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Companies are seeking to be great in their country and in the world, because the idea of ​​a business is to inspire, so that plans become reality.

Each and every one of the businesses begins with an idea, it must be worked on and then with effort it is built.

For some businesses it costs more than for others, it is part of what each Investor knows and must work.

When the opportunity to show a business in steemit is offered, the possibilities of recognition are wide. In the Blockchain there are many steemians who have to be interested in what others offer and they may also have the motivation to undertake, this is good and we want to achieve that each user can have their own motivation, as well as the new users they have brought your business to the community leaving your business name high.

What is a business looking for?

In the area in which you decide to venture, the mastermind in the entire process is the investor and he must look for what he is passionate about in order to fight for that great business.

When they decide that steemit is a good thing for the business, they find ways to get the business noticed.

Each business blog is unique and shows how great the work it does and wants to make known, in providing its services.

Heavy and demanding jobs must be demonstrated, it is essential that it be shared with others so that the business takes on more importance than it has.


A U-turn for your business?

The change without losing the first start that was given, but it is necessary to do and use something that helps your company.

The membership of an investor in steemit has value for everyone, there are so many steemians who require services of any kind, that finding them in the working environment in which they spend most of the time, makes it easy to locate that what is needed.

A business that constantly shares what it does, how it does it, way of working, projections, interests, is what is sought, because it works based on the security of what is shown and this makes the client trust.

Each entrepreneur knows his functions and performance within his company, no one can know better than that investor how things are done, however, when the opportunity is given to change for a better and greater sense of the business, in profits and In sharing the services they require a unique attention, therefore, it is not a matter of making a simple announcement, it is the announcement of the moment, which to speak for the better, which is to continue the work, and that is what the investor must do.

How is this possible? Trusting is their work and showing a purely business quality content, corresponding to what the business wants the client to know.

Each of the business owners publicize their company, they have available means for that, but no other is like steemit or works like steemit. That is, you must consider how you want users to accept what you share as original and quality content, so that they request your services.

An investor cannot waste time, he needs to generate, but also to invest, and that is what he arises and that is what makes them want to be part of the change and that 180 degree turn in a magnificent direction that makes him increase once again to the business from which he gives details.


Blacksmith sector

Blacksmithing is a job that requires dedication, accuracy, beautification, changes, repairs, it is a work of art.

Blacksmiths have a unique talent and in each piece manufactured they do the best for the customer's attention.

For a blacksmith to show his services is so easy, by giving details of his manufacture, what he has achieved, the experience, the trajectory that makes his work famous; There are also the new entrepreneurs, they have great merit earned and defend their work with a guarantee in what is manufactured.

The smithy has many work areas to give interest to the work, from choosing the type of iron, plates, welding, painting, a job that is full time and cannot be lightly this and more is part of what a blacksmith must do to make and the client require his services.

Content breakdown

Sharing accurate and engaging information is how the blacksmith, the investor, the business owner gets the customer interested. But do you already know how to do it?

Mainly you need to be selective when giving the work sample in social networks, in steemit what you offer must be of great interest and meet the requirements to attract.

To decide to post, you must inquire:

  • What would your client like to see?
  • Does this blacksmith job interest him?
  • How do I show it to make it interesting?

Each image, each text, each video, each information must be correct, and it will depend on the fame you give it for the client to accept it.

Offer quality and provide the same, the raw material is the client's reference to request the work.

The more authenticity and jobs shared then the client will know more about the job.

Breakdown and structure

Each business objective in the blacksmithing sector is varied and of interest, each investor wants and has different goals, although always one in favor of each other is to position themselves.

That is precisely what you should do in the business blog, share work in a unique way, that although it is similar to another, they do not do it the same way, not work it in the same way, they do not carry out the same strategies, or They use the exact methods, that's what you should make stand out on your blog.

You have the opportunity to expand the business and be rewarded for working with Cryptocurrencies, Steem, Sbd and TRX, evolving in accepting payments and in how to invest your earnings in your business account.

This will be given by itself when it shows that your business is capable of doing and giving everything because the client requires your services.

How do you make your work impact?

What catches the attention of a client is the quality of what is offered, for this reason, it must be explicit, give the most information about what is done in the business; So that you understand how to make the blog attractive, keep in mind that sharing only one image is not a detailed sample of work, not providing work information is simply doing nothing. Believe in work and speak about it with confidence.

