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Hello everyone on steemit network.
My name is faran Nabeel and I'm 17th year old And i recently joined the steemit network .

I'm from Pakistan
Pakistan is my homeland
I love my country❤
My country is so beautiful for naturaly and physically so I always love my country

I'm study in 12th class
I read about food technology at government college of sahiwal
I am study about food processing and preservation.
And I'm become food technologist .



And i love Pakistani foods
So I shared some Pakistani sweet dishes.
And people make on lower level in home
And this made by my mother for me. It is ver tasteful to eat it.
And i also love it food.All Pakistanis also like this sweets

faran Nabeel 1.jpg

So I know about photography
I interested in photoediting
I can do edit this picture
I make more awesome picture❤



I will post informatoin about agriculture and pictures about natural beauty and i have some ideas by agriculture plants

And i will help peoples in agricultureand i hope that will be amazing and attractive to see
And this picture was made by me i take its steemit logo because i very interested to work at stewmit network
And i like making pictures off natural beauty of my village

I would like to thanks @cryptokraze and steem infinity zone who told me about steemit. I am excited and looking to learn and grow here.

 6 months ago 

Welcome to steemit. Lets learn some new skills here.

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Thanks sir g

 6 months ago 

You will grow on steemit and i support you

 6 months ago 

Thanks dear friend

 6 months ago 

Welcome to steem.

 6 months ago 

Thanks bro

Congratulations !
You have successfully completed achievement 1 on "Verification Through Introduction". Your next task is to complete
Achievement 2 : Basic Security on Steem .

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Yes bro thanks and I'm very excited to my next achievement

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@steemcuraror03 thanks for this favour. I hope
You will support me as usual .i will try best.
And thanks for motivation to follow @steemitblog.

 6 months ago 

Great post
Keep it up.bro

 6 months ago 

Yes bro thanks

 6 months ago 

Okay brother thanks i again try

 6 months ago 

Brother @hassanabid ab check kro theek hy

 6 months ago 

Good very nice introduction i appreciate your work

 6 months ago 

Inshallah bro and you also grow up

 6 months ago 

Good hogya

 6 months ago 

Thanks @alirazaop brother

Keep it up bro
Your introduction or very good
Well done bro
You will grow up on steemit network

Good job bro you will grow up on steemit network

Good work bro keep it up ❤
I appreciate your work.