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Hello Business Activity friends, I hope you are in good health and blessed!

Polaroid is very popular among teenagers, because Polaroid is able to create an aesthetic impression both on the appearance of feeds on Instagram and is mostly used in the living room or bedroom. No need to worry, to get Polaroid we provide Polaroid printing services at low prices and quality. And the interesting news is that the Polaroid printing business that I am running is currently holding a special Ramadan promotion.

This special Ramadhan promotion is in the form of a 20% discount for every purchase above 20 pieces and is only valid from 21-30 April 2022. Capture the beautiful moments of Ramadan on Polaroid and get attractive discounts. The conditions for getting a 20% discount are only by following the rules:

  1. Follow the Instagram account
  2. Like the Instagram feed post on the account
  3. Minimum purchase of 20 sheets
  4. Order only via discord
  5. The special price is IDR 800/sheet or equivalent to 0.1253 STEEM/Sheet, check the STEEM price changes at


Only with the above conditions you can get a 20% discount on quality Polaroid prints at low and friendly prices, especially Ramadan, order your polaroid prints right away. Polaroid quality cannot be doubted, because our Polaroid uses quality materials, namely glossy textured photo paper that is waterproof. Your polaroid photos will remain safe even if they are wet with water because they have used quality materials and image-resistant polaroid so that the image does not fade easily.

The results of the prints are also very clear. This is perfect for those of you who want to capture moments with your family so you don't lose the picture because it's only on your cellphone. You can save the printed Polaroid in your family photo album. This makes your family memories memorable and stored properly and neatly.

For those of you who are interested in capturing the moments of your family, friends, friends and partners, you can directly follow our ig account and directly dm via ig to get our admin's WhatsApp number. Don't be afraid because you think you live far away, we also provide delivery services for customers outside the area. The printing process takes approximately 1 week after the pre order is closed.


Special promos are also in the month of Ramadan, so you can print Polaroids at affordable and cheap prices. You can also get quality Polaroid results for only a low price. Immediately follow our ig account so you can enjoy our discount prices in the month of Ramadan. The discount doesn't last long after the high month of Ramadan a few more days so we will close the discount.

Let's trust us to print your happy moments. We will make your happy moments into a Polaroid sheet of quality, waterproof, clear images, not easy to fade and economical prices. Thank you for those of you who have been loyal with us to get special services.

Thanks for reading and supporting posts about the business I run. Good luck to all of us. This is an update post from the SIAP BANTU business. Hopefully this post can be useful and provide education for customers and entrepreneurs.

Discord : ponpase#2931

Especially for Steemit users in Aceh, if you are interested in the services we offer, please order !!!


Business name:Siap Bantu
Owner's name:@ponpase
Business address:North Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia.
About us:Link to presentation

Thanks for visiting and reading my post.

Thanks to steemcurator01 @oscarcc89, @businessactivity

Best Regard,
Indonesia, 13 April 2022

 2 years ago 

Polaroid photos are a worldwide trend today. And you do an excellent job.

 2 years ago 

Hello, this is a good plan to increase requests, in the discount and in the way to do it.

Because mobilizing more users to social networks means that there is more interest in the offered package.

Especially for Ramadan, which is good!! For the friends of your country, this promo is unmissable.

The steps to follow are very easy and with good guidance. Many must want to require their services.

The Friends, you can make requests and support entrepreneurs.


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 2 years ago (edited)

Hello @ponpase, thank you for sharing with us about some of the planning in your business, we are very impressed with the promo price you offer, hopefully this month will be a month full of blessings, both in terms of business and your business life.

Happy fasting, may our practice be accepted by Allah SWT.

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