Steemit Philippines Community Minor Contest of the Week: "Post your most Amazing Christmas Photo" (11-29-2021)

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Good day everyone! As part of #SteemitPhilippines goal to increase interaction within and among its members we are now contemplating of introducing various CONTESTS to be presented to you every week.

This is to encourage everyone to continuously create quality content and get the chance to be qualified also to the support of Steemit Team through @booming support.

We already had made this compulsion and commitment from our members to always provide a blog with at least a 300 words or more.

We don’t encourage them to create a very short post which shows less efforts in creating an article which could make them disqualified for any support.

Currently we have the “The Diary Game Steemit Philippines Community Contest” which is running for quite sometime already. We also have another contest, the “Steemit Philippines Community Photography Contest” which will be on its 7th week already.

Please check the newest major contest of #SteemitPhilippines with 45 STEEM to be given away.

Steemit Philippines Community Major Contest of the Week: My Christmas Preparations - Caroling, Decors and etc. (11-28-2021)

Aside from these games we will be hosting weekly and monthly brand new contests or challenges, again to be able to increase engagement’s, upturn active members and most of all for everyone to earn #steem that they could use to power up, and participate to both #SPUD4STEEM and #club5050.

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And without further ado, we are proud to present to you our new contest for this week.


Christmas is just around the corner so we thought of holding a contest with a theme related to Christmas. I remember holding a contest like this before and I was really amazed because even non-Christians joined and really shared their wonderful stories behind those amazing photos.

Now we would like to hear from you, the story behind your chosen Christmas photo.

Things you might want to mention in your post includes the following:

• When and where did you took the photo.
• What's the story behind it.
• Any other amazing story associated to your photo.
• And of course a striking Christmas photo.

1Write a post about your your chosen Christmas photo
2The post should be 300 words or more
3Tag 3 of your friends to join the challenge
4Leave your post’s link in the comment box below
5Judges of this contest will be @fabio2614, @fycee, and @kneelyrac

1In order to sustain all the activities of the community and be able to accumulate more STEEM POWER to be used in curating contents submitted through #SteemitPhilippines community we require participants to allocate a portion of your earnings or to set @steemitphcurator as 20% beneficiary.
2Use the tags #steemitphilippines #steemph-lifestory #steemexclusive #steemph-contest as your first 4 tags.
3Must start with the title “Post your most amazing Christmas Photo Challenge”
4You must post your entry though STEEMIT PHILIPPINES community.
5You can submit as many entries as you can.
6Open to all verified STEEMIT PHILIPPINES members, also to non verified members but was able to introduce themselves in a post using #steemitphilippines [community](

1First Prize Winner will get 8 STEEM
2Second Prize Winner will get 5 STEEM
3Third Prize Winner will get 2 STEEM

Last day of submission will be on December 5, 2021. Start sending your entries now and have fun!


If you want to help our Community by delegating and curating, you can do the following.

1. Quick Link
I've created an easier way to be able to delegate just select at the link below.

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2. Delegate to how much you want.
To be able to delegate use the link.

Delegate To @steemitphcurator

3. Use

Go to then log in. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Delegations Option


  • In Delegations, go to Delegate so you can delegate.


  • Type steemitphcurator and the amount of SP how much you want to delegate.


Then use the Active Key to make the delegation successful.

For the full Tutorial on how to delegate and follow the curation trail of the @steemitphcurator community curation account, please go to @loloy2020's Tutorial. Please Just Click the link below.

Simple Guide on How to Delegate and Follow @steemitphcurator Curation Trail

Hopefully, it will go through and be supported by the Steemit Team and Curators. Many thanks to the Steemit Team for their support, especially to:


GIF Footer Credits to @baa.steemit

Many Thanks to all and God all the Praise and Thanksgiving !!!

 2 years ago 

Entry No. 4

 2 years ago 

Eto bro. Parang kaya kong balikan ang mga christmas photos ko before. Nasa FB lang yun... Hahahaha.. sayang sa major contest, walang paskong decor sa bahay eh... i'll start nlng muna sa contest na to 😊😊😊

Nice contest bro. MABUHAY!!!!

 2 years ago 

Cge2x bro...ok lang...mas madali din nmn kasi ito...

 2 years ago 

Pag nasa FB na eh di na pwede sa steemexclusive hehehe ^_^

 2 years ago (edited)

Ehhhh ganun? Kahit picture lang from fb ang ko? Walang write-up yung sa fb.

 2 years ago 

Jowk😄 hehe ok Lang po .. pero ask mo na din muna si loloy2020. 😊

 2 years ago 

Hehehe... gege. Tenkyu!!! No worries po.

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 2 years ago 

Hala kasali pala ako sa judges hehehe cge mag honorary na lang blah ko haw!?

 2 years ago 

judge ka dito sa minor contest pero sa major pwede ka sumali..

 2 years ago 

Noted po!

 2 years ago 

Thank you for joining!

Entry No. 1

 2 years ago 

Thank you for joining!

Entry No. 2

 2 years ago 

Thanks for joining!

Entry No. 3

 2 years ago 

Thank you po 💞

 2 years ago 

Wow, this is amazing and I didn't see my name on the list of the judges, which means I am qualified to join the contest!

Any objection? (: @fycee @loloy2020 @fabio2614 @kneelyrac @juichi @jb123

 2 years ago 

Go bro long...

 2 years ago 

aja sir, laban😄

 2 years ago 

Go sir!😊

 2 years ago 

Go sir.. 😊

 2 years ago (edited)

pareho yata tayo sir hehehe
Kasali na pala ako sa judges hahaha

 2 years ago 

Thank you for joining!

Entry No. 5

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