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Our intention as a company is always to offer the best to our clients and for that we must work on how to provide good care, from the treatment to the quality of the service to offer. Our sports articles and accessories, always in favor of the benefit for training.

Our topic in this publication is focused on Resistance Bands, specifically on the 150 Lbs bands, resistant, useful and versatile.

Sportfit has had a lot in to work on and plan to reinvent itself and look for solutions that have a positive impact on the business, where as a company in the sports area we must make customers see the article in a pleasant way and in which they want to request with us.

Working on the images of our items to offer is part of that, because through a good image the client immediately notices what we show.

An image can say much more than anyone can think at first glance, it is that we want to capture the activity that the client can carry out and feel through advertising, it is to make the client feel in the shoes of the person who has in use the resistance bands in the ad.

As a company, of course we want to make an impact in one way or another, but to do it correctly, offering quality to meet demand more users is incorporating through current customers.

Images that can change sales from one moment to another, shoot them up or decrease them and for Sportfit Shop it is important that the client finds what is necessary to change habits, better plan routines, be able to differentiate himself from others with a different article, accessory and equipment.

For men and women, resistance bands are available, in an elastic material but in fabric, with which the training can be from the simplest to the most complex and everything will be in the physical activity that is carried out.

Resistance Bands 150 Lbs

The change begins with the decision to want to do it, are you looking for something different to train? Sportfit has it for you, it's just a matter of requesting and it will be sent to you.

To train in a varied way and change those routines to which you are used to, resistance bands are ideal, their continuous use forever in different routines will make the body look as desired.

These bands are recommended for training of interests in looking good, in an enviable physio and also if it is required for exercises for health.

Three different bands in shades pastel, and with different Lbs, to contribute correctly to the desired training and even more so what you are looking for in your own body, if you are focused on that, motivate yourself with discipline.

Training is not easy, it has never been said to be simple, it is simply wanting to make a change in habits, to feel better than ever and with resistance bands you can achieve it.

For training where less or more performance is required, they are perfect, because it is not just about placing them and that's it, it is about making significant changes in the body, in that desired appearance, it can be for:

💪 Lose those extra kilos.
💪 Shape the figure.
💪 Mark the abdominal squares, which is so desired.
💪 Strengthen various parts of the body.

How much variety and everyone with the set of resistance bands, which this time is advertised at 150 Lbs.

What do you look for when training?

Are always looking for something, you want to improve and strengthen something in the body, if we talk about the quadriceps, what better than resistance bands, in different workouts, which you can consult with a personal trainer and if you are already a lover of the fitness world , then you know what to do, only you need these bands to complement the simplest and even the most challenging workouts.

There are many exercises that can be carried out and it is best to maintain discipline to obtain the result you are looking for.

For leg training, these bands are totally special, you can feel it from the first use, it is not that in one day, the changes will be noticeable in the eyes of others, simply that the person who trains himself be able to feel and notice the difference in his own body.

Can you train glutes?

It is an answer with an absolute yes, doing glute routines with these bands are perfect. The strengthening in the gluteal area is noticeable in a short time, when performing varied routines and in which they are always done with the proper pauses to achieve the expected results.

There are many trainings to do with the bands and in the different resistances of the bands themselves in use, because knowing how to master them and how to work then the routines will be able to be evidenced, in the improvement of the body.

In training or routines with bands for buttocks:

💪 Strides statically and in displacement.
💪 Lifting of the leg kicked back and firmness of the gluteus.

So much for doing that when the power of the bands is discovered in training, they won't want to stop using them.

What are you looking to strengthen or improve?

An important part of using the bands is knowing how to use them, dominate them, but above all, that they be of benefit to each client.

You are looking to improve the appearance of the buttocks, that's fine, these bands will favor that part of the body, even, in some training for buttocks, another part of the body will be worked and will be strengthened at the same time even without realize and then the changes they will be obvious.

The power of the bands is noticeable in a short time, they are excellent and of good quality, easy to use and learn to master.

Each client is different, in the body contexture, weight, and others, but the important thing is that everyone can learn to dominate and use them, the complicated thing is to do the training correctly so that the bands meet the demand.

Set of three!!

When looking to train in a different way, the bands are ideal in that training that does not want to be boring or tedious, perhaps it is complicated or simple, each routine is different, what is important is knowing how to use the bands, placing correctly.

The bands can be used all together or one by one, because each one corresponds to different Lbs, to go from lower to higher intensity.

In other words, these bands can make you sweat if desired, and achieve an appropriate muscle mass, to perform better in each workout.

For the increase of muscle mass, the bands help in its entirety:

💪 The more repetitions are performed with the use of the bands properly and for the planned training.

💪Of course, slow movements are essential to achieve this necessary muscle mass.

💪 By increasing the Lbs, of course this will be better for the increase in muscle mass, because more effort is being exerted, which the higher resistance band accomplishes in favor of training.

Characteristics of the bands - 150 Lbs

The Set of bands is spectacular, there are three bands with three different resistances, which helps to carry out several training sessions, and to improve step by step, little by little, with simple training until reaching the most complex ones, with the use of the three bands simultaneously.

3 levels of resistance
Bands 150 Lbs
💪 Light =60 Lbs
💪 Medium =90 Lbs
💪 Heavy =150 Lbs

Bands come with a gift bag and training manual. Quite comfortable to carry everywhere.

Cost of the bands

Resistance bands are very good, and they are affordable. We accept Sbd, TRX and Steem, of course our local currency in the change in $ at the price of the day in our country.

6.666 Sbd
56.481 Steem

We are available to our clients from Monday to Monday, to meet their requirements. Remember that if what you request is not in stock in this ad, you can contact us and we will assist you to meet the requirement.

The costs shown are only for today,, since it varies to the exchange of our currency.

Owner's name:@Cindycam
Business address:Anzoátegui , Venezuela.
About us:Link to presentation

We thank the community for their support and for encouraging us every day.


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Thank you for your support work.

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Hello thank you for the related information on how this resistance band should be used thank you for the related fees you shared, can the price of the band vary every day?

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Hello, thank you for your message in support, if prices vary, according to the exchange rate in the local currency, which is the strong bolivar, but remains in $.

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Thanks for the support.

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Excellent presentation of your bands, very beautiful colors and excellent prices.

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Thank you we are in order, and we have merchandise in stock, at the cost in $ provided.

The products offered by Sin are completely innovative, attractive to their customers not only because of their color, but also because of their prices and the usefulness they can give you when toning your body.

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Hello, we offer the best in terms of quality, since a happy customer always comes back.

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