My Introduction for Requirements to Becoming a Member of Steem Sea Community

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Hi Everyone

This post is devoted to the Steem Sea Community as a requirement to become a Steem SEA Community Member.

My Introduction  for Steem Sea Community.jpg

The first is, thank you to all friends who are members of the Steem Sea community, especially for the officials who have built this Steem Sea community on the Steemit platform.

I have joined the Steemit platform since 2017, but I am not one of the great steemians and have a lot of strength (SP). I'm still weak and I still really have to learn a lot from my fellow steemians here. I also need to work harder, look for interesting ideas to attract the interest of my fellow steemians and also add SP strength, so that I can be more enthusiastic and can help all new friends here. The birth of the Steem SEA Community Member is a motivation for us who just came here, it remains how we prepare our writing as much as possible so that the Steem Sea Community and other on this platform will reward us.

The @ridwant account is entirely mine since I joined Steemit in July 2017 until now. I live in Lhokseumawe and work for a government agency in Lhokseumawe. Due to work and other routines at the previous year I was forced to temporarily stop writing. Right, I cannot deny that the decline in Vote value and Steem's price makes me a little pessimistic and I feel lazy to write. Though this is a "wrong decision".

My Introduction  for Steem Sea Community.jpg

In the photo above, I and team am busy daily with official duties / activities, namely identifying government assets in the form of land and buildings for schools in North Aceh Regency for certification. This task continues as long as there is a budget for this activity.

Thus this small post as a requirement to become a member of the Steem Sea Community. My hope that can be accepted as a member of the Steem Sea community which was built under Leadership:

@anroja, @steem.sea, @ernaerningsih, @radjasalman, @nazarul, @steemcurator08, @steemseacurator , @inwi, @el-nailul, @muzack1 ..and several others who have worked hard to build this great community.

Do not forget ! Join Twitter Steem Sea, it's really nice we can share information through Twitter accounts to build a community to keep going and growing

My Introduction  for Steem Sea Community.jpgsource

It's really great to CAN JOIN WITH YOUR HERE

Regards @ridwant


Welcome back to the world of Steem!

If you want to get started right away, the following community could be of interest to you:

You are also invited to take part in my daily delegation draws.
There are 100 and more SteemPower to be won every day.
100 SP can make the start much easier for newcomers in particular.
Here is the link to the current raffle:

I wish you a great time on our blockchain!

Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

 3 years ago 

@kryptodenno thank you for this valuable information and invitation, I will do my best to promote steem to my friends

thanks for sharing your valuable post with us brother.

stay connected with us and grow more.

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