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Hi, Good morning Community!

My name is Uzoije Ebere Chris (@chrisdsteemsport) I am 35years old, a native of Amigbo Umuchioke Nwangele Local Government Area Igbo Biafra land, Imo State, Nigeria. I was born and bread up in a town called Aba(Enyimba City) along with my mom/Dad, being the only child of my family.
I'm now living at 32 Prince Nwaobilor street off Faulks Road, Aba Abia State.

I am a bachelor's decree (Bsc) holder from University of Uyo, Uyo Akwaibom State in Banking and Finance.

I am a media on air sports presenter, a comedian and firm Director/Producer.
The founder of Sportsride tv.

I love sports activities somuch, that made me become a football commentator till date.
So Passion in performing Comedy show and Christian Activities, mostly listening to Christian Classical music. I dislike indecent Manner, e.g smoking and prostitution etc.

I knew About Crypto in 2012 through one of my paddy friend called Kelvin. Then it wasn't easy for me and looks unbelievable. The first Cryptocurrency I knew then was Bitcoin at it's price 500naira of Nigeria money. At time goes on other crypto started hitting the coin open market. I trades on Bitcoin and Binance, sometimes get lost or I get profit.
Airdrops are my hustling tricks now , because of the huge number of new Cryptocurrency always ready to be launched.

All posts are good, hence there is something as it may be to learn from it. Nevertheless I must look forward to see posts that would be talking about Crypto and posts that teaches more about steem investment and newbie growth.

Expects more of Sports news post from me, Crypto and Newbie growth and it's Contests post.

Steemit during 2017 experience shows that, it's blockchain is so tight and strong. In no doubt steemit platform is just a great glory to mankind. It has its way of brushing, broading every human intellectual brain. Steemit sharpens your thoughts, grow your financial benefit and creates unexpected indiviadual relationships

My aim is to achieve a standard Steem Power for investment and to encourage prospective steemians and newbies through my posts/contest reward in other to grow steem the more.

Though this is not my first introductory post rather an introductory post to NewComer's Community Achievement 1

My first intro in 2017
IMG_20170909_185150.jpg my 2017 intro post link

Prove about my work
Radio presenter


Commentator Prove

Firm Directing/shooting work prove

Comedian Prove

These photos are to show off my reality and trust in steemit!

Regards: @cryptokannon @infovore


Hi @chrisdsteemsport nice to greet you, I'm @wilmer1988 and on behalf of the entire steemit team I want to welcome you to steemit, a digital universe that allows you to share everything that you are passionate about and be part of a world of possibilities.

I want to invite you to join Newcomers'Community, a place where new users can officially introduce themselves and thereby meet achievement 1, If you achieve at least 4 achievements you can be considered for the program "500SP Minnowsupport", I leave you more details.

Once you achieve Achievement 4 you can join The Steemit Crypto Academy: Season 4: Introductory courses for beginners a place where you can continue your development in the world of cryptocurrencies, dare to reach it, come and be part of it, I leave you all the necessary details:

I recommend you follow the @steemblog account, which is the official channel of steemit, here you will find all the current information regarding the platform, contests, events, updates and others that will surely help you a lot.

I advise you that your publications have less than 300 words that allow the reader to understand the content you want to share

I also want to suggest the community Steemit Nursery, a place for the support and growth of new users who come to the platform.

I don't want to say goodbye without first inviting you to the form part of the largest movement in steemit such as The Diary Game #thediarygame.

On behalf of the steemit team, I say goodbye wishing that all this information could be of help to you.


Thanks for your acknowledgement.
I have already subscribe to Newcomer's Community and this is my achievement1 and preparing achievement2.
Thanks as i look forward to see your supports.

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