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About Me:
Hellow Everyone.
This is me Alif Al Ashik.
Me from Bangladesh and currently i am in Gafargaon, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
I am a student.

I am studying MSc in CSE Department at JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY.

My blood group :O+
My current weight:79 kg
My current height : 5feet 08 Inch.

Family :
My family has 5 members.
I have two Sisters. I am the elder in my family.

My father is a businessman.
His name :Md. Ashraf Mandal

My mother is a house wife.
Her name : Hosna Akter


Here Is my Sister And Her Husband.

My dream:
I will finish my studies and become an engineer.
On the otherhand i always try to be a Webdeveloper and I practice more and more.
I wish one day i will become success ans I will do service work for the country and stand by the side of the poor and needy. I want to live as an honest person.

Leisure time:
In my Leisure time I watched movie & mobile gaming.
Spending time also social community.
Some time helped Family member. like to sending time with friends.

Me with My friends moment of celebrating my birthday party.

Favorite food: BBQ Chicken, Biriyani, BBQ Pizza,
Bangladedeshi foods.👌

My hobbies:
My hobbies are sports,Programming in Java.
I already Develop lots of application and android games.
My favorite sports are cricket and football. I play cricket with friends every afternoon. I play cricket and I like batting. have a lot of fun playing cricket with friends.

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Hello Dear, @alifalashikcse
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I love checking back on the comments after I posted to see who is commenting and what they are saying 🌍

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Thank You My Brother.I Wish You will Always Support me and Help Me.
Best of luck My brother.
Thank You

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Ok brother.No problem.Thanks for checking

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Ok brother.I am joining.Thanks for support me

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Thanks for support me.please keep me on yiur support

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wellcome to steemit platform @alifalashikcse.

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Thank You My dear friend.

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