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RE: ARE YOU MINING RBS (RobiniaSwap) tokens? Do not sell it. DO THIS INSTEAD ....

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ohh... the price of RBS came down so was 1 dollor few days back...

Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't sell off so fast like a trader, book profits to buy back dip. I do sell book profits and buy back dip when some target was reached, my target was 3 dollars here..,

@crypto.piotr, I would like to know what is the road map the team is going to they will list it in coingecko and things like that.

If the project is sucessfull, RBS tokens will do well.

I am no fan of Steem nor Tron but even traon Blockchain is going to do well, with functional dapps there which I have not tried. So RBS tokens can do well, if it does well.

Its great Steem is in DEFI now this its a value addition for the steemit Blockchain.

Let me see, if the project gets used, is interesting I would keep bsteem there and earn more RBS tokens and harvest it again. Else I should convert RBS to Steem and use it for something else.

I still have a lot to learn, but it maybe useful to have a avenue to swap my steem to a stable coin and all that when I need it instead of going to Centralised Exchange. Maybe Robinia Swap will be useful for that...

should see... I am sure I can swap Bsteem to BUSD at good rates in robiniaswap when I need to liquidate steem and all?


Also on selling pressure, I cheked earlier...there are whales like one of it held 40% of RBS tokens, so if that whale sells obviously price of RBS would fall.

I think early whale hodler sold RBS tokens... not us little retailers(: .... I really hoping to make lot of money and learn all I can on dex etc...because very uncertain times.

China cracked crypto, my country India may too do something like that so VPN and hodlhodl may need to learn.

I don't even know where to sell my Bitcoins other than centralised exchanges when I need to...Ren protocol and that bridge things need to experiment.

Very uncertain times @crypto.piotr... I don't even know if its worth keeping fiat in banks soon, if NPA bubble pops and all... its hard to prepare for these things. So planning to try out DEFI likle terra and anchor protocol than keep money in banks...

already got myself a hardware wallet, but learning how to use it will take time...lets see.

Hi @mintymile very well said about the whales those with strong hands have been selling off lately value locked have also reduced drastically, lets wait and see what 15th October holds since the team promised to start buying back and burn more token hope RBS value will stabilize.

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Hi again @mintymile

China cracked crypto, my country India may too do something like that so VPN and hodlhodl may need to learn.

China has resources, which India doesn't. And even with all those resources and super heavy control - they have been failing to crack down on crypto. So what is the chance that India would be succesful in that aspect?
I wonder.

And indeed. Challenging times ahead of us :(

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @mintymile
Re ho hopes that this project will finish stabilizing, I am working with them for months now, and it is progressing well. Finally stability beyond functionality goes also for the tenure of long term investors.
To the question of whether it will be in Coingecko, in fact it already is:

Good start of the week to you.

Wow...thats good to know, thanks for the information!!

Hi @mintymile
You can check Robiniaswap's roadmap over here And yes, the RBS token has been already listed on both coinmarketcap and coingecko

Nice to know thanks for sharing this.

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Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback with me @mintymile

I'm not sure if RBS will reach 3$ target anytime soon, however I consider it to be quite possible within upcoming few months. Especially since selling pressure is already much lower and many of those who were dumping minted RBS tokens pulled out already their stake (since APR is to low for them to carry on).

I would like to know what is the road map the team is going to they will list it in coingecko and things like that.

Truth be told, I'm not sure what is exact road map they are trying to follow. I think a lot is happening on a premise of "go with the flow". They listed already RBS on coingecko and as far as I know Robinia team is working on building a bidbot, which would allow users to buy solid upvotes while paying for it with RBS tokens.
Considering the fact, that they are planning to have 500k-1mln SP under their management - this may be a good way to bring more demand for RBS tokens.

Cheers, Piotr

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