Contest/ Competition : Your Favourite Job or What do you love to do more?

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Contest/ Competition : Your Favourite Job or What do you love to do more?

Contest Theme
we all know that humans are social creatures. There are different types of human activities in society. Socially people grow up. Socially, their activities are different. While living in the society, different people fall in love with different types of work. We have organized a competition today with that work of love. The point of this competition is to find out what your favorite job is and why you love it. What work? What is the importance of this work in your life? How far do you want to take this job? Can this work give you success in life?

Some Conditions or Rules for this Competition

★ Don't Plagiarize Anything. Plagiarism is totally prohibited
★ Reesteem this post
★ Give some description with at least 200 words
★ Tag us @badsha1 @whole-world, @humaidi @mdshafi so that we can find your post easily and fast.
★ use these tags in your post #whole-world #worlddairy #universe #steemuniverse
★ Be Authentic with your work and @steemit platform. #steemit is a big platform who are actively working with authenticity #steemit will never disappoint them.

Your Posts Will be Counted until 2nd August UTC 12 pm

20 Steem Prize Pool

PositionSteem Amount
1st place8 STEEM
2nd place5 STEEM
3rd place3 STEEM
4th place2 STEEM
5th place2 STEEM

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 3 years ago 

very brilliant idea, come on, friends, let's bring out our talent here, share it with friends

 3 years ago 

Thank you my friend

 3 years ago 

Welcome you are

 3 years ago 

This is a very interesting contest.

Good contest

Nice contest.
I will submiting my application soon.


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 3 years ago 

Thank you so much @disconnect Means a lot!

You are welcome mate!

Superb contest 👌

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