No he's not, but he loves to send all tokens that can be sent.

I hope pixelfan is not pixresteemer. xD

Those accounts should now be off the ‘allowed to issue’ list.

Nice. People need to understand that tokens are not decentralised, they are owned and issued by an authority.

Hi Asher, I have read my name above - do you mean me too when you say "those accounts"?

No just the 2 pixel accounts, which look to be owned by the same person.

OK 😊 but pixelfan has 428 engage tokens only and pixresteemer has none - why are they able to send?

I think they have sold recently - there is no sends today 😁

Okay, thanks and have a nice day 🙂

Hmm, I think there is a good possibility :/

I hope not! :D

The daily speed of issue is pretty good if we are going by the accounts VP - skirting around 80%, seems alright.

skirting around 80%, seems alright.

Yeah, and I don't mind trailing for the most part if it helps engagement.

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