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Hello steemit community, I hope you are having a very good day. I am super happy to be here, this is my first publication here and I am happy to start here, to begin I introduce myself.


I am Alejandra Salas, I am 20 years old, I am from Venezuela, I like music, sing, dance and take pictures, I finished high school 4 years ago and I entered university, I am currently studying nursing, it is a career that I have liked since I was little I am very happy serving people and being able to make them feel better with the grain of sand that I can contribute.Apart from my career, one of my hobbies is making desserts, if sweetening people's lives is also another of my tasks, I have already done several courses on that and I am training myself to be better every day and I hope one day to be able to have my own business It would be a dream come true for me since I love pastry.


I am the mother of a cute 1 year old baby, whose name is Angel Alejandro, he is charming and he is the light of my eyes, he is wonderful. And most of the time I dedicate it to share with him and take care of him. I have a nice family.


¿How did i get to steemit?

I came to this platform because my mother-in-law, her user is @elineckays, she told me about her experience and what the application is about and I really found it interesting so I decided to go in and give it a try.

¿What do I want to contribute to this community and what do I expect from it?

I hope to have a wonderful experience with the application when my mother-in-law told me that I could share my day-to-day life, my knowledge, get to know different communities, enter the women's communities, interact with all of you and learn from you, it seemed incredible to me .. so Well I hope we can interact and that my content will please you and it will be useful and you can follow me and I will follow you to learn as much as I can .. I hope you like my presentation and if you got here Thank you for reading my presentation.

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Bienvenida a Steemit @alejandrasalas20, que hermoso esta tu bebé, tambi´ne es bienvenido.

Yo soy @tocho2 Representante de Venezuela en Steemit, como parte de tu carrera de crecimiento en Steemit te invitamos Newcomers' Community, y comienzas por cumplir con el logro 1 y llegas al menos hasta el logro 4, tienes la oportunidad de ser elegible para el programa "500SP Minnowsupport". Aquí hay más información.

Extiendo esta invitación para que sigas a @steemitblog y te enteres de los nuevos challenges y actualizaciones.

No puedo despedirme si hacerte otra invitación a Steemit Nursery, en esta comunidad se reúnen personas que están ingresando como tú, con muchos deseos de aprender a desenvolverse en Steemit.

El equipo de CR de Venezuela: @ anasuleidy, @ adeljose, @ edili24, @ inspiración, @ albenis, @ wilmer1988 y yo (@tocho2), estamos para apoyarte.

Recuerda visitar otras publicaciones, comienza a seguir otros blogs, vota y comenta a tus compañeros, cada visita es un nuevo amigo y cada voto trae su recompensa.

Hasta pronto

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Muchísimas gracias por la bienvenida y las recomendaciones ❤️🥰

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Hola linda bienvenida a la comunidad pues aquí tus recetas de postres la puedes compartir con nosotros y le sacarás mucho provecho a eso

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Holaa qué tal? Muchas gracias por la bienvenida💗 sii ya espero compartirles pronto mis recetas con mucho cariño saludos..

Hello @alejandrasalas20,

Welcome to the steemit. There is a community of STEM-lovers on the Steem blockchain. If you are passionate on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines, the "Zero to Infinity" community can be of interest to you. You can join "SteemitCryptoAcademy" for gaining crypto knowledge. Also, don't forget to follow @steemitblog for the latest updates.

Thank You.

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Welcome to steemit @alejandrasalas20. I wish you the best of success both in steemit and in all the areas that you develop. I send these links, hoping they are useful to you.. Congratulations on submitting your achievement 1. Achievements within this platform are very important to our development.There are interesting communities to publish and participate in contests. The recommendations of the representatives are very important. To Food, I recommend steemfoodsTo write, Writing & Reviews Community.Steemit NurseryThis is a community for you, like Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your trip on Steemit.For photography, the World of Xpilar Community hosts many photography contests. Follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news about steem and @steemingcurators for the Steem Community contest and challenges. Notice Board of Newcomers.


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Hi @alejandrasalas20, Welcome to Steemit!

Nice Introduction Post👌

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media Dapp (decentralized application) that creates communities where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It's a new kind of attention economy.

To help make your experience more enjoyable, we made a list of useful tips, links, and fun games to play on the Steem Blockchain. Continue Reading..

(And thanks @steemingcurators and @cryptokannon for making the original post)

Do Not Forget To Follow @steemitblog & Twitter(Steemit) To Get The Latest Updates.

Let's Connect👉 @y0gi😁
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Welcome to the world of Steem!

If you want to get started right away, the following community could be of interest to you:


You are also invited to take part in my daily delegation draws.
There are 100 and more SteemPower to be won every day.
100 SP can make the start much easier for newcomers in particular.
Here is the link to the current raffle:


I wish you a great time on our blockchain!

Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

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