Announcing 100 DAYS OF STEEM!

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The past is the past, but the future is Steem.

We may have been quiet over the past few weeks, but the team here at Steemit, Inc. has not been idle.

We have been busy gathering ideas, talking to people, discussing strategies, and making plans for the next phase in the growth of Steem.

Now we are ready to announce…

100 Days of Steem

This exciting new program is designed to take Steem forward to the next level.

Under the 100 Days of Steem project we will be making a new announcement every single day for the next one hundred days.

These announcements will include new developments, new initiatives, new delegations, new projects, new appointments, new apps - all designed to build the Steem ecosystem and move it forward.

Day 1 : The Steem Community Hub

To kick off, we are announcing a new Steem Community Discord.

This will be the hub for our activities going forward.

We will be using this Discord to hold meetings, to discuss ideas and invite suggestions, to answer questions and most importantly to stay connected with the Steem Community.

We want to make this Community Hub as inclusive as possible, with channels for all major language groups and interests.

The Discord is being set up now and will be opened to the community in the coming days.

Everyone who wants to play a positive part in moving Steem forward will be welcome to join in.

To help us make the most of the Discord we are looking for members of the community to help run it as admins, moderators and developers.

If you would like to get involved with this please comment below in the first instance giving a few details of how you would like to help, any language or technical skills you can offer, a little about your background on Steem and your Discord account name.

We may not be able to offer roles to everyone initially, but we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible that would like to help.

These roles will be voluntary but there may be a few treats and surprises along the way for active participants!

The Next Steps...

We realize we are living through difficult times.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic the world is facing a crisis on a scale that has not been witnessed since World War II.

Steemit, Inc., along with the Tron Foundation, wants to play its part in supporting its loyal community.

There are of course limitations to what a social blockchain can do.

But we believe Steem is a special blockchain with a special community.

Over the coming days, as part of our 100 Days of Steem project, we will be announcing a number of initiatives to help us get through this together as a community.

I look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow for our next announcement.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Powell
Managing Director of Steemit, Inc.


Hi Eli, thank you very much for this post and to let the Steeminas know what is going to happen and keep the people updated. It is a great initiative and a brave step from you side to put you name under the post, not like other people who hide them behind the user names and using such swearwords and their insulting attitude.
The way how they behave just puts me off Hive, when I imagine that they are all there, I would then rather to be away.
You have my support of of my friends, Cheers

If your so negative about steem why bother here instead of keeping to hive?

Because it takes 13weeks to power down and leave. As you can see, they already started to freeze wallets... this is a very bad direction.

We try to be gone asap, in that you can trust.

So whats the point of all the negative abusive comments? Seems like certain people are trying to push for this to happen just so they can claim they were right. Please don't take this as me speaking against people's right to voice their concerns far from it just don't see the point of mixing ethnicity,political views and often being downright abusive to anybody who doesn't agree!
there is a lot of bad play on both sides in my opinion to be honest.

Wasn't the hive side against shortening the power down period?

P.s. thank you for your rarely seen cultured response on the matter!

Absolutely savage 😂

And may not! That's the game. 😆

Hay tanta gente en el mundo que no conoce Steem y aún se consideran indispensables. Hagamos cada quien lo suyo por atraer nueva sangre, dejen de sufrir por lo que se haga aquí y vayan a lo suyo en Hive.

Ironically 100 days is just over 13 weeks. I can't wait!

Good point, LOL!

Thanks for the update!

As Futureshock members we will be happy to welcome new users on the steemit discord and to help technically new developers to get started on Steem.

We would be also glad to contribute to the 100 days of steem by releasing a new dapp!

Best regards,

Thank for your offer of help.

We will very interested to hear more about the new dapp...

Great timing for Steem and SteemIt Inc. to come back to life.

I offer myself as a moderator for the Hispanic community, I am a long-time user of steemit and my forte is literature. My user on Discord is joseph1956#1977
I would also like to start a healing group for Hispanic users specializing in Literature

Thank you for your support.

Have you started a Community on Steem?

