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RE: ENGAGE Token Distribution Stats

in OCD3 years ago

Looks pretty good...Would be good to some additional diversity, or some more balance I guess I mean, in outgoing votes although as you say it's early days. It was interesting to see some of the patterns in the last graph also.

As you know I'm ramping up the frequency at which I issue tokens and I think over time a good spread of distribution should make some inroads into people's level of engagement.

Nice work.


Thanks Galen!

I see you are back in the badge of honour club, fun time for all.

MisterE can now ignore certain calls to issue tokens and so hopefully the distribution will widen in time.

Dude, my groupies can't stay away from me...A rockstars work is never done it seems. Oh well, I don't mind...Can't help it if I'm famous!

Hmm, I was just thinking...

Maybe I'm like the Pied Piper of Hamelin ...You know, that dude who uses a magic flute to lure all the rats away from the town? The Pied Poster of steem!


Anyway, read this quick or you may miss it altogether...Enjoying handing out engage.

Cheers Galen :)

I thought the rats had dispersed but it seems I've collected a few bites today. Nothing to be concerned about though.

Yeah, I'm sure I have too.

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