Steem Business Magazine | Edition 02 / April 2022. 📖 #club5050

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Welcome businesses and entrepreneurs!

Steem Business Magazine

It is a section in our community to highlight and reward the business activities of the week in a different and professional way.

In each edition the best companies of the week will be shown, focusing on the activities and services they offer. They will also be awarded 4 STEEM each. At the end of each magazine you will get the link to download the PDF file so that you can print it if you wish.


  • 3 editions per month.
  • At the end of each business activity there will be a QR code to quickly enter the business.
  • In each publication of the Edition there will be a link to download the magazine and thus be able to print later or simply save it.

Edition 02 / April 2022.



3.png - Post


@alvin.steem - Post


@ponpase - Post





Business featured in the magazine will receive 4 STEEM awards for their excellent work.

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 11 months ago 

Congratulations for investors selected with magazines

 11 months ago 

Beautiful magazine representative of the businesses and promoters, a great job to highlight, unique and because of the value that each one has in the ecosystem, to show the work that is unstoppable. Good content to show the magazine. Greetings.

Your post has been successfully curated by our team via @fredquantum at 50%. Thank you for your committed efforts, we invite you to do more and keep posting high quality posts for a chance to win valuable upvotes from our team of curators and probable selection for an additional upvote later this week in the Top Seven.


Note: You must enter the tag #fintech among the first 4 tags for your post to be reviewed.

Beautiful to see the effort and dedication in each work presented within the community by investors.

Congrats brother @ponpase and @alvin.steem🎉

 11 months ago 

Congratulations to and the other businesses in the magazine for their excellent work.

 11 months ago 

What a lovely magazine that has been wonderfully made, congratulations to all featured posts!

 11 months ago 

Being in this magazine fills us with pride, and we are sure that each one of those who see themselves in this beautiful position receives unique and exclusive mentions from the business community.

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