Hi Elizabeth, to tell you the truth, I think that in steemit good and positive things come. I would like to be part of this team and contribute some ideas that add to and help the growth of the community. I am interested in being part of that Discord. I have met many good users and great writers, scientific poets with really interesting articles were never supported and their publications did not produce even 1 dollar was unfair. I am interested in participating with my Spanish-speaking community and I have the team to cure and objectively value the users of the Spanish language. I totally offer myself to give my best for the growth of steemit in this new era.


User Discord: @electrodo # 0279



Thank you for your support.

More news coming soon...

I'm glad to read the good and positive news again. I think Steem's near future is full of new opportunities. Of course I'd like it to be for me, too. Like the new delegations. I am of the opinion that a project must stand on its own feet but a helping hand with the first steps can make a difference. That is why I would like to see a system of temporary delegations (from 6 months to 1 year) rotating between projects to multiply the opportunities.

I look forward to the new Discord. As a Spanish developer and small investor I hope to be able to help the Steem community in general and the Hispanish community in particular.

Here we go Steem!

Thank you for your support.

I hope you like the Day 3 announcement for the Community Curators.

Is @arkmy part of the Radaquest team?

Thank you for your interest! Arkmy helps me a lot to promote my project. Unfortunately it is a very low budget project and at the moment I cannot recruit members for the team. His input is very valuable and I am grateful to him.

At the moment I have only 12k SP and I use it mainly to curate art works and claim accounts for future players of Rada Quest TCG.

Do you have a post that explains the basics of how your games works. And also how it works with the Steem blockchain? We are interested to know more about Radaquest.

Of course. Rada Quest is a strategy and trading card game that I'm still developing (@marcosdk). It uses Steem's blockchain to witness users' actions in the game, such as starting games, receiving rewards, or trading items. Currently, during the development phase, I use Steem Engine tokens while waiting for the release of the SMTs.

Several months ago I published my proposal but it didn't get support:

I'm developing all the code and almost all the card artwork myself. There's a lot of work to do but you can already play a mini-game where players can win tokens that will serve as currency in the game (Soul Crystals) and magic potions for crafting.

The mini-game can be accessed through the official website via Steem Keychain:

The ultimate goal for Rada Quest (Trading Card Game) is a living game in constant evolution thanks to the appearance of new cards with each new event along with a market for buying/selling cards and other game items that, I hope, will generate great movement in Steem and attract new users.

I have also created a financing system, or pre-purchase, similar to the purchase of shares in the project. Since I arrived at Steemit a year ago, I have learned that in this community the more you give, the more you receive. That's why I want it to be a participatory project, not only with the possibility of sharing the benefits, but also as a gallery for other artists who collaborate with their illustrations. Unfortunately the system has not been very successful and funding has been small. So far I have found it very difficult to get my project seen to the comunity.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope you find this information useful and interesting. I am at your disposal to answer your questions.

Thank you for all the extra information.

Will you be developing the game on Hive and Hive-Engine as well?

No, Hive is not in my path. I don't think Hive is a safe place for entrepreneurs or investors because of its governance


Thank you for that. I hope we can find ways to help support and promote the Radaquest game.

The Steemit Team

About the Day 3 announcement for the Community Curators I really like it but I don't have time to do curations on such a large scale due to my dedication to developing Rada Quest. But if you guys consider delegating to @radaquest, Arkmy could be then the curator of the team and the project could improve its funding and increase the number of accounts claimed

So if I can use your account I can help Radaquest, Radaquest gets better and brings in people from the community and new users to this blockchain, is a Win-Win.

There are still many members who believe in Steem. Those who are against steem shout the loudest, but are by no means in the majority. You can clearly see where most of the contributions are published and that is not HIVE.

I created a curator account almost 2 years ago, where living curators select by hand, German-language contributions that get a vote. We have many German speaking members who continue to stay on Steem. Some of them even exclusively.

I am also the founder of a German network for social interaction, which has about 180.000 members in Facebook groups. I am currently bringing some Facebook members to Steem. This is the most important point that decides how the social media sector will continue. The chain with the most members will win the race.

