Business Activity | 5 Outstanding Business [05/27/22] 💼

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The sample of businesses in the 5 Outstanding Business allows highlighting more than what investors already do with their businesses in the labor field, to provide quality services and new strategies that are made known, for this reason, we believe that the incentive to work should be recognized.

The businesses shown are in compliance and respecting the 5050 / 75 / 100 Clubs, regarding the beneficiary, correct formats and breakdown of information, in accordance with the requests and in an impact work on the ecosystem.

LeoMat Venture - Official Presentation to the Business Activity community by @reporter-ann
Business Activity: A Dive into the world of Insurance and Insurance Companies by @swaylee
heck out the real deal in heavy duty equipment hiring business. by @sirpchannel
Bussines Activity - The Reasons Your Company Isn't Growing by @lateefah2001
The Business Activities Diary 26-5-2022 - To night with thanda by @hamzayousafzai

Thanks for the good work!

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Congratulations to the new entrepreneurs, also in the sample of businesses in a fairly complete review and for the strategic publications of business promotion.

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Thanks for the selection. I am highly motivated.

 last year 

From my speculation, it seems that there has been a great increase in members in the past few days and this shows that the community is growing. More and more entrepreneurs are bringing their businesses to the platform and it is a good thing. More ups to this great community and congratulations to today's nominees

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Congratulations to every investor with their respective talents, you are the best.

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