Steemit Philippines - Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 8 (Week 3) || “Silver Lining"

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Have a Blessed day Everyone!


We've been through a lot of circumstances over the past years and we as humans fought a good fight for survival. Despite those uncertainties, it also brought advantages and that is called the “silver lining”.


This contest talks about a serious topic, you can create an entry telling about your personal experiences or about a situation in your country like for example, your government imposing tax addition, the “silver lining of it is that your country has financed projects like road expansions, school, hospital, and a lot more projects. Another example is, you need to resign from your work, the silver lining of it is that you can now spend more quality time taking care of your family.


  1. In more than three hundred words, create 3 or more silver-lining topics that you've experienced in your life either your personal story or about your country.
  2. What are the lessons you've learned in that particular situation? Does it affect you mentally or emotionally?
  3. How can you share the “silver lining” with people who are in difficult situations?
    What is your outlook for the year 2023? What are your plans for your life this year?

Those are only guides for your content format. Do not include those questions in your entry.


  • Add a photo in every topic, preferably your own or you can use photos with a common license.
  • Be creative! Present plagiarized and AI-generated free content. If you are caught, your account will be reported immediately to the Steem investigator.
  • We recommend all contestants to support the #burnsteem25 initiative by setting 25% to @null
  • All entries must be #steemexclusive and posted only in Steemit Philippines Community.
  • Use the following as one of your primary tags #steemexclusive, #steemitphilippines-s8w3, your club status (#club5050, #club75, #club100) your country.
  • Comment on at least 5 contest entries. And reply responsibly to each comment on your entry.
  • Share the link of your contest entry below.


First Place: 5 steem

Second Place: 3 steem

Third Place: 2 steem

🏴Contest starts March 13 until March 19, 2023.

Besides the random upvotes from the curators, contest entries that meet the standard will have a chance to receive Booming support.


30%- Community engagement (the community requires you to comment, upvote, resteem on other members' posts). We will count the number of comments you did during the challenge.

30%- Relevance to the theme ( how you presented your content in significance with the topic discussed including rules and proper tagging).

30%- Originality and Quality ( this will measure how authentic and creative you are in presenting your content).

10%-Comprehensiveness ( how you give a proper description in every photo that you use, formatting of your content, and proper credits.)

Note: Sc1/Sc2 will be visiting our community and upvote the contest entries but upvote is not guaranteed.

The contest created by @juichi and @loloy2020

Cover photo: @julstamban

To God be all the Glory! 🙌☝️😇

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The previous week has been very busy Hopefully this week will be the same Everyone shows a lot of activity on this platform through this competition This is a very good thing Good luck to all.

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Another great topic to engage with!

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This contest is very interesting and challenging. Good luck everyone!

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