Contest 3.49: Looking Back/Look Forward #ccc

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This writing contest is open to anyone. Your entry counts if you stick to the rules. Please, read them before you submit!




Looking back - Look forward

Write a text about what you look forward to or look back at.

Deadline: May 29, 2021 6 p.m. Parish time


New Rules

  1. Upvote this contest
  2. Write about the theme in 200+ words
  3. Use own pictures or mention the source.
  4. First tag: hive-166850 and tag #ccc
  5. Mention "CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 3.49" in your title or text.
  6. Invite 3 friends to join too.
  7. Add the CCC invitation with links
  8. Leave the link to your post underneath this contest.
  9. Read, comment, support other entries.


  • a 100% upvote
  • 1 Steem and 1 SBI share (the winner is randomly chosen)


  • Feel free to write in your own language if possible add the translation in English.
  • Entries not answering the question or following the rules are not valid.


More information about the community and contests running you find at @team-ccc and @hive-166850

CCC = #hive-166850


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My entry , hope is on time:

I posted on your 3.48 topic by mistake, I already edit and correct it.

you can still post in 3.48 the deadline is in one hour. I'll take this one for that contest if you like. Let me know what you want.

You have #1
Good luck

You have #3
Good luck and thanks for joining.

If my sp isn't able to upvote,can I resteema md still participate in this contest @wakeupkitty

An upvote is an upvote even if it has a value of 0.00
You can participate.