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Hello Steemit World !!!!!! 💖💖


My name is @shanza1 and I am 25 years old I am from Multan Pakistan. Pakistan
is my first ♥😍 love and last🌃 . Multan is also known as mulasthana in previous years. It is well known for the Sufi shrine.
My best friend @iqrarana786 told me about this platform she sent some tutorials of @cryptokraze for sign up. She was my schoolmate. I also want to become a doctor but my father passed away I don't have resources. She told me to make an account on this platform to communicate with people learn new skills. Thank you @iqrarana786 and @cryptokraze for providing this platform.

My qualification

I have done MBA I was an average student in my 🏫 school and college not very intelligent not very dumb. But I want to study and I always wanted to collect degrees.

##My profession

After my M.B.A I have applied for a job in a bank and I got selected now I am working as a banker😍😍.


My👪family background

We were living very happy I was only 2
Years old when my father passed away. Then we shifted to my uncle(mamo)🏡 .my mother can't afford the studies I was only 15 years old when I start earning for my studies I started working in the field I was working day and 🌃 culture plantation. Then I completed my M. B. A. and now I am working in a bank and making a bright future for my mother.




About cryptocurrency

I have also little experience with cryptocurrency when I was doing my M. B. A I was also doing.

My passion

I have only 3 desire good makeup good clothes and good eating. I don't want to cook but I😍 to eat. I am fond to collect makeup of good brands and bangles jewelry and clothes. I always do makeup without any festival because I😍look beautiful. After all, we are a beautiful creation of Allah.


My hobby

My hobby is scrolling all the time Instagram tiktok snack apk and watching 📺 all the time YouTube channels and applying remedies on my face.

Post I will create

I will create a post about remedies for skin about makeup about good brand clothes.

Source :pixabay
I would like to thanks @arie.steem and @cryptokannon for initiating this website and as well as @cryptokraze without his help i couldn't able to sign up.

Thank you everyone for helping me to make my first post possible I will learn each day from this platform. Keep rocking everyone 😍 love
Pakistan and promote Steemit with your friends.

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Hi @shanza1

🥳🥳Welcome to Steemit🎊🎊

Steemit is an incentivized Steem blockchain-based public content platform that rewards users for their quality content. Post, read, comment, and vote on other's work in order to build your network on this platform

Check out this post by @cryptokannon to get started with the rest of the #achievementtasks for a smooth sail on this platform.

Aside from the Newcommers' Community for your achievement posts, you can join Steemit Nursery for all your other posts as a newbie to receive support.

Find in this post a list of communities to find your niche.

Don't forget to follow @steemitblog for updates on the platform and take time to read all the pinned posts in the community.

Yours Sincerely,

I would like to thanks @arie.steem and @cryptokannon for initiating this website

Ned Scott is one of the founders of Steemit though, but he handed over Steemit to Justin Sun :)

I hope you enjoy your blogging journey on Steemit.

You can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience. You have been verified by vvarishayy.


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Thank you madam for your correction and i will learn from you and this platform.

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Hi, @shanza1,

Your post has been supported by @heriadi from the Steem Greeter Team.

 6 months ago 

Thank you for your support this was my first post.

 6 months ago 

Hi, @shanzal welcome to this amazing platform. I hope you'll get to learn much from Steemit.

I have gone through your introduction, you had introduced yourself very nicely.

Kindly avoid putting steemcurators or booming in your post.

Here you can get some basic information about further achievement posts by @cryptokannon.

Here's a link for the ongoing contests on Steemit. You can also explore many other communities according to your interest.

Follow @steemitblog to stay updated.
Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding any problem.

Best of luck with this new journey.

keep steeming.


Hi welcome to our community
Follow my link

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Hello @shanza1 you are welcome to the steemit.
Best wishes

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