Contest alert! // Road accident injuries // 1 booming+2 SP

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Assalamualaikum steemians

How are you?Hope so everyone would be safe and sound just like me as I am also safe Alhamdulillah....

Today this is I am organizing another interesting contest so that I may see some of the most interesting entries.


Questions you need to answer

- Have you ever experienced a road traffic injury?If yes then when and where?

- What was primary precautions you take right after getting road injury?

- How much road accidents can be severe?

Rules you have to follow

Here are a list of guidelines that you have to follow for participating in this contest!!

• Your content must be original and must be steemexclusive.

• Your post should contain minimum of 300 words.

• AI generated content or plegrised content is strictly prohibited (In case of any of misconduct you could be muted from community)

• Your post should be very creative and according to the rules and questions I am providing above.

• You must be in any of the club (Club5050 , club75 , club100) to be eligible to participate in this contest.

• You should use at least two images from copyright free sources and you should properly mention the source of your image.

• Mention my username @khursheedanwar at least one time in your post so that I may easily have an access to your post.

• Your title should be - Contest! // Road traffic injuries

Tags should be - #steemexclusive , #countryname , #clubstatus , #road-injury etc

Contest deadline is from: 12th June to 18th June


Results would be announced after payout of this post.

Prize distribution

Prize distribution among winners 🏆
In result announcement after almost 7 days I would choose two lucky names from all the entries whom I considered that these were the best and I would distribute price in two first entries in the following way.

1st placeBooming vote
2nd place2 SP

Waiting for your interesting entries




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Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

Good day steem hopefully I am not to late to participate, congratulations to all the previous winner's list and good luck to all the contestants this is my entry for the contest.
Contest! // Road traffic injuries

 last month 

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