|| Betterlfe with steem || The Beginning Of The Dairy Game Season 1 for Whole world's Dairy Community

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The Diary Game Season - 1

Diary game season 1 started from today. Almost all of you know about diary games. Still, for those who are new to our community, I would like to make it clear.
Diary game issue is A blog or story about the activities of your daily life.
For example, suppose you wake up this morning and do something. You may be fresh. Then had breakfast. And then one by one you have done all the work of the day. And before you go to sleep at night, you can create a report and present it to our community in the form of a blog.

To participate in the diary game, you must follow some rules

  1. You must create a diary game post with yourself.
  2. No text or pictures can be copied from anywhere.
  3. It would be better to publish your picture in the post.
  4. Use the location of the pictures.
  5. No obscene pictures or words can be mentioned in the diary game.
  6. You can mention @whole-world @humaidi, @mdshafi & @badsha1 in your diary game post so that we can see your post soon.
  7. Use these Tags #thedairygame #dairygame #betterlifewithsteem #betterlife in your posts
    Best wishes & Thank you all & Thank you very much.


Special mention :


this is very good for all steemit to share his diary.

thanks my friend..

Thank you @steem-mukshal

 2 years ago 

this is a good start for diary sharing

Thank you dear @humaidi

 2 years ago 

You are wellcome my friend,,

 2 years ago 

we will be happy to share our days here

we are waiting for your posts😊

@badsha1 Can I join this game too?

Obviously @nalin10

 2 years ago 

Ini, postingan yang sangatbagus,

Para kawan kawa steemit ayok

Bagikan buku harian

Yang sangat bagus ini.

Dan ini benar bena benar bagus,

Saya sangad menarik sama postingan yang kawan ini punya, tetimakasih kawan🔙👍🏽

 2 years ago 

I love diary game

Thank you very much for your reply brother💚

ভাই কোনো পোস্ট তো দিলেন না কমিউনিটিতে.... ব্যাস্ত নাকি ভাই?

 2 years ago 

Really vhai onek busy roici kicudin

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