I am also one of the members who have been blacklisted for the Airdrop. Since freedom of speech is not wanted and they didn't want me on Hive, I will use all my energy to help make Steem strong again.

@steemitblog I would look after the German-speaking area on your Discord and bring along German-speaking members who still believe in Steem. Also I am gladly ready to speak about it like one humans from my network to Steem to lead can. I am quite experienced in it new members for something to inspire and finally also bind.

Years ago I proposed that we put languages in the meta information of posts that get posted on Steemit. Also language detection and internationalization based on browser's headers would be a good feature. I don't know whether this happened on Steemit because I speak English but it sure never happened on Golos.

Thank you very much for the updates Eli, we are all here together bringing the community to life. There is no giving up, @team-mexico is with you and with all the people who have great talent. We will continue supporting.

We continue to be positive in the face of all this. Cheer up/ Animo. :)

Thank you for your support.

And thank you for your Community Curator application.

Welcome back, Miss Eli .... did I tell you I have a crush on you!!!

A little bit out of place when I get news of the blockchain I knew and loved, trust me for whatever, I'm close to good people who want to recover projects for steemit that they left behind and that they haven't decided 100% yet. @chila#8825

Thanks for this announcement Eli. Look forward to getting some regular communication. moving forward, it would be great if you can engage more with the community too.

I hope you have found the first five days of 100 Days of Steem interesting.

And thank you for your Community Curator application.

This is a good thing to see steem stand strong and fighting to win. I will be willing to support the support the discord community as a moderator. I will be waiting for the subsequent updates and #IStandWithSteem

Thank you for your support. More news on the Discord community soon.

And thank you for your entry in the Weekly Content Challenge.

I give steemit my full support and will be willing to do a lot for steemit. I will also be awaiting news on the discord community.

Thanks a lot and like i said, #IStandWithSteem

Thank you for the update I have been waiting for some sort of news. I have been here since August 2016 and consistent posting is just as important as anything. Thank you for the Steem post @steemitblog

Thank you @darkflame for being a devoted Steemian. We know these last few months have been stressful and our lack of communication doesn't help, especially since we had been posting much more often.

I appreciate the reply to my comment @steemitblog

I'm not a fan of censorship by downvotes but you've got a group of people who after forking off ( pitty that not fucking off) are only here to poison legitimate users life and cause damage to the system. Same as in a free world evil shouldn't go unpunished. You might be surprised how many people would cheer seeing certain accounts simply blown into oblivion!

Dang.. @darkflame is doing a 100% PowerDown at the moment... you just approved a troll xE

You're really a bright yellowbrown apple.

I am doing a powerdown because it seems like everyone is abandoning ship. I have been tweeting at Justin Sun to find out if there is any value in keeping Steem, which I assumed there would be, but he has not replied to any of my comments. The fact that @steemitblog actually replied to my comment gives me hope that the Steemit chain might actually persist and not just fizzle out. The divisiveness of this whole situation is very concerning. Ongoing updates and increased communication may actually convince me to cancel my powerdown. I had hoped both chains might continue but the shadowbanning and the downvoting is not cool. Steem is my favourite crypto and I certainly don't WANT to powerdown, as I see a lot of value in this platform. The silence was however extremely concerning, so once again, thank you for the update @steemitblog .

You just like Buzzwords, ok. Let's see what you actually talk about.

Buzzword: JustinSun, he is worth ~70Million legal in the US, none knows how rich he really is since he is mainly Chinese, doesn't give a frik about you on twitter
Buzzword: divisiveness, that is mildly understated, there was a FORK including all main community developers while all developers inside STEEMit resigned.
Buzzword: abandoning ship, you mean abandoned Blockchain... that is too much... that is not true
Buzzword: value in keeping Steem, it's a TOP100 alt with most of its supply in exchanges, the value will be decided there. On the other side, STEEMit seems done.

This is boring, you know too little to entertain me further.

