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Hello dear friends and fellow steemians in Uyo and all the cities I am cordinating, it is am amazing thing that we are together despite being in different cities.

Being the steemalive city cordinator for Uyo city and other cities in Nigeria that do not have cordinators at present, I want to help all of us to be active in steemit and steemalive community. One of my duties is to help you all to be active and contests like this will serve the purpose. We are already having good conversations in the telegram and whatsapp groups I have created for us. So if you have not joined us and you are in the cities I cordinate, please join in the links above.

We are also doing great with the zoom video conferencing we do have every Saturday. Please always join us. Having known you in these ways. I want to know about the city you reside in.

Today, I will announce my first contest in the steemit ecosystem for my people. Our cities are different, so getting to know your cities well is a good start. So what topic have I chosen for my first contest?



In this contest, I will like to learn more about the city you are currently residing. The name, how you found yourself there, how soon you will leave the city, if you will like to leave or remain in the city if you are allowed to choose, the busiest bus terminal and so on. I want you to explain all I need to know in case I want to visit.

You need to cover the following topics and any other one that can help me make my decision whether to come stay in your city or not.

Contest tips:

  • Tell us the name of your city

  • How did you find yourself in that city

  • Do you intend to leave the city soon

  • If you are given the choice, will you like to leave the city

  • Tell us the busiest buss terminal in your city in case a tourist want to visit

  • Tell us the biggest market in your city

  • Tell us about the hotel in your city you will advise a tourist to stay in your city


Please follow the rules below when participating in this contest, it is very important:

  • ❌❌❌Plagiarism is highly prohibited, therefore, don't try it. Learn about it by completing your achievement 3 in the @newcomers community by @cryptokannon. Any trace of this urgly threat will disqualify your entry

  • Use original pictures or source them properly

  • Minimum of 300 words is ok. Be detailed.

  • Use as many pictures that can help me know your city

  • Be creative in your writing. Applying markdown will be helpful

  • This contest is just for the cities under @ngoenyi, others are not allowed to participate

  • Only share your post in @steemalive community and subscribe to it.

  • Use the following tags to help me find your post easily
    #ngoenyi-uyocitynothers, #steemalive, #contest and any other tags

  • Your post must be #steemexclusive and only

  • Tag me in your post so that I can get to know quickly

  • Drop your link at the comment section of this post.

  • upvote and resteem this post

  • To help build your steem power, please power your post to 100%

  • This contest will end when the contest post pays out

Who wins in this contest?

  • The first 30 entries will win one steem each

  • Others will get 1 Trx each for their participation.

So there must be something you will take home with by participating. Invite your friends in the same city to join this contest.

I wish you all happy participation!

Cc: @steemalive


This is my introductorypost here

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 7 months ago 

Great, thank you. I will check it out

intresting contest, this is what i was waiting for, but is there no end date?
thanks ma for this initiative

 7 months ago 

The end date is there. When the contest pays out. I am happy you like the contest idea. I will be waiting for your entry. @obrisgold

ok i will check out the date, am already working on it. need to inform others about this lol. thanks ma

This is really an interesting contest expect my entry soonest.

 7 months ago 

I will be waiting

Thanks for your effort to help us to know more about our residential areas.

 7 months ago 

Hope to see your entry

Ma i will be there

Awesome, creatively engaging. Being Steemian friends it'll be a great idea to take this a step further by getting to know our cities of residence. Nice job @ngoenyi.

Ma thanks for this contest

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda) and a member of the SteemPOD team. We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Keep creating good content on Steemit.

Always follow @ steemitblog for updates on steemit.

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much @yuhan2on for curating my post with @steemcurator4

Nice one. Keep it up.

Woooooh i wont miss this at all ...I have been waiting for this ... thank you ma'am

Interesting contest, am surely going to be among this?

Our first contest, @ngoenyi is the best coordinator in town. I will soon make my entry.

Wow, lovely contest. I will surely win drop and entry.

We are really excited to see this big step taken by your city @ngoenyi. Thank you so much for promoting Steemit. We support the contest with 7 Steem extra.

 7 months ago 

Wow, amazing! Thank you so much @steemalive for your support. I am so excited to be part of you. It is my first contest and I believe the next one will be much better.

We can't wait to continue to support you in this team building effort. Your example is there for all to follow

 7 months ago 

Thanks. Hope you will making your entry

By the grace of God ma

 7 months ago 

Wow, ok. I will check it out

 7 months ago 

Nice one ma, welldone!
I'm happy that we have our own city contest now.
This contest is a good way to know about every of our members location and how to trace them if possible.

Success awaits everyone here 🙏 🤗

 7 months ago 

Thanks dear. I await your entry

 7 months ago 

You are welcome ma.
I will participate as soon as am settled.

 7 months ago (edited)

Will work on myself and send my entry soon

hello my name is manal i from vadodara gujarat,india

int htis city are beautiful nature side are their so u can visit it and getting so new thing t do loke eating fast fod is very tasty in our vadodara and mst famouse is mahakali sevusal .

i will sstay in this city i will not leave this city bcz i love to live here .

busy terminal of bus terminal is bus depo newar railway station and getting 2-3 minutes bus leave and come their and u will find good hotel new bus depo and it very easy to rich their .

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