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RE: I am now a Steem Witness - Let's Celebrate.... ice-cream is on me!

in Project HOPE3 years ago

I think it's great that you have started a witness @unbiasedwriter, and I'm happy to have given you a vote... I really only vote for witnesses who are "visible" and actively part of the community. I hope you manage to make it into the top-20!


To be honest, when I started as a witness, I was greatly surprised to see that in top 100, there are more than 50 witnesses running no node at all or outdated nodes. Of the remaining 50, only a very few are actually active people who post themselves... There are a few awesome exceptions, including @xpilar, @justyy, @ety001, @steem-supporter, and a few others, but most of them are not active users on the platform.

So if I had to say something about my goal as a witness, then it would be to be a witness active on the platform who sees the needs and hears the people due to actively engaging on all levels! Thank you for the vote!! :)

enjoy the ice cream.jpg

Thank you for the ice cream! I shall buy some today when I go to the supermarket!

Your welcome!! :))

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