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Namaste Steem Family,

We, the curators of Team 03 hope that all of our fellow Steemians are happy and healthy.

As part of the November curation report, we are submitting our third weekly report. It was our goal to support more authors from different communities this week, and we also saw many good comments from the authors that we supported throughout the week.

Since the data we collect is directly stored and rendered in the google sheet, the graphics or representation we get of the data speaks for themselves and therefore I think that it is really not necessary to explain everything as the graphics and representations are self-explanatory.

Now, I would like to dive directly into the analytics and the graphics that were derived from these analytical data.

General Curation - Analysis and Statistics (Past Week)

Week 3 Weekly Curation Stats.png
Total Curated Posts: 162

Weekly Curator Stats.png
Curation Done By Each Team Member

Curation by Country - Analysis and Statistics

Weekly Country Curation Stats.png
Curation by Country (Statistics)

The number of authors is in double digits from only five countries. They were able to attract us to read their posts and get votes from our curation account. I hope that authors from other countries will be able to work on the quality of their posts so that their countries’ statistics look like these five countries.

Country Curation Graphics.png
Curation by Country (Graphics)

The lighter color shows that the selection of posts from this country has been low, and the darker color shows the selection to be higher than the lighter ones. The main parameters/criteria for curating certain posts and leaving others is mainly the quality of the posts.

Communities and Club Status - Analysis and Statistics

Weekly Community Curation Stats.png
Curation by Communities (Statistics)

We were able to curate posts from 27 different communities this week.

Club Status Bar Graph.png
Club Status of Curated Users (Statistics - Bar Graph)

Club Status Pie Graph.png
Club Status of Curated Users (Statistics - Pie Chart)

Recommended posts for this week

Author: @idaali

Club status: #Club75

Post Link: Economic Diary Game session 1 | Sabtu 12 Oktober 2022 | Hari Yang Cerah - Expired

The economic diary game is well written and organized according to the order of activities of the day. The author is also able to explain in detail his economic activities such as buying gypsum and ceramics for his house complete with the price and advantages of the shop. A lot of good information can be gleaned from this post and deserves to be supported.

Nominated by: @harferri


Author: @josepha

Club status: #Club75

Post Link: Steemit Engagement Challenge S5/W6 - "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" - Expired

A true friend is someone who is always there for you when you are in need, regardless of how big or small your needs may be. This is the sense in which the author is trying to tell the readers through their post. Having such a friend in one's life is undoubtedly a valuable asset and can make all the difference in the world.

Nominated by: @ngoenyi


Author: @dove11

Club status: #Club75

Post Link: My Achievements As I Am Six Months Old on This Site - Expired

This author has taken a different path to raise awareness about the types of offers that are being shown online to people on how to make money in a short period of time. In this article, they have told a fake story to make readers aware of the current situation of the online world, and they emphasize that hard work is the only key to getting rich in the online world. You should definitely take the time to read this.

Nominated by: @cryptogecko


Author: @paholags

Club status: #Club75

Post Link: Participación | Concurso: Celebremos el Día del Hombre - Active

The author has participated a contest commemorating Men's Day. She has chosen three dedicated male steemians and shares her thought on them. She has analyzed them nicely and in a detailed manner, with their contributions and dedication to the platform.

Nominated by: @damithudaya


Author: @soywilfredg

Club status: #Club5050

Post Link: Descubre dónde encontrar millones de imágenes libres de derecho de autor para tus publicaciones - Active

the author @soywilfredg has made an interesting compilation of pages with image content available for use; becoming an important tutorial for those bloggers who wish to use images allowed in their posts.

Nominated by: @graceleon


Author: @bela90

Club status: #Club5050

Post Link: Seemit Engagement Challenge S5/W6- "A Friend in Need is a friend Indeed" - Active

The author has tried to tell readers how important their friends are in their life and they are talking about an individual in particular. It was good to read the post.

Nominated by: @wilmer1988


Author: @karianaporras

Club status: #Club5050

Post Link: Steemit Engagement Challenge S6/W1 - The Joy Of Parenthood - Active

This user has very nicely participated in the engagement challenge following all the rules. There, she portrays the love of a mother for her child and her love for her family in a very beautiful way. All in all very nicely blogged and shared some great family photos. So this post is selected as top post.

Nominated by: @msharif


We hope that you like our report.

Club Status of Team 03 Curation Members,

UsernameCountryClub Status
@damithudayaSri Lanka#Club75

 2 months ago 

Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

 2 months ago 

Thank you, it's very kind of you to recognize the quality of our work and it makes me happy that our work is being appreciated.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your hard work in compiling a detailed and comprehensive report from Team 3 for steemit users... We hope this report will be a guide for users to improve post quality and comment engagement... Nice report my brother @cryptogecko & Teammate

 2 months ago 

I really appreciate your kind words, big brother. I also hope that people continue to learn more and improve the quality of their posts.

Thank you TEAM 3 for mentioning my post in this curation report. I wish more power to curators so they keep supporting the Steemians. Thanks again.

Thanks to all the Team 3 Cruration members for your support. A special thanks to @ngoenyi for finding my post worthy enough and congratulations to all the selected users. I am so grateful.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for this wonderful report. Good job by my teammates and you. One more week is left, let's do more

 2 months ago 

Excelente reporte hecho con pasión y amor por nuestro ecosistema. Gracias por ser un gran equipo esforzado y diligente para el logro de los objetivos

¡Muchas gracias por la nominación amigos!🤗

Felicidades a todos los compañeros que también fueron nominados👏🏻🥳🎉.

Lluvia de bendiciones para todos🙏🏻💚.


Muchas gracias por considerar mi post <3

Hi @cryptogecko

Excellent detail of the voted post, and a great distribution in the different communities and users, success in your work, by the way very striking that recognition to the best post published by the voted users, a way to encourage.

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