Steem Japan: Club5050 Rule - #club5050タグの使い方

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Steem Japan Supports #Club100 / #Club5050 🐳

Our community account is UP only ⬆️ which means that we only POWER UP⚡ and we have never cashed out so that we can grow our community with all the community members!




パワーアップとは、自分のウォレットページでSTEEMトークンをSTEEM POWERのトークンにする事です。


Basic Rules

  • Club5050 tag - POWER UP more than you cash out for the month
  • Club100 tag - POWER UP everything and no cash out for the month
  • No Club tags - More cash out 😩 No power up for the month 😨

If you abuse these tags, we won't support your posts

Special support 🎉
#clubdolphin (5,000 SP)
#cluborca (50,000 SP)

Please READ and UNDERSTAND all the Club5050 details 👇

Club5050 Rule Changes

We are therefore extending the ‘accounting period’ from 7 days to one calendar month.
This means to participate in #club5050 you must balance any cash-outs or transfers away with equal or greater power-ups over one calendar month.

Therefore if you want to take part in #SPUD4STEEM you can make one big power-up on the 1st of the month and that can be used against cash-outs and transfers for the whole of the following month.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to cash-out an amount equal to the power-up - LESS IS ALWAYS BEST !

In fact, when deciding the size of vote we give for a #club5050 post we look at the size of the power-ups against the amount of cash-out or transfer.
If you only power-up and don’t cash-out at all that is even better ( #club100 :-) ).

We are also looking out for people who make it to Dolphin status (5,000 SP) - there are special rewards for those joining #clubdolphin.

If anyone makes it to #cluborca (50,000 SP) we will definitely be throwing a party for them…


Team Steem Japan @tomoyan

 7 months ago 

Power Up is one of the best ways to invest in STEEMIT. This post makes me excited to POWER UP again next week..
I hope I'm lucky and can get a prize steemcurator01.
Thank for your information @tomoyan

 7 months ago 

@japansteemit さん、こんにちは。

Steemitチームがアップボートしてくれるので #steemexclusive のタグ、 パワーアップしたときは #club5050 のタグを使って下さい。
Power Up and use #club5050 #steemexclusive for more upvotes from Steemit team.
How to use #steemexclusive 使い方
How to use #club5050 使い方

💡 Curation Guide (アップボートガイド) 💡

  • Post about Japan (Japanese or English)
  • Set 10~30% reward to japansteemit
  • No upvote if you power down 100%
  • Upvote community posts
  • Follow our Curation Trail HERE
  • Delegate SP 100 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP


 7 months ago 

soon 😄

 7 months ago 

good decision, now we have 2 events #spud4steem and #club5050. both are building steem economy, at least I can follow both at the end of the month, but this has started for #spud4steem. thank you for sharing the information

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