Important points for structural development

To meet the community criteria, this guide will be a useful resource for your company's work, showing it to customers.

External content of your blog:

The title is important, it talks about what it offers and what it will talk about. With the title the client is trapped; A title that wraps, without leaving aside that it should not go out of context to the information internally shared.

Internal content of your blog:

  • The internal information must be in coordination with what is exposed externally.
  • Add title and subtitle consistently, corresponding to the images you share and the information described.

Suggestion of content for your blog.

The suggestions are displayed to help your business blog, finding in this information a help on how you can show your work activity in the community.

We understand that the business owner knows in detail how his business works and the types of work, activities and actions to be carried out internally, these suggestions are a complement to finding ideas to put into practice in making a unique blog like his work.

To begin, it is important to open with a preamble to the subsequent information, which fosters interest to the reader, the client, the steemians who know about the business and what it wants to offer in the publication.

  • Share the information of heerreria processes, not with a step by step, but with determination in what has to attract the client. (Highlight aspects like no other).
  • Describe how the business works, types of jobs, what makes it special and necessary, on the part of you as a blacksmith.

  • You can share the paint application processes, the pros and cons of applying them, if it is your pleasure to inform the customer of the best products used and how to care for them.

  • Information on cutting material, iron, structure, how its valuable work is done and how it serves as protection and reinforcement. (Share at your convenience but with evidence)

  • Types of models and designs, if these are to suit the client and expectations are met.

  • Most requested designs and what makes them so attractive.

  • Sharing the information of the blacksmith work and its derivatives, in which it guides it and how it does so that the client is enthusiastic in requesting.

  • You can share short advertising videos of your products to offer and how they will achieve the correct effect.

  • The stock of merchandise for the increase of the productive activity of the business, when acquired with the rewards in steemit, for: Post or cancellation of services, you can share the news, with the appropriate description. (Functions, benefits, among others).

  • Advertising of the blacksmith's work, which includes the general activity.

  • The blacksmith who shares courses in this art, can provide the content they provide, amount of work, if certified, purpose of the course.

  • Make reference to useful tips, those tips that for others who want to undertake and how they are useful to clients to keep the jobs they acquire in condition.

  • Upon receiving cancellation in cryptos such as sbd, steem and Trx, share the purchase sale in detail, the order and the evidence of the cancellation.

Make a publication work according to how you want to expand and position yourself.

Your content must have the costs of your local currency and to the exchange in Cryptos.


  • Completely the information provided should not be shared as DIARY GAME, it is strictly business.
  • Images and writing only of the work activity.
  • Unpublished images.
  • The publications must be unique to the community.
  • When sharing an explicit topic in the statement of the post, it is exclusively what it will mention.

Images that impact!


The images are to amaze and that is what the client cares about.

  • Presence.
  • Different samples.
  • Exposition.
  • Clear images.

Example of help images:

Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source

The images of their work are their own, this is only a reference, but each investor knows what to offer and how to do it.

The images are an example of how you can attract the client, through the publicity that is made to the work of the smithy.

Currently Blacksmith sector

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An investing member does what they can to meet the goal, this community encourages them to continue their great work and we encourage others from this and different sectors to join.

We invite you to be part of the growth with your active participation: Let's grow together in Steemit!

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this is good advice, to promote the blacksmith business everything is in this post, thank you for sharing advice for blacksmith work, good luck

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Thanks to you for being a committed member and for bringing your business to steemit and the community, where the possibilities of a business upswing are stronger. Greetings, investor friend.

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Thank you very much for the information, and this is very useful for us who have a welding business, and can be a motivation for us to be able to develop more and be more advanced in steemit, warm greetings from me @taillah.

 3 years ago 

This very valuable information will motivate us to make several reviews in each article to make it look more attractive to the audience, especially successful blacksmith businessmen, always friends.

Excellent content, thank you for showing us effective strategies for managing this type of business.

 3 years ago 

Excellent guide for the growth of this sector, congratulations.

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Motivating companies to do quality work that leaves the name of their business high is a fundamental axis for the growth of that company. That is why, as entrepreneurs we must constantly receive this type of recommendations, to achieve prosperity in our businesses in the @businessactivity community.
Excellent work!

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You really do an excellent job when it comes to the content you publish about each business sector.

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Thanks for sharing this awesome information. it's very useful for us. God bless you...

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