RESULT TIME : STEEM SUMMER CONTEST SERIES || Create A Post About Summer's Cosmetics | Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ Contest | Week-01 | 15 Steem In Prize Poll

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Hello Steemian friends,

Times Up!!!

According to Bangladesh time its more than 12 am and the time is over for STEEM SUMMER CONTEST WEEK : 01
Its time for announcing the result of STEEM SUMMER and I'm really very excited because it was my first time and I'm glad and thankful to all participants. I wish to reward all the participants but chosen three as per condition. All posts were deserving and as I promised I'll increase reward for the week: 2 contest. It will be 20 steem and one to fifth the prize will be distributed.

About Contest Cover Design: Pixabay Image edited by @tulip1

So be ready for week: 02 contest and invite your friends too as this contest is open for steemit world wide users so feel free to be a part of out community Bangladesh-বাংলাদেশ community and explore your talent. Let's support each other and shine on #steemit world.



PlaceUser NameContent LinkPrize
1st@ripon0630 Link7 steem
2nd@vishwara Link5 steem
3rd@steemdg Link3 steem




All prizes successfully distributed.

This contest is now possible to run for 2nd week as I've got support from curation team of #steemit.
My contest was supported by @steemcurator01 & @stephenkendal, accept my heartiest gratitude.

Thanks so much @shohana1 & @pennsif to promote my contest to reach out more contestants

Note: 2nd Week Contest Announcement coming soon (Approximately After 12 hours) So Are you ready???

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