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Happy greetings to all environmentalist steemians.

In general, waste is the remains of material or used from an object that has been processed or has been used and is not useful. Organic waste is a type of environmentally friendly waste because it is easy to decompose and can be utilized by recycling such as waste produced by living things (animals). Meanwhile, inorganic waste is waste that is always present in every human activity. Inorganic waste is very difficult to decompose or difficult to destroy and takes a long time to decompose.

This contest aims to invite and encourage steemian friends, especially environmentalists, to actively write on the steemit platform and open a communication space while sharing knowledge about the environment and environmental sustainability. The holding of this contest is also an effort to support the Steem Environment community to continue to exist and continue to develop as a forum for campaigning various environmental issues and prevention efforts.

What should you do? (Apa yang harus anda kerjakan?)

You are free to choose one of the questions below for you to answer with your post.

  1. Name 2 types of organic waste and describe the benefits and bad consequences.
  2. Name 2 types of inorganic waste and describe the benefits and bad effects

Contest Rules for entrants

  • This contest is general for anyone with the condition that they have completed the achievement 1 task (minimum)
  • Posts must be in the Steem Environment community
  • The text in your post is no less than 300 words
  • Title the you post: Benefits and bad effects of organic and or (inorganic) waste by @yourname
  • Posts are exclusive without plagiarism in any form with the #steemexclusive sign
  • All images are your original "property"
  • All relevant languages ​​are allowed
  • Use the tag #living-healthy #myenvironment on the first four tags and tag your country (ex. #indonesia)
  • Share reward to account @hive-161774 by 10%
  • Free from auto-vote service
  • Participants are in #club5050 , #club75 or #club100 (required)
  • Paste your post in the comments column of this post.
  • Upvote and resteem this post and invite 3 other steemian.
Contest Prize

We provide 20 Steem in the form of Steem Power For each:

  • First best post: 6 SP
  • Second best post: 5 SP
  • Third best post: 4 SP
  • Fourth best post: 3 SP
  • Fifth best post: 2 SP

Important Notes:

  • We do not promise contest winners will get support from Steemcurator01, Steemcurator02 or boom. But try to make the best and exclusive posts to get attention and positive gifts from @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02
  • The judging jury is the Steem Environment Community Team (Any decision cannot be contested)
  • This contest will end after the payout of this post.

....We are happy to wait for your participation.

Steem Environment Community Team
@ridwant (Admin - koordinator)
@thegreens (Admin)
@samsol003 (Admin)
@palang (Admin)
@nasrud (MOD)
@emirzafirdaus (MOD)


Regards @ridwant
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Saya melihat ini kontes yang sangat menarik, karena tantangan yang berhubungan langsung dengan kehidupan keseharian kita.

Mari kita meramaikan kontes ini, saya mengundang semua steemian.

 2 years ago 

kontes ini adalah upaya untuk mengajak para steemian memberi pengaruh positif terhadap pemanfaatan plaform steemit dengan mengkampanyekan berbagai pemasalahan lingkungan sekitar mereka. Terima kasih banyak pak @saifuddin73 atas pencerahan dan dukungannya.

Luar biasa pak, tetap semangat dan jaga kekompakan

 2 years ago 

Siap pak ketua! Terima kasih atas supportnya

siap, selalu ada dibeakang layar. pajan ngopi ?

 2 years ago 

Contes yang sangat bermanfaat sir, bak long na 5 sp untuk sang winner, siapa yg winner neu kabarin sir @ridwant

 2 years ago 

Siap dinda! terima kasih atas motivasi dan dukungannya.. 😃

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Thank you for support mr. @disconnect

Pue kontes ilenyan pak? Hana tatupu arti bhs inggreh?

 2 years ago 

😂😂😂 neu pake translate hai Abi..

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