Thanks for censoring 3 of my posts! Good to know the Communist Chinese Party is so petty it can't handle ANY criticism. Justin Sun is a puppet of Communists in China. Censorship Chain is what I am calling Steem!

Hi. I would like to be included in the discord. I have been on Steem since July 2016, and have acquired everything which I have through posting and interacting with this blockchain. I am now a senior in high school.

My father (@remlaps) and I were included in the hive blacklist for not voting the way they wanted us to in regards to witnesses (we voted for what we thought was right). I cannot speak here for him, but I wish to be involved in the rebirth of the Steem blockchain, and I wish to help prove them wrong about Steem being centralized and worthless. I want what I have always wanted: what is best for this blockchain, and the principles it was built upon to remain intact.

I am grateful that I now get a chance to be a part of what I missed out on in the early stages of the blockchain the first time around (building the community, and enhancing the chain). However, my only technical background is a class in python and computer science principles this year.

My discord name is: cmp2020#3103

I would love to be a part of the discussion if you will have me.

It is important that you consider the Hispanic community as it has great potential within the steem platform.

Regarding my career in steemit has been with various publications, but it is noteworthy my contribution to content in the area STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) so I would recommend being taken into account to form a community in this area, here I leave my discord for more information my user discord carlos84#2074

Gracias por tu interés en participar.

Definitivamente estamos interesados en trabajar con la comunidad de habla hispana.

Esté atento a más información pronto.

Gracias a ustedes por tomarnos en cuenta y estar trabajando en reorganizar el valioso proyecto Steem, de seguro que estaré pendiente de los próximos pasos. Saludos

Nice 100 days, might want to check all the witnesses and find out what is provided by your voted Witnesses.

Also, thank you for making a post and I hope the daily updates continue.

Seria muy bueno, que logren incorporar a la comunidad habla hispana para todo este tipo de Proyectos... Acá dejo mi Usuario de discord: elgranpoeta#3559 ... Saludos desde Venezuela... 👍

A 100 days??? 🤔🤔🤔Sounds like 13 weeks of powerdowns. What a coincidence!!!!

Got their math wrong though, they only got 91 or 84 days left, depending from when you count.

I knew someone had beat me to it.

@steemitblog Good initiative. I like the idea that Steemit Inc is now planning to build its own community instead of only relying on other projects.

I think I can help. Is there a method to directly reach you on Discord? (Victor Frankenstein#5175)

Thank you for your interest in helping.

We will be in touch soon with more information.

It's nice to see things moving in a new direction. I do not have programming skills, nor do I consider myself a good moderator. But I am a critical thinker who is always looking to share my insights in a constructive way, and with a voice of reason. I know how to agree to disagree, and I have always appreciated Steem's potential. When the Discord channel is welcoming those of us who simply want to share insights and constructive dialogue, please add me. Thank you, and I am looking forward to these next 100 days of rebirth. My Discord profile is also @famigliacurione

Thank you for your support.

Look out for more news soon...

You're welcome, and I hope we can all sincerely agree to disagree, and respect the freedom of expression of all those who are going through a frustrating moment of confusion and disappointment. I have some criticisms coming your way that are nothing personal; I believe the Steemit Team are going to come out winners, but only after they hit rock bottom and learn from all the errors made in these years.


Thank you.

We hope very much that the Chinese community would like to get involved.


So nice to hear from you. I can see someone with at least a basic grasp of the English language finally wrote one Stinc announcement. It shows.

Id like to know when will you be moving to HIVE? Andy started his own project im sure will be successful.

You seem capable, why choose to shovel manure?

Imagine a pandemic all around you and being forced to suck up to Justin Sun to feed yourself. This is after all the people who you actually respect and made the platform what it was managed to do the smart thing and get out. This is because blockchain devs have highly marketable skills, unlike middle management. I'm sure she's browsing the job boards daily. It's deserving of sympathy.

We believe in the power of Steem and have much more to gain moving forward. As mentioned in our last post the other day, we wish Hive well, goes the same for Andy.

