Saw that

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Here I am again, creating these futile roundy and symmetricalish things.

The thing is, you don't have to think that much when creating things like this. You just go and explore and eventually find something that you never even thought of. What if I take this and put it there and make that a bit transparent or cut it and combine it with this one, skew that, twist this...


Saw that.
I've seen that.

Saw that.
Please cut that for me.

I think I should go back to creating short tittles again. Not more than two words. Floccinaucinihilipilificationing pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Estimating silicosis disease being worth so little as to be practically valueless.

Something like that.

Don't know if I conjugated that correctly. Or used the word conjugate in the right place.


Conju gate.

What is conju?

Sounds like a drink from the continent of Africa. Somewhere in the middle. I wonder what it's made off? Rhino poo, diamonds, red wine and coffee. Shaken.

Or perhaps it's a tool. A tool to all problems.

"Oh god I have a clogged toilet!"
"Just use conju."

"Now I have a nose bleed!"
"Conju is the solution."

"My code won't shake hands with anyone because of corona!"
"Conju can fix that."

"Steem is under attack!"
"Quick! Block it withe the conju gate we have here for emergencies!"

Now there's only the matter of inventing that.

Thinking is hard sometimes.

Your brain shouts to you: "Supermagnifabulous do you remember that really weird thing you did when you were in the seventh grade and you were so ashamed then and had no idea why you did or said that and now for the rest of your life you will never forget it and it torments you and you're like why oh why can't I remember good and simple things like one persons surname who I interact with weekly and my brain always hits blank when I'm supposed to remember it and I think that person is starting to think that I do that just to make them mad because I don't like them but I do like, or if I don't like them like super fond of them, I then again don't dislike them which sounds bad but that's the way things are as I don't really know them that well so how the fuck can I like or not like them very much, they just are, there, fairly likable but I can't remember their name and oh god, now I forgot their first name too but I can still remember all the embarrassing things that happened to me from the first days that I can remember anything till this day and oh fuck oh fuck I should just kill myself!"

I think that's what conju is.

Remembering what you want to forget and forgetting what you want to remember.

Didn't see that coming.


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"What you had for breakfast today"

"Shit.. I dropped my keys in conju"


I dig conju it!
Conju for the president!

P.S. That must be the longest sentence I have ever read!

"What you had for breakfast today"
"Shit.. I dropped my keys in conju"

If these were the other way round, this would sound even nastier.

I'm on a sentence diet. I am working on the length of my sentences. I try to make easy ones, not more than 20 word sentences and then this happens. If I some day manage to make few posts in a row that are all short sentenced, it will only lead in to a post of 10 000 words that is only one sentence. And no-one want's to see or read that. So occasionally I have to give in a little.

It's the withdrawal symptom. You see long sentence and hell breaks lose.

"..10 000 words that is only one sentence." Is that a promise? :D

I might relapse as I'm trying to cut back my sentences. Who knows. :D


You're doing good. So far. :)

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Nice philosophical ramblings... and I'm sorry, I have no clue what a conju is...

Thanks. :)
Fortunately there are wiser people than you or I, and several suggestions have already been given.

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Thank you! :)

Clogged toilet. I know what that's from... :0D

So conju is clogged toilet? Now that I think of it, I think that really is it. Or is conju the kind of clogged toilet that we already know with what and how it was clogged?

Then again, it does sound more like a devil dog?

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