Contest Winner Announcement: Let's talk about our leaders

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Its been an honor to host a contest in Steem Nigeria Community. Special thanks to the community admin @greatness96 for the opportunity to host a contest as a moderator within the community. I must say it has been an interesting seven days having read from six people who participated in the contest. All the participants nailed it but few were exceptional in following the exact instruction.


If you ask me; a leader is simply someone who leads by example, whose behavior shows the people what it is to lead and also carry their followers along. In this space, I have been a great leader who ensures my followers climb the ladder of success.

Let's go into the winner's announcement:

I like to give one or two pieces of information on how the winners were chosen. It was simply formatting punctuation marks, use of words, and the basic guide to the contest: General knowledge of the person, What they like about you, What they do not like, What they will like to change, What they will like you to improve upon.

The contest winner is @supo1 with beautiful entry. Having discussed who is a leader and nailed the guidelines with beautiful formatting. A unique image and striking (what followers like about him).

The second runner-up is @lovveday with a good entry.

The third runner-up is @b-blinks with a good entry.

Special appreciation to everyone who participated in the contest. Y'all did so great and it was a close call to have chosen out these three.

Thank you all for the opportunity to organize a contest. I will never forget to thank @booming03 who made the contest reward possible. You are a rare gem.

All reward has been sent to respective wallets. See yall in my next contest which is definitely coming soon.

@orracle says blessings

 3 years ago 

Thank you @orracle for selecting my post

Hard work pays. Keep it up.

Thank you @orracle for selecting my post

You are most welcome... Stay tuned for more contest in the future. Blessings

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