⭐Huge achievement!! 5k SUBSCRIBERS!!⭐ Thank you!! || ⭐Gran logro!! 5000 SUSCRIPTORES!!⭐ Gracias!!

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Hello everybody!! We are happy to announce that Writing & Reviews has achieved 5000 subscribers, and yes, there is a lot of work on our part, but this community is built from all of you, and thanks to the constant support from the Steemit Team, of course.


Thank you for writing your beautiful art here and for sharing such amazing reviews from movies, TV shows, books, and songs.

We wish you feel happy and comfortable here to express whatever is in your heart, always with love and respect.

Thank you dear community!! W & R is all of us!!

Have a wonderful day and thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator01, and @steemitblog for the support offered to our subscribers.



¡¡Hola todos!! Nos complace anunciar que Writing & Reviews ha logrado 5000 suscriptores, y sí, hay mucho trabajo de nuestra parte, pero esta comunidad se construye a partir de todos ustedes, y gracias al apoyo constante del Steemit Team, por supuesto.

Gracias por escribir su hermoso arte aquí y por compartir reseñas tan increíbles de películas, programas de televisión, libros y canciones.

Deseamos que te sientas feliz y cómodo o cómoda aquí para expresar lo que esté en tu corazón, siempre con amor y respeto.

¡¡Gracias querida comunidad!! ¡¡W & R somos todos!!

Que tengas un día maravilloso y gracias a @steemcurator01, @steemcurator01 y @steemitblog por el apoyo brindado a nuestros suscriptores.

With love // Con amor

@fendit, @belenguerra



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Congratulations, always good luck

 3 years ago 


@belenguerra & @fendit - do you have a discord? Could you please give me your discord nickname or, if you don't want to share it here, could you please send me the message there?
I'm papi.mati#3791

If you don't have a discord - can we contact in any other way? It could be email, WhatsApp, telegram or anything else.

I would like to talk with you about the partnership in "Steemit Weekly" newspaper project.

Thanks in advance! Have a great day!


 3 years ago 

Yeahh! Thanks!

 3 years ago 

Hello dear friend @belenguerra good night
Congratulations to the entire team for the great job done.
Let the successes continue

 3 years ago 

Thank you my friend!

Congratulation 🤩 dear for achieving great milestone @belenguerra

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot!!

Please support my efforts I am posting in writing and review in daily routine I will be very grateful to you if you support my efforts please @belenguerra

 3 years ago 

Felicitaciones @writngreviews @belenguerra @fendit siempre agradecido con ustedes. que sigan los éxitos y el crecimiento exponencial de esta maravillosa comunidad.

 3 years ago 

Gracias amigo!!

Congratulations...... Great achievement @belenguerra

Congrats @belenguerra MashAllah great achievement 👏 be strong b happy 🥰

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

Thank you very much my friend!!

Welcome my Friend

@belenguerra is there some way you can provide me with some tips on how to grow on Steemit. Are you on discord, twitter or telegram?

 3 years ago 

I'll share here some articles that could help you my friend:


There is a section that I'm sure it'll help you:

"To improve your writing and publications 👇"

Thank you :)

 3 years ago 


hello ma'am @belenguerra ,, I'm a newcomer to steemit ,, please support and guide me ,,
Thank you bu @belenguerra

 3 years ago 

It all became possible because of your hardwork ❤️❤️....we will grow more and more !!!

 3 years ago 

Thank you my friend!! 🌻

 3 years ago 


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