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in Project HOPE4 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming soon.

One question - what is the view of your core team about working on Steem? They are all active on Hive, and some appear critical of Steem there.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 4 years ago (edited)

Hello @steemcurator01, I understand that the question is addressed to @crypto.piotr as leader of this group, but as the question hints to the members of the core team I want to express my opinion on it.

I think that the steem bifurcation that took place at the birth of Hive, occurred in a very hostile environment, which generated various opinions about one and the other chain, that is, a lot of dust was raised that must still settle.

Some of us decided to keep the commitment in Steem and we believe in the bright future of the chain, I also think that the commitment to Project HOPE is very strong for everyone, that is, most of us are committed to the objectives of this project in this chain and outside her.

Particularly where Project HOPE is, I'll be there.

Thank you for considering this application, supporting Project HOPE support is supporting the growth of STEEM and STEEMIT.

 4 years ago 

Particularly where Project HOPE is, I'll be there.

@fucho80 friend, I'm going to be honest, I'll reply to the comment of @steemcurator01. However, I am sure and I firmly believe that this sentence contains more than I can say about our project.

Thanks for your wise words-

Friend, I know the commitment you have with the project, I also know the quality of person you are, so I am sure that you will always make the best decision when it has to be done.

Thank you for your response on this.

This project is a great blessing for, many Venezuelans subscribed to their community but I still did not write my first post and because I had to turn off my steem account not because I want to retire from steemit but with all these changes my economic situation was carried out little difficult, but always all problems have a solution thanks for sharing such a valuable and motivating publication greetings from venezuela ..

 4 years ago 

Appreciated @steemcurator01.

The events underlying the purchase / sale of unfortunately resulted in the formation of 2 sides.
Both sides made mistakes and hostilely attacked each other. Right in the middle of the battlefield are the average users like me who are still trying to assimilate the situation, adapt and evolve.

I firmly believe in freedom of expression and as a member of Project Hope's core team, I convey this philosophy to all of our subscribers and members.

Steemit is my cradle. Here I was born and I grew up. Here I plan to stay.

It fills me with hope to see initiatives like 100 DAYS OF STEEM that shows us a will for change and where it is being given users the opportunity to be heard and have a leading role within the community. This was previously not possible at Steemit.

I also consider that self-criticism is one of the greatest values ​​that we have. This will allow us to correct and improve ourselves.

All the best, Juan.

 4 years ago 

Dear @juanmolina

Very mature comment.

that shows us a will for change and where it is being given users the opportunity to be heard and have a leading role within the community. This was previously not possible at Steemit.

I have exactly very similar impression. I used to run few different businesses. I failed few times. And I've learned that lack of communication between IT projects and final consumers (in our case: communities) usually leads towards dead end.

So it's very refreshing to see some form of communication with Steemit Inc. happening.


 4 years ago 

I agree.

This new initiative is marking a before and after in the relationship between Steemit and its users.
Without a doubt, it is irrefutable proof that there is a real will to change.
I hope that the user community knows how to value this opportunity.


Thank you for your response.

 4 years ago 

Thank to you for support!

Dear @steemcurator01

It's obviously very difficult question and it seem that many projects and regular users struggle to make a decision, which may affect their future. Many of us (small regular users) got caught up by surprisse.

I spoke with large number of people, all of whom I've meet on Steem blockchain. And it seem that majority is confused and unsure how things will play out in this war between Justin Sun and old witnesses.

So most users seem to have similar approach: let's wait and see what's going to happen before we make decision. Wouldn't you agree?

I "spoke" with all guys from our core team and most active PH community content creators and they all share similar view. I'm personally trying to stay neutral. However I must admit, that communication with Steemit Inc. has been better now than ever before. Which I see as a great sign.

What @Steemitblog is doing now, entire 100days campaign is a great start. But it won't be enough. You need community leaders to be able to attract those who do hestitate back to Steem blockchain. Which obviously you already know. We can help each other. It's simple as that.


Thank you for your response on this @crypto.Piotr

The Steemit Team

@project.hope is mainly focused on engagement, the feedback between the great writers that form this great community makes @project.hope unique, I know the beginning and how this great project was formed, the writers that contribute a delegation also help the new writers that are starting in the blockchain, a project that grew absolutely fast becoming known in the blockchain attracting great writers and of course investors.

I know the founder @crypto.piotr and his complete struggle to make this great project visible that will remain giving hope to a whole community, and attracting great writers with a main focus of engagement.

I am also part of this great community of @project.hope and now I can say that, I can freely navigate among other communities proud to say that @project.hope is now 100% established and recognized by many in the blockchain.


 4 years ago 

Thank you for your supportive comment @edgarare1 :)

 4 years ago 

Dear friends, behind the account @steemcurator01

In the blockchain there is nothing hidden and you more than anyone know it.

Now, in the lives of many of us here at Steemit it has always been our rented home, of that there is no doubt. But what happens when to your home that is not yours, the owners begin to move the foundations of that house.
I wonder what you would do when a war breaks out where the least economically protected. we are in the middle,
What would they do?

In my place I remain faithful to Steemit, but I will make mine, a very intelligent sentence from my friend @fucho80, Anywhere where the Project HOPE is, I will be.

There's a reason it's called Project HOPE.

All the paths that we take, always in an individual way, will always lead us to ourselves as the end of the path that we take.

Our commitment as a team is very clear. Support all of us who can support, from our accounts individually with personal projects, as well as support from this team.

The change that you are generating. it is a good change for everyone. and for that I congratulate you.

José G. Lanz.
From Venezuela I greet you.

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