ENGAGE Token Distribution Stats

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Two weeks into the revived ENGAGE token distribution - some numbers around @misterengagement's voting/visits and ENGAGE tokens.

Allowing the community to issue a token with no coded rules apart from the fact the issuing account needs to hold 1000 is a bit of an experiment I guess. I mean, it's totally possible to buy 1000 ENGAGE from Steem-Engine and send all the tokens @misterengagement has to your friends, 50 at a time - but the numbers tell me that no-one has tried this, yet.

Today, 200,000 of the 1,000,000 ENGAGE tokens are out in the wild. @misterengagement holds a couple of thousand (partly to limit potential d-bag behavior), I have a few thousand (bought from Steem-Engine), and the rest are owned by community members.

In the early days, tokens were distributed based on performance in the Engagement League, as well as accounts appearing on other stats posts relating to engagement.

Over the past couple of weeks though, over 14000 ENGAGE have been issued by community members holding 1000 or more of the tokens, and this distribution has been made by rewarding over 420 comments.

The drivers for the revival of the token are @acidyo's @ocd and witness @untersatz bot. Without the bot distribution would be difficult, and without @ocd, random purchasing of the token and plans for gamification would not exist. Hopefully a combination of these can create demand for a token I've always thought of as a 'vanity' token. Perhaps that's all it will be, but for now there is value attached.

With @ocd's involvement, it's nice to see that comments made on posts within the @ocd community (https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-174578) have received the the most visits by @misterengagement.

Three other communities, Neoxian City, SteemLeo, and Feathered Friends, have also recieved a decent percentage share of visits by @misterengagement, and we've even had a bit of #milkandtaters too.

The following chart is @misterengagement's vote weight chart over the past 14 days.

Both of the accounts at the head of the pie chart have been multiple champions of the Engagement League, and so it is perhaps not surprising to see them there. Ideally, I'd like to see an even wider distribution, but I think that looks reasonable for starters.

It's probably worth mentioning here that one of the stats 'we' could be looking to reward is those issuing the token the widest - the more people holding some ENGAGE the better!

The next chart shows how many tokens the top 20 issuers have sent out. There is no limit to how many you can issue each day as long as @misterengagement is holding some, but it could be worth checking the current balance of @misterengagement on Steem-Engine, and taking a look at the account's Voting % on Steemworld.

The final charts show who's been receiving the most ENGAGE tokens, and who from.

All charts cover the past 14 days.

A reminder that '!engage 50' isn't going to do anything, the command needs to be in CAPS.

Check how many tokens @misterengagement has here: https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=misterengagement

Check the accounts VP here: https://steemworld.org/@misterengagement

If you notice the account is low (-70?) on VP, maybe hold off a day? And if you spot that @misterengagement has no tokens, message me on discord.

Thanks again to witnesses @ocd and @undersatz, and thanks to everyone who's playing along!




Is pixelfan Johannpiber's alt :D

I am neck and neck with the founder's distribution efforts. Score!

No he's not, but he loves to send all tokens that can be sent.

I hope pixelfan is not pixresteemer. xD

Those accounts should now be off the ‘allowed to issue’ list.

Nice. People need to understand that tokens are not decentralised, they are owned and issued by an authority.

Hi Asher, I have read my name above - do you mean me too when you say "those accounts"?

No just the 2 pixel accounts, which look to be owned by the same person.

OK 😊 but pixelfan has 428 engage tokens only and pixresteemer has none - why are they able to send?

I think they have sold recently - there is no sends today 😁

Hmm, I think there is a good possibility :/

I hope not! :D

The daily speed of issue is pretty good if we are going by the accounts VP - skirting around 80%, seems alright.

skirting around 80%, seems alright.

Yeah, and I don't mind trailing for the most part if it helps engagement.

I love the ENGAGE tokens! How fun to see #featheredfriends posts are being rewarded with them. I don't think I give away enough of them that they all came from me? I will work on distributing them widely!

Thank you Melinda, and apologies for the mindless downvoting. I don’t mind if people give my posts a break for the time being, but thank you all the same.

