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RE: [EN] Posting (or double-posting) in multiple languages? Read this!/[ES] ¿Publicar (o publicar doble) en varios idiomas? ¡Lee esto!

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Dear @nelyp

My friend @juanmolina brought me here. Interesting topic.

Posting identical content in two different posts, where the only difference is languages (for example one in English and one in Spanish) is not acceptable.

Not acceptable? I wonder by whom? Steem

Personally I think that posts which have content mixed in 2 languages will face many challenges. Major one is - the title.

If the title is mixed (like the one above) then I usually do not even bother to open. It doesn't visiually attract attention; it does look messy and unpleasent to read - actually such a title does look more like spam than real title.

1 - Have all languages/translations in the same post, just like I am doing in this post
Well. I only post in english but personally I think that user experience while reading your post (mixed 2 languages, absolutely awful title) is not what I enjoy. As a content consumer I would rather have 2 separate posts.

or even worse - put on their blacklist(s).
Any idea of what are the consequences for those who will be added to their blacklist?

Anyway what would you say about those people, who are publishing 'series' on some particular topic? You could also tell them that they should pack it all in one publication, instead of breaking one topic into 3-4 posts. Kind of nonsense, in my view.

Yours, Piotr


there is a big difference between posting a series with different content in each post and posting the same content in two different languages.

I'm on another platform where they will suspend your account if you post duplicate content.

Posting in more than one language is a challenge there is no two ways about that. I think the suggestions here are well made. Post for rewards in one language and post with declined rewards in the other language(s) with notes leading back to the rewarded post so they can get upvoted.

We had a discussion on this topic last week in PYPT. The two column method of posting in two languages was generally well received. It resolves the problem of someone scanning by the post because the first language choice on the post is not in the reader's choice of language.

as for people on blacklists for some people it doesn't matter. I use a browser extension which alerts me when someone is on a blacklist and which one. I will rarely upvote a post that is blacklisted. So following best practices is important.

Great feedback @shadowspub

We may see things differently, but I value the way you shared your view with me. Respect.

I'm on another platform where they will suspend your account if you post duplicate content.

I wonder if this platform will last very long. Most of the time 'punishing' isn't working. Suspending anybodys account should be kind of illegal. It's like stealing someones investment (after all people invest not only money, but also time and effort).
Downvotes on Steemit proved already, that punishing users with flags has already caused massive amount of users to quit - and to share their awful experience with Steemit (on their other platforms).

Could you please spare few minutes of your time and have a look at this discussion/proposal that I'm brainstorming with few other guys from "project HOPE"?

Perhaps you would find it worth to join our curation trail. Generally idea is to create a "trigger", which would allow people to join curation trail with their upvote before strong one (300k SP) upvote would follow.

Yours, Piotr

The other platform is doing just fine after the rule came out. There is a different culture over there. It's more, oh, this is the rule now.. we best adapt if we want to earn. Over here it's more I don't think this is fair so I should throw a fit and threaten to quit.

While the downvoting after HF21/22 was a culture shock for some, I don't believe there was the mass exodus that many claim. There were already many dropping off due to the continued low price. It takes some dedication to stay with a project if it's not meeting your expectations.

I've also seen people returning who had gone inactive and quite happy at the changes on the platform.

As for your curation trail, thank you for the invite but I tend to be very limited on what curation projects I get involved in. I tend to do most of my curating manually.

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This post is about my opinion. We can all have our own opinion, it is valid. When talking about communities, when the majority agrees with something you can usually see it, like here.

Stakeholders have the option to agree, for that we have up-votes, or disagree and for that we have down-votes. Only them decide what to do with their stake and there is no rule, but this is a community as well, and sometimes the community decides what is ok and what is not acceptable.

In my view spam is the big nonsense. To try to abuse the reward pool is a big nonsense.

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Great feedback @nelyp

I absolutely understand and respect that this post was about your opinion. I figured that you may like to hear other people's opinions too - so I shared mine :)

I appreciate your mature reply.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share with you one of my recent posts
, where I'm describing project.hope economy (I run it with few guys from steem). I would love, if you could invest few minutes and get familiar with our efforts and perhaps share your feedback (this is what I always care the most).

Yours, Piotr

It's me again @nelyp

I've just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

@crypto.piotr @shadowspub @nelyp
I'm very glad to see you discuss this issue here. If it's just on behalf of your personal views, I support the different opinions of all of you. But if you think that your views are community consensus, you should write into the blockchain code of steem. I don't think any mechanism other than this is reasonable.

Hi again @dappcoder

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

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Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr