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Greetings to all members of SteemAlive community, I have a good news for you that we held a contest, In this contest, you are invited to participate. This contest is about Flowers Photography.


Announcement of Last Week Winners "Flowers Photography Contest"

Top 3 Best Posts of the Week

1st. @shahzadprincejee


Assalam-o-Alaikum !
I hope you will all well by enjoying good health . I am also fine . It's my pleasure to participate in this great contest which is organized by the repected @amjadsharif . He is such a great leader . I learnt a lot of things about the steemit from the @amjadsharif . I hope you all will support to me . Now i start my post about the Flowers Photography . First of all , we will talk about the Oleander Flower.


2nd. @patience90


Hello everyone welcome to my blog.
I want to
Ever since I was a kid according to my older siblings, I've always admired flowers, loved to pick flowers from plants around to decorate my little play corner.
As an adult, it has not changed one bit


3rd. @gracellagift


Hello everyone, welcome to my blog,in regard to this contest hosted by amjadsharif, I hereby make my entry. I am thrilled to part-take in this contest and I appreciate amjadsharif for the opportunity. The title of this contest is well known, for my participation I present to you creeping evergreen flower plants.


The idea behind this contest is to invite people around the world. Thus, we can grow the number of active members and subscribers, in our community.

You can write in your diary all the day activities. The way you guys spend your day and it should be the best day of the week. The day when you are going to write your diary, Invite a friend to join STEEMALIVE COMMUNITY



Rules that we have to follow to participate in this contest

  • Join our curation trail.
  • Follow @steemalive & Subscribe SteemAlive Community.
  • Upvote and Resteem this post.
  • Post must be formatted well with Justify Alignment.
  • Participants must comment on other participants' posts. the more comments, the better their chances of winning.
  • Post should be a minimum of 300 words and Five different flowers pictures.
  • Plagiarism and google images will not be allowed.
  • Use the tags #dg-steemalive #steemexclusive #yourcountry #thedirygame #betterlife.
  • Drop your link in the comments section of this post.
  • Set 10% beneficiary to @steemalive for community support.
  • Contestants should be follow all rules give above.


Prizes & Positions for Winners

We will support our Top 3 winners with trail votes { Trail Vote Worth Up to $3.5 }


Contest will expire 21 November 2021 at 23:59 Nigeria Time


Special thanks to @steemcurator01 and the whole steemit team for giving support to SteemAlive community.
Our team is working hard to growing the community with your support.

This contest was held by @amjadsharif on behalf of @focusnow Admin of the community SteemAlive.

:::join trail

 3 years ago (edited)

Congratulations you got your prize.

Congratulations to all the winners 😊

Congratulations 👏 Winners Especially @amjadsharif for this amazing opportunity

 3 years ago 

Congratulations to us.
Thanks @amjadsharif


Hi, @amjadsharif,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

Thank you so much sir . I am glad to see my post on the first position .

Contact me at discord ( amjadsharif#9140 )

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

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