No apologies needed. It is what it is. But I do hope something changes. Downvotes are discouraging and have changed the once positive attitude around here.

Just handed out my first not too long ago. I forgot I had enough to reward comments!

Thanks very much, and apologies for the mindless downvoting.

No worries, it’s just a way of life now.

I still have a hard time issuing the tokens, but one day I might remember more often.

I keep forgetting as well, some times I'm just too lazy, even holding the shift key in when typing engage feels like way too much extra effort xD

I hope you do :)

These post help remind me, went back for second round comments and handed a few out.

Let me just try this power. !ENGAGE 50

Well at least we crept in there as a receiver and a great thank you for the support to our charity page!
Blessings to your work!

Good stuff. Thanks to everyone for supporting you with some ENGAGE :)

Oh yeah, we also appreciate everyone that supports our charity page.

Excellent! I actually see my name there on the receivers list! I have no idea how many tokens I have. But since it can be purchased maybe I should buy some. I haven’t been to SE website for a while. Maybe it’s time to corner this market! :) :)

Venture at your own risk!

They were created as more of a vanity token but with 1000 tokens, you are able to call the bot and give some out and send a small vote 😁

Does Mr E need to vote to issue the tokens then? I don’t get why VP comes into it?

Doesn't need to vote no, but it's scaled along with the tokens dished out and is sort of working as a guide.

Taraz and I are trailing the vote to stick it above dust.

So how many engage does one have to call to avoid you two needing to spend VP boosting it?

Is 0.02 now enough to lift above dust? I thought is was 3 to be on the safe side.

0.02 STU, so it’s somewhere between .02/.03 on what we see I think.

Don’t worry about our VP, I think there will be a 0.02 vote all together, providing we all appear (some accounts are being ‘ignored’)

I guess they're small percentages.

You could always offer engage in return for delegations to MR E. Up the fun!

All hail the mighty ENGAGE !

Once, it was but a word issued most often by the mighty Jean Luc Picard and now... It's so much more!!

18.00 on Dmax (channel 37) Every weekday in case yr feeling nostalgic!


Heheh, it is a guilty pleasure of mine!

:D So much more! Although he still pronounces it the best.

A market mover today too!

Lok at that. Quite impressive! Who'dda thunk it!! :OD

@meesterboom you have received 10 ENGAGE from @revisesociology!
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That is on my list to watch!

Looks pretty good...Would be good to some additional diversity, or some more balance I guess I mean, in outgoing votes although as you say it's early days. It was interesting to see some of the patterns in the last graph also.

As you know I'm ramping up the frequency at which I issue tokens and I think over time a good spread of distribution should make some inroads into people's level of engagement.

Nice work.

Thanks Galen!

I see you are back in the badge of honour club, fun time for all.

MisterE can now ignore certain calls to issue tokens and so hopefully the distribution will widen in time.

Dude, my groupies can't stay away from me...A rockstars work is never done it seems. Oh well, I don't mind...Can't help it if I'm famous!

Hmm, I was just thinking...

Maybe I'm like the Pied Piper of Hamelin ...You know, that dude who uses a magic flute to lure all the rats away from the town? The Pied Poster of steem!


Anyway, read this quick or you may miss it altogether...Enjoying handing out engage.

Cheers Galen :)

I thought the rats had dispersed but it seems I've collected a few bites today. Nothing to be concerned about though.

Yeah, I'm sure I have too.

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This is realy nice project. Wish to some free token now

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hay @abh12345 this is really cool and I am delighted that these are being put to use. Nice work!

Thanks Paula :)

I'm going to start calling on the bot now that I have 1000 ENG. I'll likely add ENGAGE to my next, Steem-Engine Tokens: Rent's Recommendations topic. I have no clue when I'll create the next edition of that but it shouldn't be too far off.


Cheers dude!

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I feel like I want to buy myself some ENGAGE tokens aswell now :)

They've been on the move today so it might be worth putting an order in for lower. Or engaging all over :)

You're not wrong...I just had a look. 370%?

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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