Honestly, you should have chosen a different person to respond to. lol

  1. No you do not wish HIVE "well" which is proven by the fact that you've been blatantly censoring mentions of HIVE on Steemit by prominent members of the community, going as far as censoring Steem users on hivemind level so any dapp that uses the Steemit API automatically censors the same users..

  2. What is the power of STEEM?
    Is it Justins fat wallet??? Eli, you lost your colleagues, all of them. (damn, if id see my whole team leave in protest of injustice and thousands of people were watching closely, the whole crypto community picking it up, and i stayed.....i dont know if i could live with myself. How can you?)
    You guys lost the community, your reputation is shot. Justin is coming closer every day to being unilaterally seen as the biggest fraud in crypto. (Atm Craig Wright holds that spot)
    What is it you have???

You have nothing. All you have is the money Justin managed to leech out of early TRON adopters that were unaware what kind of disgusting liar Justin is.

Tell me... Could you come out here and publicly state that you believe the numbers Justin shares about TRON , that being user numbers, dapp numbers, transactions... etc. anything.
I want to hear it.

I want to hear a "freedom loving" American demean themself so much that they can say:

>"Yes, i believe the CCP level Bullshit Justin spreads and i swallow it all up."

Say it....

Altering the Hivemind to include the Chinese Community Party censorship will inevitably result in the end of humankind as we know it. We can see the effects taking place already. Please stop! Your brain is being attacked by the Chinese government. They are flying drones throughout the United States and influencing the minds of humans to make them fall victim to the alien lizard people.

Stop infecting the Hivemind. Stop censoring the blockchain. Before it is too late!

I am concerned about the @steemitblog team. I believe @justinsunsteemit and the Chinese Communist Party have been working with the alien lizard people to take over the world. That is of course why Covid-19 is killing off the humans as we speak!

I urge you to reconsider your place in this apocalypse. The Steem blockchain is dead. No more. Succumb to the Hive and stay away from the negative influences of the lizard men!

This is a plea for help! A CRY AN OMEN!

@elipowell are you safe?!

When the lizard people abducted @elipowell she was replaced with one of their kind. Her language is merely what you want it to be. People tell me I am wrong but have you seen her brain lately? Have you seen the lights outside during the full moon impedance?

Look forward to seeing what is happening in the future here!

Keep tuning in. Only on Day 6 so far...

I love this initiative, reminds me of #100daysofcode. An ethos I can get behind, #growthmindset

News much needed!
Best vibes!

Looking forward to the new discord channel and the daily updates.

I am sure that Steem and Steemit will be back victorious. we steemian Indonesia are waiting for the latest breakthrough from the steemit team and always support steemit.

Thats great, we are waiting for that news from such a long time

Eli is still here? Wow.

says a lot about her integrity...

I would love to be part of the team to spur steemit to a greater heights in my own way...I am more of science related and can write quality articles and moderate a science community if given the opportunity. I have been long on steemit but less attended to due to the high numbers of whales that don't consider minnows like us. I believe this is an opportunity for me to fully showcase my potential...
This is my discord username @mekkeyz #0938
I will be willing to assist by any means.

Thank you for your support.

And thank you for your application to be a Community Curator.

wow 100 days! this is very exciting!

thank you @steemitblog and @justinsunsteemit for youre hard work and total dedication. I can't wait to see the 100 amazing things!

I'm staying here and will continue to make this place full of fun content 👌

Thank you for your support.

Community Hub is an excellent idea! Many brains is better than one!
I wish success!!

Thank you for the update @steemitblog team.

Will still be with Steemit since I was already given a break to be successful here through APPICS. It's a pleasure to see all my fellow Filipinos out there to be taking part of this journey together with the Tron Foundation. Will be looking forward to what they have to offer us and we'll be more than willing to support as well. See you all on APPICS!

I would like to help. Altogether I just want to help. I have a steem-related discord myself with more than 5000 members. My discord username is ‘surpassinggoogle#1660’ . I also wrote a post here related to ‘communities’, kindly read it at least Eli. I wanted to meet with you at Steemfest but you left before I could.

Any chance of providing a non-censored api option?

