achievement, you have my support

Thank you for your support as a Steemit witness! :)

enjoy the party.jpg

Hello dear friend, congratulations on this. I am really happy for you and well deserved

Awesome and thank you for the greetings! :) I hope to see you vote for me as well! :)

Congratulations @unbiasedwriter. Voted you. Resteemed the post too. Continue your awesome work

Thank you for joining my friend! The ice cream tokens are on the way!

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Thanks for the ice cream sent, I have seen it and will definitely buy an ice cream or chicken meat with it, smiles. Congrats again @unbiasedwriter


Thanks a lot :)))

Voted man! good luck!

I am so happy to receive a vote from one of my favorite crypto-related bloggers on Steemit! Enjoy the ice cream! :)

ice cream time.jpg

Good luck again! the ice cream was yummy!

 5 months ago 

Good luck, dear friend.


Dear friend! It is a privilege to have your support. I hope the sun is shining where you are, because the ice cream tokens have been sent!!

hurry up and eat ice cream.jpg

 5 months ago 

You have surprised me!
Thanks a lot, I wish you great success.

I want to thank everyone who has voted for me as one of their Steemit witnesses. It has been a real joy celebrating with you, and I will do my best to be a blessing to all of you as a Steemit witness in the coming weeks, months, and years! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!

Also, I am almost running out of liquid Steem, meaning that I cannot guarantee an ice cream to anyone after this comment.

However, I do hope that those who have voted for me as a Steemit witness would have done so anyway, with or without the ice cream. And if you trust me with your vote (which can be withdrawn later at any time), I would love to receive votes in the future as well, even though I cannot guarantee ice cream and a big celebration anymore!

Thank you anyone and I look forward to an exciting future together here on Steemit!

I am happy for your achievement! Congratulations! Despite my time on the platform, I don't understand much about certain topics in steem, however I BELIEVE I meet the requirements to vote for you:


Thanks a lot for your vote, and glad to have you on the platform! You didn't really meet the requirements, but I am so happy, so I sent the ice cream funds no matter what! :) Enjoy!
positive ic cream.jpg

Oh! Beautiful detail. Thank you! ;)