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Hello friends, we are all brought up in different ways and different environments. Upbringing and environment could affect and child positively or negatively. I was taught well by my parents. They both directed my path the right way but the environment and my friend's influence me negatively. One thing about some friends is that they take away the good characters your parent taught and replace them with the bad ones. So, little by little I got influence by my environment and my bad friends.

Eventually, I was influenced to do drugs, alcohol, gambling, fornicate, pornographic, masturbation and some other negative things. I got addicted to alcohol, gambling, fornication, pornographic, and masturbation. One day I thought to myself that I had to let go of these things. Though, it wasn't easy to let go but had to do it. So, I planned on how to let go of these things.

Firstly, I dealt with alcohol and my decision was firm on it. Though I had the urge to drink. I won the fight against alcohol. What I did was that I stayed away from places and people that create the urge to drink.

Secondly, I dealt with gambling. Gambling was I little bit difficult to let go but I won the fight.

Thirdly, I dealt with fornication. I had to stay away from some particular people.

Pornography and Masturbation were the most difficult to let go of. I got to engage in pornography and masturbation before I learned to drink, gamble, fornicate and some other negative things from my friends. I wanted to let go but I couldn't and I had to know to encourage me. Even if had talked about it to some people around me, they wouldn't have seen anything wrong with it or some could probably mock me. That is the kind of environment I grew up in. Since I had no one to encourage me, I encouraged myself and I won the fight. My Story

Knowing fulling well that pornography and masturbation is very difficult to let go. It is proving to be equivalent to been addicted to cocaine, you may want someone to talk too. You can join the telegram channel Steem Inspiration ( No one is judgmental here )

For the contest

Write about how you got freed from a particular addiction. If you don't have any, write about someone close to you who got freed from addiction. If you haven't already, write about how you from to plan to be freed.


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You came from far, managed a lot to give yourself a better life, the freedom you deserve. My compliments.

Hereby my entry. Good luck to all.

It's a wonderful contest and thanks for inviting me @supo1 to be part of it.

an incredible life. May Allah not deviate you from the right path you have reached anymore!

Nice Broo @supo1 Regards @yogagayo

Wao! This is a wonderful one from @steeminspiration.we all have stories to tell about how we became free from certain entanglements.

Will sure participate....thanks

Wow very inspiring story, thank you so much for inviting me to this community

You are welcome

Thanks @supo

thanks for sharing.

My pleasure

yes, if I have time I will come.

Nice one

I like the topic, I will write about how I got rid of a vice soon, thank you for proposing this topic.

Wonderful contest .
Thanks for inviting me

Interesting contest, thanks for inviting me

such a great story, at the end we thank God for rescuing you

Thank you for inviting me here. an extraordinary story about the struggle against the bad life. Success for you my friend.

Nice contest and very educative as well.

This is a wonderful contest .
@supo1 Here is the link to my entry

Entry link

Thanks a lot for inviting me to this contest, I fell very relieved sharing my story, thanks once more. Here is the link to my entry post

Thank you for asking me to subscribe I look forward to writing my own story and reading stories of how other people got freed from their addiction

Ok dear as you like

Thank you for inviting me to this contest ...@supo1 I will really so my best here

I'm excited to be part of this contest to reveal my dark demon. It wasn't easy to open up. But here we are. @supo01

Here is my entry below. Regards.

Good day friends and famiky ...I love this contest is powerful ...this is my entry of this powerful contest

Amazing contest