"everyone who wants to play a positive part in moving Steem forward will be welcome", all honest ones will be banned??

Oh yeah, good "translation"! LOL


I am happy to see this positive vibe and I keep going with my engagement on this awesome platform.

@steemitblog I like very much of your 100 days communication technique. What is your discord id?
I am for India with Hindi language and steem repo 77. My discord id is @mehta#4294. I can communicate to indian people.
How i can communicate with Justin Sun?

Good update. I wish to continue steemcamp if only it gets funded by steemit. See you on discord

Thank you.

Will you be posting again soon? We would be interested to hear about what your project is doing now.

Hello @steemcurator01.
We appreciate your warm response and interest shown for @steemcamp.
We have to tackle the challenges we faced promoting steem in Nigeria Before Kicking off again.

I @michaelchijioke has been made a bold step in volunteering to promote steem brand with all selflessness and have been approved my #promo-steem to be an official promoter again.

We are working on providing some products to help facilitate this project, retain and grow the brand for the long term.

Onboarding the Right people

Due to experience, We are capable of bringing thousands of people to steemit but its going to be toxic if we don't bring in the right set of people.
We will work on products that will add more value to steem, not just users cashing out consistently from the platform

After We have our products ready, Steemcamp Project will begin.
steem camp (1).png

We will love your support in developing those products for African Market. Your Advise will be much appreciated.

Signed - Founder

Well I hope the new Discord hub is overrun by people complaining about censorship on the Steem chain under the new Tron overlords. And I am sure it will be. Good luck to your mods, they are going to need it.

An announcement of announcements.

Where have we seen that before?

What team?


I am staying on both platforms as it will be interesting to see how both platforms diverge.

One interesting thing about this post. In theory SteemIt is a platform used for communicating ideas. It is strange that developers at SteemIt have to use Discord to communicate.

If SteemIt was an effective tool for communications, shouldn't SteemIt be able to use it to communicate?

I'm sorry sir, but I'll need to fine you for making a sensible inquiry. We don't allow that here.

Things usually have to be older to earn a "this didn't age well"
but, wow, this didn't age well

Thank you very much for the feedback.
I would like to be convinced to stay here and I am very curious how it will go on.

Pump? Huobi opened deposit and withdraw today... and the price was higher than others exchanges!

Welcome back dear Elizabeth Powell

how dare you freeze funds of our former witnesses!!! just because they are in the political opposition of the chain! this is Stalins communism! you make stalin proud!

I have been away for months now. It's nice reading from you guys.

I am on for 100 days of new future of the Steem you can count me in @justinsunsteemit and my all time favorite new version @steemit

images (48).jpeg

Wow, I can see that the very best of what Hive can do is out here in the comment section in force. LOL. Not surprising really, bigots will be bigots, racist will be racists and haters will be haters.

I found the mute button especially useful in this post. I recommend utilizing them to mute out dick-swinging losers who think they are still Kings in the platform. Well if they have a dick any way they don't even have the balls to show their real faces and their identity.

Elizabeth I hope steemit inc has plans to address those users who are spreading hatred, racial discrimination and defamatory remarks in our platform. Does the new management plan to litigate?

Good suggestion ;)

Nice to see some news from the Steem team:)

I am a visual artist and i am active for the past 2 years content creating and curating for various curation groups. I would like to take part and help kickstart a much needed new curation group for the creatives of Steem blockchain. I believe it is very important for the success of steem to atract more creative users and to have a fair Proof of Brain system.

Feel free to contact me at Discord: georgeboya#6475

Hello - @fervi, Steem 3rd party Steem developer. I'm happy to find out some details (they may be on DM on Steem / Discord).

I think the company should consider "repairing" rep of accounts of users like @olimiesma who are being subjected to vile behaviour of users like @berniesanders for speaking their mind reputation shouldn't be in line with agreeing with a fascist bigot with way more money than brains ( a nickel would do)!


Thank you Elizabeth. In the end Steemit Inc would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.

