Curation Report Week #04 by The7up [Steem Growth Community Curators for May 2022]

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20 May to 27 May

Steemit Engagement Challenge 1 is done and dusted!

I’m not sure who is the gladdest about this, the authors, the MOD’s or the curators. What I am sure of is that we are all enjoying the well-deserved break until the next challenge.

A short feedback on the two tags curated by The7Up’s;

#steemgrowthOverall this tag has performed well. It is clear that Steemians know how to use it.
#contestStill our winning tag by far. Bring on those competitions!

"Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have."” – Sri Ravi Shankar

A reliable team member is the best gift a leader can ask for. Thank you team that I can rely on you at all times.

  1. The rule set for the Voting CSI

  2. The user must have above 5% of Voting CSI and not be above 5% self-votes.

    There were more users with less than 5% Voting CSI than the previous week. Although we have supported some of the post it is clear that we will have to start assisting and follow up on these users yet again.

    The average Voting CSI for the week was 11,11%. Well done Steemians!

  3. Curating and rewarding good comments

  4. The7Up will be curating and rewarding good comments. By supporting good comments we hope to create better interaction on posts by encouraging Steemians not only to comment on qualified posts but to also to comment well.

    We encourage Steemians to keep on interacting with each other and also to increase the word count on replies.

  • Total Number of curated posts: 172

  • Vote distribution according to tags

  • Countries Covered: 17

  • country.png

  • Communities Covered: 37

  • Comments Covered: 16

Author : @chiabertrand
Club : #club75
Nominated by : @klen.civil

Conducting analysis in the review of the crypto market which is still widely known by many people. The author's participation post in this contest provides various pointers for traders on the Steemit platform so it is very worthy of appreciation for the development in the current growth of Steem - @klen.civil

The curation window of this post close today.


Author : @mato445
Club : #club100
Nominated by : @ngoenyi

In his post, @mato445 has made powerup his aim and has been doing that even in this post of his. He is determined to contribute to steemgrowth. Read his post to find out what has motivated him to build his Steempower. - @ngoenyi

The curation window of this post close today.


Author : @sofian88
Club : #club100
Nominated by : @disconnect

The diary game has been a successful concept for Steemians to blog daily. Combining both diary game & Steemit growth as a contest is a wonderful idea to increase the activities of Steemit growth. More importantly, contest organizer @sofian88 has allocated Steem Prizes for contest winners, which I think should be essential to attract participants. Also, winners get booming support as a bonus. - @disconnect

Supported by SC02


Author : @yulimar19
Club : #club100
Post Link : DIY Creative, practical and functional for your home
Nominated by : @haidermehdi

The author made a basket for eggs. The effort she put into making this basket is unbelievable. We can all watch and learn. This is how all contest should be dealt with! Well done! - @haidermehdi


Author : @goodybest
Club : #club75
Nominated by : @patjewell

Week after week this author doesn’t fail to support her Steemit friends, educate the kids of Steemkids but she also doesn’t miss her weekly power-ups even when she is not feeling well. She waves the Steemit flag high wherever she goes. A true ambassador for the Steemit platform. - @patjewell


Author : @jueco
Club : #club75
Nominated by : @kiwiscanfly

I really enjoy reading posts where the user has an actual plan for being on Steemit. This post was chosen because this users plan is logical and attainable.
I wish them success going forward - @kiwiscanfly


Author : @wirngo
Club : #club75
Nominated by : @harferri

The presence of Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 1 has taken Steemit to a higher level. The author really enjoys participating in contests and friendships with other Steemians. His impressions during the challenge are well described - @harferri



@disconnect #club100 | @haidermehdi #club100 | @harferri #club100 |
@kiwiscanfly #club100 | @klen.civil #club5050 | @ngoenyi #club75 | @patjewell #club100

Thank you.


Its really disappointing to find great posts that meet all the criteria except CSI :(

I found about 6 of these the other day and they actually had CSI's of 0😕

Excellent report my Team Mate

 6 months ago 

Yip! I agree with you. I’ve seen some great post but in the end I had to skip them.
Such a pity!

 6 months ago 

Excellent report, they do a great job and I am proud to be on their team.

 6 months ago 

We are glad to have you on board with us🌼

I can't believe my eyes right now, thank you very much @kiwiscanfly for recognizing my efforts, I'm really grateful.

Thank you also @patjewell for this comprehensive report, I hope to see your team participate next month 💙

 6 months ago 

Thank you for your kind words and your support. Your post was great. Keep on writing ✍️

I'll do just that, thanks again

Good work team! Detailed report once again from Pat. I want to highlight the fact that contest organizers have more chances to be curated now as we have the #contest tag. If you have new ideas for contests this could be the best time to showcase them.

 6 months ago 

Thank you for being part of the team and for always willing to help 🧀

 6 months ago 

Thanks for the nice report my dear @patjewell

 6 months ago 

The pleasure is all mine! 😊
It is hard to believe that we are standing at the end of yet another month.
Thank you for your support!

 6 months ago 

Thanks for nice report

 6 months ago 

Thank you for being part of the team! 🌼

 6 months ago 

Thanks @patjewell for this wonderful report as always. Thanks dear team for a wonderful week. We will keep doing more

 6 months ago 

It is for me to say thank you to a great time!
Hopefully we can continue serving 🤞🏻

 6 months ago 

If we are good, we will be chosen again. The steemit team knows the best. We will keep doing our best

 6 months ago 

Woow this is great 😃. I was surprised and at thesame time very happy for the mentioned. Thanks so much @klen.civil for choosing my post as top post for the day

Nice and detailed report 7Up

 6 months ago 

Thank you for reading the report. Can I send you the test paper? 😃
As for being pick of the week, your post deserved it.

 6 months ago 

Hahaha 🤣😂 you will never seized to amazed me with your funny comments😂😂..

Yes yes yes please I wanna see the test papers so that I can see my performance 🤲🤲

 6 months ago 

Sorry my friend, I’m woman down today. In the bed with flu. You will have to wait a bit for that test paper 🤕

This is awesome; I'm overjoyed right now. Thank you @ngoenyi for nominating my post, I appreciate it a lot. Kudos to the 7up team for their commitment to curating articles pertinent to Steemit growth....

Congratulations to all of the authors that were nominated.

Guy I dey your dm, you must do giveaway, nominated twice this week, ya blessed man

 6 months ago 

Keeping doing what your doing! You ate for sure on the right path!

Thank you 😃

 6 months ago 

You are welcome 🤗

Congratulation to all selected post... Thanks to great team SC07

 6 months ago 

Thank you for your support! It is appreciated!

Wow am really very happy to be amonge those choosen producing best articles for the week .thanks for acknowledging my post ,am great full

 6 months ago 

Let this be a lesson for you to kerp on writing ✍️
Never doubt yourself. You can!
Good luck for the next week

 6 months ago 

I'm humbled dear friend, thank you so much!

wow this is so innovative and encouraging 👇

The7Up will be curating and rewarding good comments. By supporting good comments we hope to create better interaction on posts by encouraging Steemians not only to comment on qualified posts but to also to comment well.

You know You're number one when it comes to meaningful and upbuilding comment, Many of us used to be encouraged by your warm commendations, thanks for leading by example, you know I'm learning from you.

Team 7up did so well this particular month, I know no one Can dispute that fact. Let's see how the coming month goes. Well detailed report by you!

 6 months ago 

The pleasure is all mine!
Keep on doing the great work that you are doing!

 6 months ago 

Thank you again for another quality report.

 6 months ago 

The pleasure is mine 😊

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