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Greetings Steemit Team...

It is an honor for me to return to writing my weekly report as a Greeter Team at Newcomers'Community and Country Representative Indonesia.

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I will present a report on my activities as a welcome and country representative for the past week

Greeter Team Dan Kurator SC09

I have joined the Newcomers Community as Moderator (Greeter) and curator since my appointment as Country Representative (14 Mei , 2021).

As a Greeter, I'm guided newcomers who join the Newcomers Achievement Program, verify achievement task and curate with steemit curation account

I'm sorry, last week I wasn't actively verifying achievement post and curator assignments in the Newcomers community due to various activities in the real life.

Country Representative Indonesia

I'm work as a teacher and always actively support Indonesian Steemit users, both dormant and newcomers, by providing guidance and direction in an effort to promote Steem.

I work as a teacher and always actively support Steemit Indonesia users, both active and new, by providing guidance and direction in an effort to advance Steem.

In October I had the opportunity to operate @steemcurator08 with Team 5 to curate quality and plagiarism-free posts, this task has been running for three weeks. I support the steemit team program for steem growth, I again applied to be a member of the community curation team in November

My Account Activity

Power ups on my account in the last week 39,272 STEEM, I decided to set up 100% power ups on some of the posts I published last week. I currently join #club75 , Steem Power in my account is 19,646.87 STEEM. I will soon reach 4X dolphin and continue to increase the strength of the account to support active steemians

Steem PowerIncomingOutgoingEffective Power
19,646.87SP19,646.87 SP5,275.42 SP19,610.33 SP

I'm delegate SP for 3 communities, namely Steem For Better Life, Hot News and Steem Indonesia for supporting community members

I'm support active users by upvoting some quality post and plagiarism-free posts. CSI voting 16.6 (15.1 ( 0.00 % self, 186 upvotes, 86 accounts, last 7d ). I use the power of steem wisely to support community members, especially users from Indonesia

World Smile Project

The progress of the free education center development project in Indonesia managed by WSP International has reached 98%, the Solar PV Project Fund implemented by @smilenigeria is currently reported to have reached the target after I transferred 100 Steem from the @worldsmile account

That is my report of activities as a Greeter and curator as well as Country Representative within 7 days, Starting from October 16 to October 22, 2022. Thank you to steemitblog, steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 who have trusted me to do this task
See you...

Warm Regards

Country Representative Indonesia
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