I'll keep my eye posted for the shorter power down period

First the commandments from the almighty himself. Now the announcements to please the peasants. Are you planning to launch something useful (I heard you have a top team) or are you going to spend 100 days making announcements to convince people they should not power down and sell?

im new here , how can i post anythibgs ?!

Thank you for finally declining rewards on these official posts.

I'm still skeptical of the coronavirus hype though. And what's with the new soft fork and its undisclosed code?


I guess you are asking us to wait and see.

Hello friends, I am from Venezuela, so there really is a very hard life in the world outside the platform.
My life at Steemit focuses on relaxing, reading, and giving whoever reads a Vote in favor. My vote, although without much value, (so I would appreciate if you could explain how to get a delegation that makes my vote stronger). I love giving encouraging comments, I have never given a negative vote, nor will I, I believe that each action involves effort and has value. I can not imagine someone very shy to publish here, something that costs him a lot, either because he does not understand well how to do it or because of his shyness and falling on him, with a load of hatred and trash. I am empathetic and I want to support anyone who makes the effort to enter the page despite the internet blocking, and they manage to type something with small keys on non-smart phones and finally they manage to Post something here, that has value for me.
That's all, thanks for being nice.

Well now... @elipowell is alive!

Seems to me a good starting point here might be "exactly who IS the 'Steemit Team?'"

This organization has a near 4-year history of announcements that sound an awful lot like this:

"Hello, this is someone, welcome onboard Steemit Airways. A team of people will be flying this plane to some destination. The estimated flying time will be some period of time until we arrive at a place. Now sit back and enjoy the free peanuts!"

Whereas I applaud the sentiment that "The past is the past," I suggest caution to not simply recycle it in new clothing...

Eli! you are out there how are you doing?

@elipowell has been abducted by aliens and replaced by a body double lizard woman. The current @elipowell cannot, SHOULD NOT, be trusted. Mother's milk I'm telling you.

She needs to be tested for Covid-19 antibodies as the aliens have them because they unleashed the virus upon humanity.

I'll admit I LOL'd .

Well, if ELI is a Lizard woman she is my kind of lizard :P I don't know anything about the Mother's milk but I'll have to report back to you on that.

She probably has been tested for Covid-19 and the aliens are hoping she can help them create a social chain up in the alien world. I want to visit that alien world. I wonder if they have mods as I'd like to part of it ? lol

Must be a new Steem challenge. How are you going to find 100 new things?

It's just 100 announcements

Still 100 though and each one is new. The thing is will they be beneficial or just announcements. Anyone can say stuff and they don't benefit anyone just for the sake of saying something.

you are back at steemit now? thanks for the update, interested to see where things go

well, it's nice to hear new plans despite from the happenings now.. just waiting by the way..

Great timing for Steem and SteemIt Inc. to come back to life.

Sounds like 100 days of bullshit...

Where is the discord link?

hey @steemcurator01, as I seen no one is translating 100 days of steem in Hindi for Indian community so I have started translating this historic event and,
Announcement and day 1 post is translated:-

At the end of day all of other post are gonna be translated.

i don't see a discord link?

also not sure do you know, witnesses voted by your stake started freezing funds of users. as you are the biggest stakeholder we need an official statement about this because from the looks of it, no one coin is safe on steem.

I have been wanting to hear from Steemit, Inc for a couple of weeks now about the direction of and role they will play with Steem.

One of the things I expected to hear almost immediately as how Steemit has backed up the computing and processing power of Steem to enable posting, upvotes, etc. to be processed with some speed.

The other thing I had expected to hear from Steemit by now is that the onboarding for new Steem users has been streamlined making it easier to bering new people in, and that the backlog of application for a Steem accounts have been caught up.

Fuck you, you assholes censored three of my posts. You are total scumbags and tyrants.

Steemit on 🔥

Timing news.
We just started a community at discord, but will redirect them to Steem Community Hub once it's live.

Looking forward to see the first 100 days of progress.

Cheers for now.

So you have a fully self-governed community and you want to donate it into a hurricane? Nahhhhh! You're a STEEMit bot! Got you! None could do that to real people without getting punished by them.