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Active pause at work?

Have you ever heard this? What do you imagine it to be?

You're a little tired, your body is tense, or you're feeling overwhelmed by so much work. What are you up to? Are you thinking of taking a break and going to chat for a while with a colleague, or maybe stop for a while and go eat a snack and distract yourself on your cell phone?

Eat a snackPhysical exercises
Talking trivia5 to 10 minutes
Distract yourself on your cell phoneGroup exercises to motivate yourself
Looking out the windowjoint and muscle flexion

As you already noticed in the previous table, it is not to do any of these things described on the left side, rather, this physical activity of 5-10 minutes during the working day (some experts in the subject recommend this session for every hour or two hours of work) so that workers, -whether workers or employees in an office-, they can recover energy and thus perform efficiently at work through exercises that compensate for the tasks performed, and thus reverse muscle fatigue and fatigue generated in the work area.

Is this important? What are the advantages?

Benefits of Active Pauses.

  1. Decreases stress.
  2. It favors the change of postures and work routine.
  3. Releases joint and muscle stress.
  4. Stimulates and promotes blood circulation.
  5. It promotes self-esteem and ability to concentrate in the working day.

Some additional suggestions

Although in the link above, you can find very good suggestions of these active breaks that adapt to your type of work, here I describe 10 simple exercises that involve all parts of the body.

  • Eyes: Look at the ceiling 6 seconds, look back at the center 6 sec, do the same to the floor.

  • Head: Flex forward by gluing the chin to your chest for 10 sec and then turn your head on both sides gently.

  • Shoulder rotation: Place your hands on your shoulders making large circles slowly back and forth.

  • Shoulder lift: Relax your arms on both sides of the body and raise your shoulders as if you wanted to touch your ears, for 5 sec, rest and repeat the movement.

  • Wrists: Flex your elbows in 90 degrees, close your hands forming a fist and make circles with your wrists slowly outward and inward.

  • Elbows: Place your hands intertwined behind the head by stretching your elbows back for 10 sec.

  • Knees: Standing, straight back, bring one of your knees to the chest by grabbing it with both hands for 10 sec. Repeat with the other knee. Note: If you can't maintain balance, you can lean on the wall.

  • Ankles: Performs circular movements and towards both sides of the foot.

  • Legs: Standing, bend back your left leg grabbing your foot, (or your ankle) with your left hand in a semi-flexed position. Hold and repeat with your right leg and right arm. Note: You can lean on the wall.

  • Hips: In an upright position with the knees semi-bent, bring your hands to the waist and push your hip forward, after 5 sec. go back to the center and do the same backwards.


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