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It is safe to say that one of the reasons that Justin Tron went ahead and purchased Steemit Inc was his belief that it would give him access to the community. Steem has shown itself to have a loyal community who is dedicated to doing what they can to succeed.

Tron has a lot of DApps but few users. This is the story for Ethereum also. At this point, everyone is looking for the same thing.

There is a reality, however, that we need to consider. All of this is still small potatoes. Facebook has over 2 BILLION accounts. Twitter has over 300 million users. Steem has roughly 15K-20K. At this point, we are fighting over breadcrumbs.


We see a lot of discussion about what the best defense is in the case of things going awry. These are worthwhile in my opinion since it is always good to be prepared. We do not know what the future holds, hence should look at all the different alternatives.

On this point, there is one idea that I feel is crucial. Steem is a community that excels because it is disjointed. The fact that it is going in 100 different directions at once is powerful. This is where we see breakthroughs come from. However, in a time like this, a bit of unity is required.

The goal should be to build enormous value on Steem. Tron does not own the Steem blockchain nor does he own the DApps on here. Thus, it is up to us to throw our weight behind those DApps to makes them as valuable as possible. A few have come out and shown themselves to be truly dedicated to Steem.

For example, everyone should use Steempeak as their basic desktop or PC interface if not using a tribe. @jarvie is very clear on his position regarding the most recent matters. Steempeak is one of the most developed front ends we have with a lot of different features. This is an application that should be in the top 10.

Another case in point is 3speak. @theycallmedan has basically said he is going with Steem, either to hew heights or to the depth of the sea. Either way, he is Steem all the way.

Therefore, we should do all we can to support 3Speak. I do not know how many videos there are a day on there, but we should seek to collectively increase it substantially. With over 15,000 daily users on Steem, is it that hard to get 500-1000 videos per day on there? Certainly, we are not seeking major epic productions.

Most everyone has a smart phone these days. It is very easy to make some video content. Here are just a few ideas that could get the numbers up substantially:

There are 500-600 @actifit posts a day. Most of these people are doing some time of walking or exercise. How difficult would it be to make a short, maybe 3-5 minute video, during the walk? Either do a selfie type deal where one's thoughts are shared or do it showing the scenery. In other words, find something interesting and film it for a few minutes.

We can take a look at @steemleo. Since this is a tribe that focuses upon investing, how about someone do a brief market recap at the end of the trading day and post it on 3Speak. Cover the moves in the market and some of the highlights. At the same time, someone else could do a pre-market video which discussed how things are in the overnight and what is expected for the day.

The homesteading people can put together short videos regarding certain aspects of that way of life. Perhaps some quick hits on a topic such as gardening. Or how about the way to prepare your favorite meal? There are so many different ways this could go.


My point is that Steem is getting a lot of attention now. There are many ways to present a show of force. With eyes starting to drift in this direction, let us consciously put a foot forward. I think 3Speak is a great place to start.

Of course, there is always Splinterlands, Holybread, and NextColony. Why not play a could extra rounds in those games: Remember, it all is activity.

It is important to note that Sun now has a significant stake in Steem. Thus, it is in his best interest for things to increase in value. As mentioned before, $10 STEEM gives him somewhere around $750 million. That is not anything to sneeze at.

Ultimately, it is a win-win. We can make him, and ourselves, a lot of money. The way to maximize his return is to have an independent Steem with a community that doing what it does best. The upside of Steem is still there. In fact, if Sun throws his marketing expertise and name behind it, I have a feeling it will get there a lot quicker.

After all, a blockchain is really nothing more than a database. If the transactions are taking place in a different database, one that he owns a significant portion of, does it really matter? Whether it is the right hand (Tron) or the left hand (Steem), they both benefit hiim.

Often the best way to get what we want is to help others get what they want. Sun wants a return on his money. Let's help him by supporting the Steem-based DApps and showing him it is in his best interest to let the Steem community operate on its own.

Do the things to make the DApps viable and bring in users from the outside. This will stop us from fighting over the breadcrumbs of a few thousands users. There are billions on the Internet, it is time to start doing what we can to attract them.

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More videos to 3Speak it is then! (I'll get right to it. Not right away, have to sleep a little too for a while, but you know what I mean.)

I've just started to publish videos again after few months break and switched from DTube to @threespeak because it is more professional and has the things I want from a video service. First and foremost it works, so I'm happy to say that I made a right call. And I'm here for the ups and downs too, so of course I will support 3Speak the best way I can.

I'm here for the long haul. Steem isn't going anywhere. Justin is another Steemian now and I welcome him with open arms. Of course if anyone tries anything, Steem is well prepared for most any type of attack that threatens the integrity of the chain.

I'm glad we're prepared !

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to pay you guys back in return thanks to your GREAT LESSON that led the whole community into the chaos by your so-called “good-intensions”

After all, a blockchain is really nothing more than a database. If the transactions are taking place in a different database, one that he owns a significant portion of, does it really matter? Whether it is the right hand (Tron) or the left hand (Steem), they both benefit hiim.

He may be laboring under some kind of misguided ambition to attain bragging rights for a lot of traffic at the expense of his competition. I hope not. But his scrambling for making the announcement on the 14th day to draw attention from the EOS Voice launch seems to point to a mentality like that. I hope we can convince Mr. Sun that cross-chain apps are the way to go.

Hard to tell what he is laboring under at this point. So much contradictory stuff.

I do agree cross-chain initiatives would be the best approach.

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What I'm trying to determine lately is... will SMTs move forward... CrimsonClad seems to think so... TheTrueWolf seems to think they'll get canned... Any insights here? It'd be insane to hold 1/5 of all Steem and then stifle revolutionary development... but who knows, anything can happen :)

SMTs will come out. Sun has already stated that and why would he throw the work in that technology to waste?

The challenge is whether it will help Steem or Tron. That might pull the traffic to Tron through Steemit because he uses his marketing to really promote the idea to major sites.

definitely the most interesting news in about 2 years … peace

good yemm cats

What should we do now

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First of all, thank you for making it clear, to everyone who didn't know the two most important facts. Steemit isn't steem and nobody bought the blockchain.
Agree with you on all the other points too, although, I need to find out about 3speak.
Just recently started posting again, and steepeak instantly became my new found favorite :-)