Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 (Week 3)| Local Business review: Tell us about a market, shop or business in your City

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The Steemit engagement challenge season 2 is going very great and fast. We are excited to welcome you to week 3 of our content series. We are hopeful that you will find this contest interesting and make a meaningful participation. In our contest for this week, we will write about local businesses in our city

Here is the detail about this contest


About the contest

Local businesses are very important in the economy of each city and state. There are big and small markets around us where we do shopping regularly. These markets and businesses sell everything we need such such food, drink, medicine, cloths, etc. So in this contest, we want you to write about any market, shop or other local businesses in your city

What you need to do

Write a detailed post about a market, shop or any other local business in your city. It could be a supermarket, shopping mall, restaurant, fruit shop, grocery store, bread shop, wine shop, or even a market.

Be detailed in writing about the shop/market. Your post should include the following:

  • What is the physical address of the shop/market. (Include what3words location coordinates)
  • Capture at least 4 products sold in the shop/market and write about them
  • How much are the goods sold in local currency and steem equivalent
  • Did you buy anything from the shop/market? Tell us about it?
  • Rate the market/shop based on your shopping experience or what you already know. Your rating will be based on factors like location, price of goods, quality of goods, etc. Let us know what you think about the shop/market


Rules of the contest

  1. Publish your post in SteemAlive community using any language of choice
  2. You must be at least in club5050 to participate.
  3. The minimum length of your post is 300 words
  4. This contest will start on 00:00(UTC) Monday 20/6/2022, to 23:59(UTC) Sunday 26/6/2022.
  5. Drop the link of your entry post as a comment on this post. Invite 3 friends to participate
  6. Make sure to follow @steemalive. Vote and resteem this post
  7. Plagiarism of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  8. Include only original product images.
  9. Include #s2w3-steemalive, #steemexclusive and your club status among your first 3 tags.

Note: Remember that the aim of the engagement challenge is to promote quality engagement. If you want to do well, visit other participants entries and engage meaningfully with them. We will check the engagements too when determining our eventual winners


Contest Prize - 10 Steem

We will distribute 10 steem to the top winners of our contest as follows

1st Position: 5 Steem
2nd Position: 3 Steem
3rd Position: 2 Steem

Note: Winners will be included as the best performers at the end of the week to receive additional support from SC01 or SC02. These positions gave the best entry, and engaged the most with other participants. So watch out and engage much with other participants.

How we grade your work

We will check whether you are following the basic rules expected of all users on Steemit such as your club status, whether you use bidbots, and other things. We will grade the quality of your post based on the following criteria and score:

Compliance with Topic : your score/2.5
Use of Markdown: your score/2.5
Spelling and Grammar: your score/2.5
Content Depth: your score/2.5


Learn More about The Engagement Challenge Season 2

Learn more about the engagement challenge Season 2 from the link below:


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My entry loading, is going to be fun.

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Woaooah, This is really nice contest. My entry will soon load.

Mean this is best contest I love this

This contest is a must-do for me. Thank you @steemalive

 2 years ago 

This is a good report worthy of participation. thanks.

Nice contest. I think I need to participate this time.

new week with new engagement and will be prior to participate in the contest

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This is doable

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