Weekly Report as CR from Argentina - May 27th to June 4th

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Weekly Report as CR from Argentina - May 27th to June 4th

Hello everybody, below you can see my contribution to the #steemit community for this last week.

Writing & Reviews Community

I was in charge of the weekly contest and of the picking posts for the Steemit Communities Support Program

In Writing and Reviews Community we've already achieved the 5k subscribers, so I wrote this post to report that:


Steem Geography Community

Steemit Communities Support Program

New Project: Present yourself on Steem Geography! 😊🌐

In the next report written the next week, you can see some of the presentations selected, and you can complete it by reading the report shared above.


Steem Argentina

Winners of the last contest


Posts written the last week as a contribution to the Steemit Community


Other tasks as CR

Weekly curation with @steemcurator05 account:

Update of Argentina users and their status

Votes the last week


Support for the contests

I offer Steem which I pay with my earning. Here are the last ones:

I took this screenshot the day of the transfer, and then I shared it in comment in each "WINNERS" post.

💰 Heroes anónimos contest 👉 15 steem were mine, and 15 steem were donated by @stephenkendal


💰 Your favorite character contest 👉 25 steem from @writingnreviews account


Thanks a lot for reading this report, and for this amazing opportunity of being part of the CRs team. As I always say, Steemit has changed my life for good. THANK YOU!!

Have a great day/ night!!

With love,




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I am very happy with my friend's performance as an admin in the steemgeography community, you are really the best admin in choosing posts that are worthy of being selected, and hopefully there will be more subscribers in this #steemgeography community..

 2 months ago 

Thank you my friend!! :) I'm glad that you feel comfortable in the community 😊

You are doing fabulous job and making this community colourful and also a very good source of information for all of us ,indeed doing splendid work thanks a lot for your such a great work @belenguerra