A great start into 2020

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When I am old I...

You ever made plans for later? When you grew old, are an adult, the children leave, you are an elderly person?
I never came that far. I was too busy surviving. Getting old(er) was no part of my future.

I still have no plan for my future.
The fact is I already live in the future, it all started about 40 years ago if you understand what I mean.
I live in my future and try to survive.

Life goes on with or without me and there are some targets I needed to set to take care of me.
Just like you I hope this year will be a better year. After all these years that is what I deserve. It is pay back time. I do not care who does the payment anylonger as long as I get what I need and I know my youngest can have a good start into a life without me.

The first payment is made. It is Januar 1, 2020 and 1/4 of the amount I set for my retirement is collected.
Happy New Year to all of you and stick to your targets. Set a reminder in your phone, make a budget and count your savings.

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Nice post, take care of yourself first! That's my motto too for 2020 thanks to you! Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by. That is my motto since years: me first. Especially because I am the first I forget my entire life. I am doing better but it is not enough. I wish you a great 2020./💕

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Life goes on with or without me and there are some targets I needed to set to take care of me.
Just like you I hope this year will be a better year. After all these years that is what I deserve. It is pay back time. I do not care who does the payment anylonger as long as I get what I need and I know my youngest can have a good start into a life without me.

Hmm this actually got my attention. I actually felt motivated and inspired to start setting high goals since I failed to do that at some point in my life. I think it's actually a payback time for me to also set a target and start working towards my target because it's never too late to achieve what you intend to achieve.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I also welcome you to 2020. Have a great day ahead ❤️💕

You are welcome and welcome to join #hasil2020 with it too. Set targets and make a plan and give an update in the first week of each month. A great 2020 for you 💕

See my targets: https://steemit.com/@wakeupkitty/targets-set-for-2020

wow #hasil2020? I am hearing this for the first time though.

I can't wait to read about your targets for 2020 😊

Thanks for your lovely reply with love from @hardaeborla 😊❤️💕

I hope you will join us. You know together we are strong. Thanks for stopping by. 💕

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Good for you, taking care of yourself. You are off to a great start. : )

Resident cat here, wishing you all the best for this new decade. https://steemit.com/freewrite/@mariannewest/day-803-5-minute-freewrite-wednesday-prompt-bandage

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Thank you and for the delivery of the prompt.

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My pleasure kitty! : )

I love Duck Tales. Happy New 2020's Decade and Year.

Philosophy Dinosaur - 2010's or 2011's if start on 2011.png

Thank you for stopping by. McScrooge knows how to set targets and make dreams come true. A great mascot to. 💕

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Thank you and good luck. 💕

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you for stopping by. Happy 2020.

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@olivia08 I invite you to read this. 💕

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A esta altura de mi vida, ya no hago planes para un futuro lejano. Vivo al día. Enseño lo que más puedo a mi hijo a cuando ya no me tenga. Mientras tanto, un día por vez, es bueno.

At this point in my life, I no longer make plans for a distant future. I live a day. I teach my son how much I can when he no longer has me. Meanwhile, one day at a time, it's good.

That is a,way too and how I live but the children need a bit more if I die in short time. They need money to survive till the moment their sister can come to pick them up. She lives abroad and has no longer a car. Both are minors so this is a concern.

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Pero los estás formando fuertes, creativos, independientes, eso es bueno. Es lo que hago con el mio. No le dejaré dinero, pero él, tiene muchas formas de seguir adelante, para terminar sus estudios. Ya es un adulto. Hice lo que he pude Todo depende ahora de mi tiempo en esta vida. Debes sentirte tranquila, llegado el momento, saldrán adelante. Si arreglaste todo lo más inmediato. Lo demás deja por cuenta de Dios. Es mi mejor concejo.

But you are forming them strong, creative, independent, that's good. It's what I do with mine. I will not leave money, but he has many ways to move forward, to finish his studies. He is already an adult. I did what I could. Everything now depends on my time in this life. You must feel calm, when the time comes, they will succeed. If you fixed everything as immediately. The rest leaves on behalf of God. It is my best council.

@gertu Mis dos menores aún no son adultos. Se necesitan cuatro años más y alrededor de seis para terminar los primeros estudios en la escuela. En ese momento, deben hablar cuatro idiomas con fluidez y, con suerte, tener su licencia de conducir también. Ahorro para darme cuenta de que para ellos y algunos para comprar los libros de estudio, etc. Espero hacerlo hasta ese momento. Sé que si las cosas salen mal, no morirán de hambre y sabrán cómo obtener dinero y ponerse en contacto con su hermana. ojalá encuentren una manera de ir a la escuela. Practico todas estas cosas con ellos para que sepan y les dejo hacer cosas que deben hacerse para que no los estresen. Es importante ser independiente. Es para mí y para ellos. No quiero que se lo agradezcan a nadie ni se arrastren por nadie. Abrazos.

My two youngest are not adults yet. It takes four more years and about six till the first studies at school are finished. By that time they should speak four languages fluently and hopefully have their drivers license too. I save to realize that for them and some to buy the study books etc. I hope I make it till that time. I know if things go wrong they will not die for hunger and know how to get money and get in touch with their sister. hopefully they find a way to go to school. I practise all these things with them so they know and let them do things that have to be done so it won't stress them out. It is important to be independent. It is for me and for them. I do not want them to be grateful to anyone or crawl for anyone. Hugs.

Haces bien.

You do well.

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Thank you

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I keep writing about it to stay focussed on my targets. Happy day. You are doing well too. 👍❤️

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