SteemAlive Presents: Steem2dWorld 2.0 - Another 14 day Recruitment campaign with reward prize of 700 Steem

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We did it before and it was successful! Who says we cannot do it again? I welcome you friends to the second edition of Steem2dWorld. It is a contest that rewards participants for recruiting and mentoring newbies. The last edition was a very huge success. 7 participants were able to recruit 20 persons over the course of 2 weeks. These new friends are currently creating quality content and are happy. Having enjoyed success in the first edition, we decided to do a re-run. This contest was sponsored by @gbenga and organized by STeemAlive community.


Steem2dWorld 2.0- The contest

Its a two weeks recruitment and mentoring exercise. The aim is not just to bring in new users to Steemit, but to mentor them and help them become experienced content creators on Steemit. PArticiapnts are free to employ all methods of spreading the word in order to achieve the recruitment goal. After the 14 days contest, the result is announced and winners rewarded.


Steem2dWorld 2.0 - The rules

We have not changed much from the origonal rules. Just a little addition

  1. Recruitment is open to all SteemAlive members old or new
  2. The contest is for 2 weeks, starting from today 18-3-2021.
  3. Recruits must make at least 6 posts within the 2 week period (Achievements 1-3, plus any other 3 posts) to ensure they understand the basic rules of content creation on Steemit and avoid issues like plagiarism. Posts must be formatted with the justified alignment.
  4. Recruit must mention the recruiter in the introduction post.
  5. Recruits must join SteemAlive curation trail
  6. Recruiter will make a post at the end of the contest to summarize the following (Recruits, date joined, List of 6 posts, and any other interesting details such as their method of recruitment). The post must contain the 2 tags steem2dworld and steemalive


Steem2dWorld 2.0- contest Prize

The contest prize is 700 Steem. For each recruit that satisfy the conditions described above, The recruiter is rewarded with 15 Steem. For example, a participant that recruited 4 persons at the end of the contest will receive 15 steem x 4 = 60 steem.

How to Join the Contest

With 15 steem prize per recruit and 700 steem, we are will cover 46 new recruits. Since we are expecting many participants in this second edition, we want to check the number of recruits as they arrive. Hence, each participant will make a post indicating his/her willingness to join the contest. This post will continue to be updated with each new recruit and the number of posts made until the 2 weeks is over. This will help us to keep count and track of the number of recruits on a daily basis.

Topic of this post is: Steem2dWorld 2.0: This is my entry notification and recruit tracker for the contest

Mention that you are indicating interest to participate in the contest. Then, each time a recruit makes the first post, enter their username in this post and also indicate the number of posts made so far. You will continue to update this post with each new recruit until we have 46 persons in total or until the end of the 2 weeks

We will make our own tracker post where we keep count of the newbies as they arrive from the updates in your own post. Once we have 46 in total at or before the end of the contest, we close the contest and use the remaining time to help the recruited newbies complete at least 6 posts.

Publish this post now in Steemalive community. Use steem2dworld2point0 as one of your tags. Then drop the link of your post in the comment section here.


Try to follow the instructions carefully and never miss a step. Participate in this contest and help spread the word

We appreciate the support from @steemcurator01 to SteemAlive. We also thank all steemalive members and our sponsor @gbenga for this initiative.

Lets Steem2dWorld!!!!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


:::Whatsapp :::join trail


I am excited about this contest. Thank you @gbenga and @steemalive.
steem to the moon

 10 months ago (edited)

Thank you sir... Mission starts now. I am fully in for the recruit contest. Thank you @gbenga and @steemalive. We move

 10 months ago 

This is awesome, a little more tasking ,but we are in for the job. Thank you @gbenga, for this means of encouragement and @focusnow for the support.

It's the right time to begin the journey of recruiting. Thanks for the opening ceremony. We will get there soon

Amazing , it's time to get to work

 10 months ago (edited)

Wow am happy to see this again, I just missed out in the last contest so am in for this and will soon make my entry post. Thanks to @focusnow and @gbenga for this great assistance to the community.
Here is my entry

What an opportunity to work hard and be rewarded big time.

Wow ! I'm super excited to be part of this contest again....I affirm to the contest. Thank you @gbenga, @focusnow and @steemalive community

Here is my entry @steemalive.
Thank you

What is the closing date of this contest?

Thank you so much for the organizers of this contest for giving me another opportunity to participate in this recruitment process. Here is my entry

This is so nice @steemalive and I'm 100% in for this contest. Thank you @gbenga and @focusnow for this opportunity

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