I am now a Steem Witness - Let's Celebrate.... ice-cream is on me!

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Today I am really happy to tell all of my friends here in Project Hope about something that makes me really happy! I wrote about my intention to become a Steem Witness a few weeks ago, and I have been trying to fix it and solve problems along the way since then. And now, I have finally succeeded. I am a Steem Witness, and you can read my introduction as a Steem Witness right here.

May 26 update:
I would love to get your vote in the future as well, but I have almost run out of liquid Steem, so I cannot promise any more ice cream to people who vote for me as their witness! However, I do hope those who have voted for me already would have done so even without the ice cream invitation, and I do hope that you will consider voting for me as your witness on Steemit, even though I am officially saying that the initial celebration is over!

ice cream time.png

But, today I would like to celebrate with all of my friends on Steemit and especially in Project Hope! I wouldn't have been here at all if it wasn't for all your support, help, awesome articles, comments, and if it hadn't been for the platform itself.

One of my ways of saying thank you to the Project Hope community is also by giving 100% of the rewards from this article back to the community! But, let us move on!

Ice-cream is on me!!!

That is why I would like to invite anyone with Steem Power above 100 and a reputation above 50 who puts an effort to support me as a witness for ice cream.

You can, of course, come to Hungary and I will buy you the ice cream right here, but I guess an easier solution is for me to transfer 3 Steem tokens to you that you can use yourself. In Hungary, the price of ice cream is around 1 Steem, so hopefully, 3 Steem tokens will be enough to give you big ice cream, or a smaller one for you and someone else!

How can you support me as a witness?

Supporting or voting for a witness is entirely free. A witness is someone you believe is working for the good of the Steemit platform, and who is doing a job to make this a better place to be! Do you want to support me in that way?


  • You can go to www.steemworld.org/@yourusername . Click account details, and choose witness votes. Click the Vote for Witness text and add @unbiasedwriter to the box.

account details.jpg

Did you like the ice cream? A chance to get an extra upvote!

When you have placed your vote, feel free to write a comment (it isn't required), and I will transfer the ice-cream tokens as quickly as I can! If someone would later even post a photo of themselves celebrating me as they eat their ice cream, I will give them a 100% upvote on the picture in the comment field (my upvote isn't worth a lot, but still - that would be really cool)!

I will track all votes myself, so you don't need to post pictures proving that you have voted for me as a Steemit witness and so, but a comment would be nice! :)

Please share if you want even more people to eat ice cream!

I am really grateful for this chance to be a Steem witness and would like to celebrate with as many people as possible, and thus, reach a wider audience and get to know even more people on the platform!

So, if you can, please resteem and share this article with other people you believe will find it interesting, or at least, people who love ice cream! :)


Resteemed and pinned already @unbiasedwriter

Wow, thanks a lot! :)))

Congratulations my friend, I have voted for you at steemworld. Looking forward to your icecream. Will resteem this to reach more people.

What is your favorite kind of ice cream? Right now it is early in the morning, so I think a lemon ice cream would be great right now for me :) Thanks for your support and for your positivity!

positive ice cream.jpg

I think it's great that you have started a witness @unbiasedwriter, and I'm happy to have given you a vote... I really only vote for witnesses who are "visible" and actively part of the community. I hope you manage to make it into the top-20!

To be honest, when I started as a witness, I was greatly surprised to see that in top 100, there are more than 50 witnesses running no node at all or outdated nodes. Of the remaining 50, only a very few are actually active people who post themselves... There are a few awesome exceptions, including @xpilar, @justyy, @ety001, @steem-supporter, and a few others, but most of them are not active users on the platform.

So if I had to say something about my goal as a witness, then it would be to be a witness active on the platform who sees the needs and hears the people due to actively engaging on all levels! Thank you for the vote!! :)

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

Thank you for the ice cream! I shall buy some today when I go to the supermarket!

Your welcome!! :))

Wow! Congratulations @unbiasedwriter! It's really great to have you as a steem witness and I must tell you that I'm extremely happy for you. Nice one! I already casted my vote via steemworld. Congratulations once again!





Thanks a lot for your support and kind words!

ice party.jpg

Greetings dear friend, congratulations for the goal achieved, when there is discipline and dedication you achieve what you want, may the successes continue brother, I already cast my vote with great pleasure. blessings to you!

Thanks a lot for your vote and support and kind words! Blessings to you and yours as well!

ice cream time.jpg

Done, I've already voted it

I can't see you on the list... would you check it once again? :)

Congratulations, an impartial writer as a witness will be good for the platform, I have already activated my vote for @unbiasedwriter as a witness. May god clear your path at all times and lead you on the right path. My son Sebástian likes ice cream ☺☺☺

Again congratulations.

Thanks a lot my man! Feels great waking up to see that I have your support as well as a witness!

ice cream sent.jpg

Hello my friend.

I want to congratulate you for this great achievement, actually I give you the vote for witness because I have seen your work and perseverance in the community of project hope, although the ice cream would not fall bad hehehehe.

Greetings friend and a hug from Venezuela, success along the way.

Thanks a lot for your support and I hope you will enjoy the ice cream!

ice cream has beent sent.jpg

Hello friend, I have seen your good contribution in the project hope community, I am sure you will be a great witness, greetings.


Wow, awesome and I have already sent the ice cream tokens!! :)

ice cream sent.jpg

Hi friend @unbiasedwrite, congratulations for the achievement, as a member of the @project.hope family I give you my support. Greetings and many successes.


So happy about your support, and thank you for your great work on the platform!

thanks for support 1.jpg

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